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February 23, 2013

Bring on the Bulls

Hotwife Jackie had a great idea for a weekend of illicit extra-marital sex, not to arrange an individual date but just to book into a plush hotel in LA and see what action came her way.


I have had some super hot hook-ups since I began my foray into the hot wife lifestyle, at bars, restaurants, malls, even parking garages. But my favorite way to hook up is at a plush hotel. Maybe I’m a little spoiled, but 1200 thread count sheets soft as butter, great bottles of wine delivered to your room, big beds to bounce around on and a fabulous showers afterwards, not to mention amazing pool and spa facilities. Add a hot date or two and that’s what this hot wife calls the high life! Sound like fun? Oh yeah, baby, that’s how I roll!

So, without having an actual date ahead of time I booked a flight to LA where the majority of my lovers reside. A little ballsy you might say? How hard do you think it is for a horny married girl to find a hot guy who wants to get laid in a plush hotel with no notice?

Actually, I was almost disappointed! The first several calls I made didn’t pan out. My first possibility already had a date that evening, and the second had moved out of state. I left messages for a couple others (just hearing their voices on voicemail got my pussy wet!). Almost deflated but still hopeful, I dialled up a super hot BBC I’d known from several years earlier. A college guy I had tutored in math and physics, and the art of fucking a horny wife! I was so pleasantly surprised to find that the number was still good and he was “good to go.” I couldn’t wait to see my college boy again!

And, with any luck maybe one of those messages I left to other guys would pan out too, and then, oh my! A double header? Dare I dream?

As usual I brought my cuck hubby along on my date so he could watch his naughty whore wife sucking a truly big cock and getting her pussy stretched and pounded in real time in the same room. He gets to stroke his dick with one hand and shoot some video with the other. That way I get to share the love with you! A hotwife, a cuck hubby and a BBC, I just love these little romantic getaways!

Hope you enjoy these shots from my little indie film (triple XXX, but of course).







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