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February 25, 2013

Wife loves getting filled

Cuckold Place Update

Wife Getting Used To Being A Slut

I’ve had a cuck fantasy for some years. I raised this with my wife about a year ago. Long story but after some indecision, she agreed to have a play with someone back in October. It was a great experience for both of us and we always had a great relationship and it even brought us closer. Since then things have escalated as she has realised her getting slutty excites me and her with no issues. She has had about 20 “dates” with 6 different guys, three if which are fast becoming regulars. Last Friday she had one of them fuck in our bed mid morning whilst I was at work. He filled her pussy. After he left she checked her phone and another of the guys had messaged her about meeting up. He came and fucked her at lunch time the same day. I got home and she still had her cum soaked panties on. Today we are heading to a park where one her regulars will meet us and fuck her. I’m hoping a stranger sees her playing and joins in. When I’m on my pc I’ll upload done pics and videos I have taken.

I usually lick her clean. There is nothing hotter then coming home and having her spread her legs and show me her used pussy. I have a good look at her swollen lips and smell her before I plant my tongue on her pussy and lick her clean. One guy is 9 inches and the other 8-9 inches and love filling her deep. She has a new guy coming to our house Tuesday night so there will be more pics taken then as well.

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