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February 21, 2013

Wife pulls student

My wife still looks HOT in her mid-40s and she knows it. I don’t mind the looks she attracts. Makes me hard. Quietly, I think most men fantasize about their wife having sex with another guy. I remember when we were dating and we bumped into a guy she had fucked before meeting me. He was much taller than I am. For years I thought she was into tall guys. Nope. He was just some idiot she banged while drunk.

She’s a pretty powerful woman now. A lawyer in a firm filled with sharks of all kinds. That gets me hard, too. I had introduced the idea of having a couples massage. I gave her the choice of having a woman or a man. She wasn’t having a woman. She definitely wanted a guy and she didn’t want to have a massage. That was the opening.

She had told me about visiting a local university where she gave a talk on a topic. She told me about one ‘young, handsome’ law student who showed her a lot of attention. I remember her telling me about this young guy a few times. I had actually thought she was bringing him up during unusual times. I told her she should figure out a way to have him seduce her, then she gets a ‘free pass’.

Shit she works fast! It only took her until the next week to have him naked and fucking her madly. He’s actually a cool guy. This still is from a video camera I gave him for his second time fucking of my wife.

Jacks Wife

Submitted by: jack8jill - Anaheim

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