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March 27, 2013

Rachel hits Amsterdam

Here’s a diary update from Queen of dogging filth Rachel Reveals being wild and crazy in the European City of Sin… Amsterdam.


Just returned from a fabulous 4 day jolly to Amsterdam. We had an amazing time both during the day and the evening. We visited both the sex cinema in Rembrandt Square and the Fabulous Le Salon which is close to Central station.

We spent the entire afternoon on Wednesday in the B1 sex cinema, we started upstairs on the top floor which is wall to wall Glory Holes, I enjoyed sucking and bending over at the glory hole, pushing my wet cunt against the open hole for a good fucking by a good dozen dicks over a good hour period, then once they were drained we moved down to the first floor which is a hetro cinema floor.

Pulling down my jeans I started masturbating while watching the porn film playing, there was a guy stood to my right with his cock out, I reached over and took hold of his hand and placed it upon my pussy, as soon as his hand touched my pussy all the other guys in the cinema were on their feet and surrounding me totally. I had hands ALL over my body, touching every inch of me – I then got on the comfy sofa and got my pussy finger fucked, fucked, licked and spunked all over.

Thurs and Fri we spent the 2 whole days on and off at Le Salon, this place is my all-time FAV in Amsterdam, top floor are private viewing booths all with Glory Holes in them and down stairs is a small quite seedy cinema with 2 long benches and a wall of glory holes to the left. Over the 2 day period in Le Salon I fucked a fair few guys, sucked off a shed load of dick via the private viewing booths and via the wall of glory hole in the cinema, not to mention 3 fucking filthy spit roasts and tons of spunk shot right up inside my married cunt hole.

The best encounter of the entire trip has to be in the cinema in Le Salon, I went into the cinema and sat down, there was a guy behind me with his cock out. Hubby left me to pop to the bathroom and was gone a mere 5min if that, in the time he was gone, I turned and spoke to the guy, asked if I could suck his dick, he stood in front of me and I sucked on his shaft for a min or so, asked if he wanted to fuck me which he of course said yes!, I stood, dropped my jeans and knelt on the bench seat and stuffed his bare hard dick inside my wet pussy and fucked the arse off of me. Hubby apparently could hear my groans of pleasure from the top of the stairs and as he walked into the cinema he was confronted with the image of me getting hard fucked by some young hung stranger – of course he just had to come stuff his own dick in my mouth as he watched me getting fucked and once the filthy stranger shot his load deep inside of me, Hubby raced round to deposit his own full hot load right in on top of the previously shot load.

These were taken on my iphone so sadly the quality isn’t amazing but im sure your get the horn. There’s a video of the horny action on my website.








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