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February 13, 2013

Breaking new ground

Cuckold Place Update

Breaking new ground RIGHT NOW!!! She has left for a date with our regular

They are meeting for drinks and some small talk then heading to the hotel nearby I set up for them. She was nervous all day about this but said she could handle it and was pretty excited about it when she left. I helped her get ready, shaved her up real nice and smooth as a touch up to her recent waxing, kept her pumped up all day telling her how sexy she looked, how excited I was for her. She teased me a bit before leaving telling me she’d be back hopefully with a big surprise for me as she squeezed my cock at the door before turing and walking to the car to drive off. She then went to the hotel to check in and sent me a pic of herself laying on the bed telling me she was going to be having some real fun in a few hours right here! I told her to have fun and make sure to cum, she said hearing that from me made her nearly cum right then, she said she was nervous but soaking wet! This is going to be a great night, I can just feel it, we both are so into this. I can’t believe how easy this is starting to get for her and I encourage, praise and tell her how much I love her every chance I get which just keeps her going. I just text her a few minutes ago and told her how sexy she looked walking out the car, how incredibly sexy she is, how much I’m in love with her and how awesome I think she is doing this for us! Of course, she’s pretty lucky too, fixing to get fucked hard and long by a younger stud and then getting to come home to me and tell me all about it while I lick her to several big O’s before taking my spot and reclaiming her pussy! I sure do love this!

(later that night)

Good news bad news, good news is it happened, bad news is she didn’t take or have any pics. We both liked this and plan to do it again, soon, like it may happen again this coming Saturday. I liked the waiting, the anticipation, wondering what was going on, what they were doing to each other. Upon saying all this, I like being there watching better now that we’ve experienced both but this was good enough for both of us that it will be happening as part of our regular play. She was so hot when she returned home and walked into the bedroom to find me walking up to her naked with a solid rock hard cock. She just smiled, grabbed my cock and started stroking it as I didn’t say a word and just planted a big passionate kiss on her. After a quick moment of kissing, we eased back to the bed, she told me she had something for me, in a flash she stripped naked, pulled off her panties, showed me the wet spot (which wasn’t as much as what I was expecting/hoping for) climbed up in bed, crawled up over my face, looked down at me and said “Here it is, hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it for you.” I looked up at her pussy before licking it, it was swollen and more red than usual, it had been fucked good, although it wasn’t sloppy wet but I could tell by her smell he had cum inside her. Before I could kiss her pussy, she reached down and slid two fingers inside herself as far as she could, move them around a bit, then placed them on my lips to lick clean and then rammed them in my mouth, moaned a bit then eased her pussy down on my mouth. I lapped and licked and began to recognize that great taste of a fresh fucked pussy, the kind of taste where the cock in there before didn’t pull out and cum somewhere else but unloaded deep inside her. As I lay there licking her pussy, her moving forward up my face so I was licking and sucking all around her opening and not up on her clit, smelling the pungent smell of pussy juice, sweat and semen, hearing her ask me if I liked what she brought home to me with her wanting me to tell her how much I liked it, her telling me how he came inside my pussy twice, once with him on top and the second time slamming her doggie style while he was grabbing her hips and pulling her back onto his cock forcefully. Hearing her tell me how good it felt and that she came 3 times, twice while he ate her pussy and the third time while he was fucking her doggie style and telling her how great her pussy felt and that he was going to cum inside her. I was wondering in a way to myself why I liked this so much and crave it and want more of it and have become addicted to it. I can’t for the life of me figure it out, me, a manly man, very masculine, a super high off the charts sex drive since I was a teenager, a man who has always loved women, pussy and fucking. Before I was married I had girls that would come to me, my apartment, I had several that begged me to fuck them, good looking girls, they always wanted more. I had two absolutely stunning black girls, two of the most magnificent bodies I have ever seen, that would stop by regularly for me to service, they all said they loved my cock.

I was blessed and didn’t know it and it’s been confirmed in my mind with watching my wife recently, with a larger than normal cock, for sure in girth, immediately noticeably different in the four mfm with the wife I’ve been involved in. This really turns me on and get’s me off, the woman I love more than life itself, lowering her pussy down to my face for me to lick and knowing someone else has just enjoyed it, played with it, fingered it, ate the hell out of it, grabbed her ankles and pushed them behind her head and buried their cock inside her, kissed her, sucked on her tits, laid down on top of her and felt how soft, smooth and warm her body feels while pounding away on her. Knowing how good her pussy felt to them and how good it must of felt when they tried to hold back as long as they could and just couldn’t stand it any longer and unloaded in her pussy as they tried to push their cock in as deep as possible for that first couple of spurts before taking a few slow strokes, finishing up cumming inside her, then kissing her as they slowly pulled their cock out of her. I can’t help it, I truly fully understand how people do get addicted to drugs now, the high they feel, the want, need, craving there body continually gives them to want more and more. I have that with this.

Anyway, sorry about that, back to our fucking session. I ate her pussy clean, rolled her over and got on top, threw her legs up on my shoulders and buried my cock in her pussy. I bent down to kiss her and she grabbed my face, kissed me, then licked my mouth and chin clean of her pussy juice and his cum mixture and kissed me again. She told me more about what happened, how they took each others clothes off, how she sucked his cock, how he ate her pussy several times, how they laid and recovered and talked in between sessions, how she was laying there beside him with her head on his chest massaging his balls, tickling the insides of his thighs with her nails, licking and sucking on his nipple to get him hard for the second time. How when he started to get hard, how she jacked him off to a good hard on (guys/gals-she gives the absolute best ever handjob-heavenly). Then for round two, how she went down and sucked it and put a big bead of spit on the head and smeared it around before crawling up and impaling herself on it, how he rolled her over and fucked her doggie style before telling him to fuck her like I do, which is pinning her down, straddling her ass and trying to fuck her so hard it’s like your trying to push her thru the mattress onto the floor below. She loves that and that’s how she had him cum in her the second time. I fucked her, ate her pussy again. I came a shit load, I had been so worked up all evening it was super sloppy, but I cleaned it up real nice for her and fucked her again.

I was extremely tired after that as it was late and I had fucked her fairly long and hard twice, but she somehow convinced me to eat her pussy one last time before turning out the light and going to sleep. When the alarm went off in the morning, I woke up to her crawling on me and planting her pussy on my face and I ate her to an orgasm before she crawled down and fucked me really good, she then laid on her back with her pussy right on the edge of the bed, held her lips open and asked me to kiss it for her before she had to get up and get ready. I kissed her pussy for a good 5 minutes, she came twice, the second time really hard, I thought she was going to pass out, she got up, kissed me, told me she really, really liked this. We both got ready for work and did it twice again last night. She text me today several times making sure I was ok then after I told her yes, of course and how hooked on this I was, asked if she could set up another date this Saturday night.

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