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February 17, 2013

Wife taking to it all

Here’s a second submission from a cuck from Finland. If you’d like to read the first installment you can check it out here.


So the story continues…

After my wife was fucked by two men after a girls night out, of which I wrote a few months ago, she seemed to be a little bothered about the whole thing - naturally, there were some things I too had go through in my mind, as having a fantasy and making one happen are two different worlds - but having her convinced it was ok on my side, and she could do it again sometime if she wanted to, or better yet, have me to take part as well, she settled and told me she’d think of something.

We love bondage play, but due to our kids being at an age they can wake up anytime at night and come sleeping between the two of us, we tend to make one night trips to a hotel, everytime we get a chance to, just for the bondage. Between Christmas and a New Year, we made one trip. For the first couple of hours we just relaxed and enjoyed the peace and quiet, ate and had a few drinks at the hotel bar.

We got back to our room and while we undressed, she told me she wanted to be in charge, so I let her tie me on the bed. I laid on my back, with my hands and legs tied on the bed, with my wife touching me all over my body. She put a blindfold on my eyes and asked me to imagine if there was another man fucking her, without me being able to participate or jerk off, while forced to watch. She asked me would I eat her pussy while she’d blow the other guy, if I’d get to join.

I hardly had answered when she already was sitting on my face pressing my head tightly between her legs. I did my best and had her really warmed up. She climbed off my face, grabbed my hard dick and started rubbing it against her clit. She teased me by talking about if another man would fuck her, took me halfway inside and told me to imagine how wet she would feel if there was another guys cum inside her. Would I like it. Would I like it if another man fucks my wife. She laid on top of me, kissed my lips and whispered it my ear. She told me to say it out loud if I wanted someone else to fuck her. So I did.

My wife moved on top of me next to the bed I was in, and told me I should be careful what I wish for, as it might happen, and I heard a sound coming from a belt when you unbuckle it. Startled, I tried to pull myself off the restraints, only to hear my wife telling me I wasn’t going anywhere. Next I heard her describe how she was being touched, and where, and how good it felt, eventually her ending up sitting on my belly, with the guy fingering her until she came. She kneeled the floor to give the guy a blowjob, before leaning her upper body on top of the bed and I. As the guy started fucking her, I felt her breasts and hard nipples rubbing against my skin in the rhythm of the thrusts.

As the tempo was increasing, her hands were wandering around my body, she put her arm behind my neck, pulling my head closer to hers, as her lips were seaching mine. Her grip tightened as she moaned her orgasm right in front of my face, followed by a few grunts behind her, and a couple of powerful strokes before it stopped. My wife laid herself on top of me to catch breath. I heard someone walking away through the door. She took me inside her dripping-wet pussy as she started riding me. After I came, she wrapped he arms around me, had a tight grip and told me we’d continue to have sex after she’s had a little rest here.

Submitted by: Anon - Southern Finland

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