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February 15, 2013

Rachel takes more loads

Another hot update from Dogging Queen Hotwife Rachel Reveals in her quest to take as much strange cum up her pussy as she can find.


Just got home from my first dogging session of the new year and it was absolutely brillaint.

Headed up to Birdlip, wrangled up a load of doggers and headed to a quiet dogging location with a mass convoy of cars in tow, also meeting up with member of my sites, members from dogging afterdark AND Xhamster on route.

Stepping out my car dressed to fuck in my trade mark 8 strap suspender belt, lace top stockings and silky sexy panties I was eager to get my hot tight dogging love hole stuffed full of hard cock.

I took on every dick on offer, gobling on cock as I was getting fucked hard from behind, getting spit roasted over the boots and bonnet of cars until my fuck hole was well and truly used and spunked up!

This is going to be yet another amazing dogging fuck filled year and im going back out dogging tomorrow night. – Yep you’ve guessed it I just LOVE to fuck!

Check my site for details or where I’m gonna be tomorrow night and come stick your load in me.








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