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February 9, 2013

Strapped down

An interesting game from John and his wife, Need to try this one sometime!


So the wife and I got some straps that go around our bed and I was telling her how it would be cool if she strapped me in and just said you stay here and be a good boy. Then she would go fuck someone and cone back to me. To my surprise she thought that it would be hot to do that. So a couple weeks go by and one night she gets me to lay on the bed with boxers on only. She straps me in then brings out a blind fold and puts it on. She says you stay here and be quiet.

I heard her leave the room and about 20 minutes later heard the front door open. A couple minutes go by and I hear footsteps come into our bedroom, then some kissing and clothes being taken off. All the sudden she lays on top of me and starts letting this guy fuck her. Right there on top of me, and man were they going at it. At one point he turns her over so she is on all four and starts doggy style. Some how they work their way up till I can smell her pussy right above my face. Ask the sudden I feel what I think is his ball sack slapping in my face. They were really going at it and i could hear him like he was getting ready to cum. All the sudden I feel him push her up and hear him give out a loud moan. My mouth must have been open because I felt this wet stuff squirting in my face and tasted something salty. He had pulled out of her and cum all over my face and blind fold. Then they get up and get dressed and leave the room. About 5 minutes later my wife comes back in undoes the straps and fucks me like crazy. That was the first time I tasted cum and it was good. Hope it will happen again. To this day I don’t know who the guy was.

Submitted by: John - Arizona

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