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March 21, 2013

Vote for Alexis Golden

A little request to all of you HWB readers today.

My good friend Alexis Golden has long been a fan of this blog and has graced its pages many times. She is one hot blonde bombshell that loves the lifestyle we all do.

Well she has written to me to ask a little favour from you guys. She is in the running for The Fannys 2013 - Milf Performer of the Year. Here’s her letter she wrote to me. Have a read and then click the link here to vote for Alexis.


Hi Trash,

I know you’ve always been a big supporter of real life Hot Wives and I want to ask your help on something.

I’m not big on contests, as most of them are rigged or controlled by the porn studios. But there is an ongoing Fan Voting contest called The Fannys. It supposed to be 100% legit and based only on Fan votes. There was a preliminary vote that narrowed everything down to a Top 10. Well miracles do happen and I’m in the MILF category Top 10. What is really ironic about the whole thing is, I’m a REAL housewife, real swinger and real hot wife. I don’t live in LA, and haven’t shot a pro movie in 3 years.

Anyway, it would be completely awesome if someone REAL were to win that award and not a studio porn girl. A real MILF winning the MILF award. What a novel idea. To that end, I wanted to ask if you’d be so inclined, to let your followers know they have a chance to do “David versus Goliath” MILF style kind of thing and help a real life MILF with this award over the others.

I doubt if we can pull it off, considering the odds, but I’d sure like the give it a go. Everyone loves an underdog.

Here is the link:



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