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March 25, 2013

Wake up call

Cuckold Place Update

My morning wake up call

This morning my wife woke me up to take our son to football practice early (8am) and rolled over and said to me “You have to go honey or you’ll be late. Just think, by the time you get back I’ll be fully satisfied and filled for you to clean up!”

And the reason is that we have an old friend of hers staying with us in the guest bedroom.. And although I knew that in the past they had messed around before we were married. This completely brazen transparency with “Yes honey I’m going to get fucked while you’re out” turned me on wildly!, I kissed her goodbye knowing that those lips would be wrapped around Grahams cock in less than 30″… hmmmmm.

Now I’m stood on the side of the football pitch with a permanent-semi-erection wondering what they must be up to back at the house, in our bed. And what will be waiting for me by the time I get home, hmmmmm I cant wait to get back.

I just sent her a text to ask her what she’s up to cos I’m going wild with excitement/fear/jealousy/horniness. And she replied “Hmmmm… Morning Cucky… Graham just came down to join me - he heard you go out and is now lapping YOUR pussy between my legs. He’s very good!”

Grrrrrr… I can’t believe it! There is another man in OUR bed eating out my wife as I’m sat here on the side of a football pitch with our son. I can’t wait to get home. So I replied to this “Honey I can’t believe you’re going to cuck me. I can’t wait to get back!”

And sure enough 5 mins later I received back from her “I told you that I would be fully satisfied by the time you get back. Graham is going to fuck me good and proper and by the time you’re back I will be floating in a pool of his cum dribbling out of my well fucked pussy! Ps - he’s much bigger than you!”

I just tried calling her and she kept diverting my calls to voicemail.

Ok now she just picked up and all I could hear was her moaning and him pumping. She didn’t even talk. It was just a deep guttural moan with each thrust and the call can’t have last more than 30seconds. She then simply hung up. I can’t believe there is a man fucking my wife in my bed on Saturday morning. And as I know she hates condoms, I know that what she sent in her text must be true. OMG!?! I’m both incredibly excited and petrified at the same time. After all I know it was me who asked for this. I just didn’t expect it to happen like this or this morning….

So football is now over and I’m heading home. I haven’t heard back from her in over an hour and I’ve tried calling her and texting repeatedly. Then about a minute ago I received this “Purrrrrrrrrrr….. Your little wife has been a naughty pussy and is full of his cream. Are you cumming home soon?” I almost just came in my pants. I’m driving home as fast as I can.

So I walked into the house and my son went to have a shower and I went up to our bedroom to see my wife. As soon as I walked into our bedroom I could smell a different smell. Another man had been in our bedroom and had let off an enormous amount of pheromones. Cos I could smell them instantly. My gorgeous sexy wife was hidden under the duvet curled up and moaned a little as I came in and said “Graham has just gone back up stairs to the guest bedroom. You missed him by minutes honey!” Grrrrr. My cock was instantly hard as I looked at her and asked “So? Did you really?” “Why don’t you get between my legs and find out for yourself?” As I climbed into the bed I realised there was a massive wet patch in the centre and she said.”That’s it honey. I want you to clean out my pussy. Graham left you a nice big creamy present in there for you” She added “I’m sure you will be able to thank him for it later.”

As I leant between my wifes thighs, I had the undoubtable scent of sex and sperm waft up into my nostrils and as I got closer I saw her glistening pussy lips coated in creamy whitness. OMG she - had done it. A pussy that only an hour earlier lay pert, untouched and clean was not pink, puffy, stretched and soaking with another mans cum. As I leant down she pulled the back of my head down and pushed me against her pussy lips as for the first time my face got smothered in our houseguests sperm. “He was soooo good honey! And I can’t tell you how nice it is to feel my hubbys gentle little tongue soothing my well fucked pussy!” She added “Graham was sooo big and sooo good! He seemed to have huge cumload for me”. As i kept lapping away, more and more of his cumload seeped out of her and the more I lapped. More came out and the hornier she got until she finally came on my tongue writhing and spasming, again expulsing a big glob of cum.

As she calmed down and I came up for air - my cock harder than ever and ready to ravish my wife she said: “Na na naaaaa. I promised Graham to not let you fuck me until he leaves tomorrow and that if you wanted me to let you cum after you had cleaned me out you had to go upstairs and ask him to come down and fuck your wife again - but this time infront of you!”

“Then I will give you permission to wank off in the corner!”

To be continued…

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By: Ppeterson196

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