January 9, 2013

Shay gets creampied

Here’s a hot set from my good mate The Undercover Lover Sensi getting to grips with another good friend of mine. Shay is one sexy girl and loves to hook up with hot studs and then come home and tell her partner all about it. He actively encourages her to be as naughty as possible so Shay hooked up with Sensi for an afternoon of filthy sex. Sensi fucked her every which way and sent her home with a massive creampie for her boyfriend to admire.






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January 7, 2013

My Wife’s Date

Cuckold Place Update

My Wife’s Date

My wife and I were bored and so we decided to head to the clubs on Saturday to set her up with some young stud and have some fun, but to no avail. Well on Monday she came home from work all giddy and was going off about this guy who comes to her work about every other month to hold training classes for the customer service agents and how he is kinda flirty and kinda good looking.

Well we talked it over and we agreed she could take him out on a date since he was gonna be in town till Friday. Of course he doesn’t know I agreed to this and thinks that I am under the impression that my wife is out with her friends. So on Wednesday she got all fixed up and headed out to meet him at the hotel their work set him up. At about 8pm they went to the club from there. She said they danced till their feet hurt and talked till they got into intimate conversations and drank till they kinda got a buzz and got touchy feely which was till about 11pm.

Then they decided to go to the strip joint to “shoot some pool” lol. She said they did play the first game in which she bent over the pool table in her dress (no panties). When it was her turn which was more often than not and that he was so buzzed he began to tap her on the ass when she would shoot. Needless to say he won the first game and they sat down and had a few more drinks and he had a lap dance and paid for my wife to get a lap dance from one of the strippers too.

Now its about 12:30 and they both had to work tomorrow so she tells him its getting late and she wants to play one more game of pool. He agrees but says that if he wins, she has to stay or do “something” he wants to do, So she agrees (she’s a good tease). He tells her to break and she leans over the table and said he then got up right behind her and said “let me show you how” and leaned over her and she said she could feel his cock, rock hard by now. Well she plays along and after a few more “lessons” he wins and asks her to go to his hotel and continue the party there. They leave and when they get to his hotel she goes to the ladies room and by the time she walked out he was naked in the bed with a rock hard 8″. She then sucked him till he got behind her and unzipped her dress and slid it down, her hoses have a hole in the crotch and she said he just slid a condom on, spit on his hand, stroked his cock, and put it in. She said he fucked her hard and good, but that it was over in 15min, she said he shot his load, fell on the bed and went to sleep like a baby. She wants to do it again but maybe not have her date drink as much. Damn flyweights… lol.. anyways, heres some pics.


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By: Shayxxx


January 5, 2013

Ronja Dogging Creampie

Amazing Queen of Creampie Hotwife Ronja Fox just sent me this picture. This was taken at the end of a dogging encounter in a secluded spot. She had 8 guys turn up and each take turns fucking her pussy. Each man, one by one, let their hot loads release inside her for one very messy creampie.


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January 3, 2013

My wife is in love

A new couple to introduce you to today. ‘A’ has got in touch about his relationship with his partner and her lover. Makes for very erotic reading. Thanks for sending, feel free to send us updates anytime.


This is a true story. Names have been altered, locations aren’t explicitly named, but that’s about it. I’m writing this because I want to share it with others.

I proposed to my girlfriend about six months ago. We have been living an active hotwife cuck lifestyle for a few years and enjoy it immensely. She loves it because she’s free to do whatever she wants with whomever she wants and I love it because, well, I’m a cuckold.

The situation as it is right now is that she’s had a boyfriend for about a year whom she is in love with. She has sex with him often and he’s very much a bull. He’s a halfback at 6′2″ and about 220 lbs, very athletic and with stamina to match. She and he are often on their own, making love, going out to dinner or whatever else tickles their fancy at the time. Neither makes any bones about why they are attracted to one another. He loves her body, her sexual prowess and that she’s always at his beck and call if he needs to drain his nuts. He loves having a relationship with her that only gives him the good times. Never does he have to deal with any fights or any of the usual relationship downsides. He only knows her as upbeat, very sexual and sensual. She has her own Gold Card that I pay for to keep her wardrobe updated, manicures and whatever else she feels she needs to stay top notch for her boyfriend. I make pretty good money so she’s definitely got me as a sugar daddy.

I didn’t find out about their relationship right away, she kept it under wraps for a couple months. Then she dropped it on me that she was in love with this guy. I found out because she was talking on the phone on the porch and she made it so that I’d overhear her conversation. I about dropped my jaw when I heard “I love you too and I can’t wait to see you again” from her warm lips. I had suspected something, because she would just wander around glowing as if she had butterflies in her tummy. Any non-cuck would obviously have dumped her right away, but I was instead drawn to her even closer. Wanting to serve her even better. Somewhere after this I summoned the courage to ask her straight up, was she going to leave me over this guy? Her reaction was rather unexpected, but she basically said that she loved me a lot and that she would never leave me. But she also have needs that I can’t satisfy which is why she is compelled to do this. Obviously, this was well beyond sex, for both of them. She also told me that he knew her situation with me and that he was very content with this. He is definitely an alpha male and enjoys that a submissive male gets to deal with whatever he doesn’t want to deal with. He also likes to dominate other men and do so by seeding their women.

I will briefly explain an encounter before going on with the main part, just to set the stage. This man is very well tuned with her in that he is actively taking part in cuckolding me. One time we met up at his place. As we were taking our coats off, he grabbed her and started kissing her and feeling her up. She turned to putty in his strong hands and I had to stand there, dealing with the angst. I was there, but only for their purposes. They didn’t want me in on anything, except for having to witness their play. Greg told me to go sit down in the couch, where he brought me some microwave popcorn and set me up with a movie, Jennifer’s Body. He set the volume to 18, rather low. Then he looked at me and told me to be good and watch the movie. No sneaking around. I nodded that I’d obey this command. She looked at me and smiled. Then she looked back at Greg and gave him a very nice kiss. They wandered off to his bedroom. They left the door open so that I’d hear. Greg had taken the remote away so that I couldn’t change the volume. I started hearing some moaning and lots of sloppy kissing. Clothes dropping to the floor and that all-telling smacking noise from when her mouth slides off his cock while sucking. It didn’t take long before I heard him penetrate her. I had no idea she would sound off that much, he must really be very well endowed. She had told me that he’s leaps and bounds bigger than I, but it was a totally different experience to hear what his meat did to her. About an hour into their amorous activities, I could literally hear how ravaged she’d become. Her voice had not stopped screaming from the relentless pounding, but I could hear how she had a slight trembling vibrato to her. He was really wearing her out. But he had started moaning louder now. I could tell he was getting close. Between the thrusts I could hear her moan “I love you, Greg” and he acknowledged this “Me too, baby”. Then he let out what I can only explain as a roar, that sent chills down my spine and she got so turned on by the fact that he was only seconds away from cumming that she started cumming on his huge cock as well. The roar got more forceful and loud and came in unison with the thrusts. He was unloading his nuts in her, for what seemed to be an eternity. I am not exaggerating that he had about a minute long orgasm. Then a huge breath and a thump in the bed. They had collapsed.

About a minute later I heard a lighter go off. She was having a cigarette after some amazing sex. Greg yelled for me: “Hey, get us some ice water!” and I was on my feet like a soldier in attention. Instinctively I went to his kitchen and grabbed two glasses, some ice and poured some Evian in their glasses. I had brought a rose for her, which I put on the ornate sterling silver tray over a pair of brand new, black wash cloths. I had so much going through my mind that I had forgotten about my excitement about everything that had just transpired. As I was approaching his dimly lit spacious bedroom, I started feeling the angst taking over me. My dick was really hard as I entered the master’s bedroom. I had no way of preparing myself for what I saw. They were laying on the bed, slowly and passionately kissing and touching each other. A gleam of sweat was covering both of their bodies. It was almost like walking into a different atmosphere, like a fog almost, of very hot love. The smell of sex was definitely in the air. I set the tray down on the night stand on his side of the bed and as I did so he looked up at me with a huge grin on his face. He said “You know she’s mine”. I quickly glanced at her and her smile concurred with him. She kissed his neck and as this happened I was told to get out. The fly of my pants rubbed against my dick as I was turning to exit and that one little motion set me off. The jolt of the angst along with the tingle in my lower back emanated into a cascade of cum in my pants. The feeling was so overwhelming that I let out a huge moan and had to bend over. They both saw me and laughed at me. She let out “How pathetic” to Greg and he kept laughing. In the deepest of cuckold shame I went out of the bedroom and went to the living room and parked myself on the floor, pretending to watch the movie. I didn’t want to soil the master’s couch with my cummy pants. A few minutes later, she yelled for me. I went by the bedroom door and I heard her say “I’m spending the night and maybe a few days here, so you can just take off now. I’ll text you when I want to be picked up.” I had a lot to think about as I was driving home.

Back to what I wanted to write in the first place. Lindsay and I have decided to get married. I love her with all my heart and she loves me too. But she’s also in love with Greg. She and I were by the dining room table, picking through designs for invitations and all that stuff that needs to be done for the wedding. She’s planning most of these things as is probably usual for a couple to be wed. But we had a date for the wedding and we had decided on a place. A very nice yacht club by the east coast with an adjacent four star hotel. Lots of the bigshots have their boats there, so only the best accommodations. Expensive yes, but a wedding is special so its worth it. We had pre-booked a number of rooms for people who had indicated they wanted to stay the night and of course our honeymoon suite.

When we were discussing the color theme for the wedding decorum, I suggested a classy off-white vest for the men’s tuxedos. She sighed “That would look great on your best man”. I had no idea what she meant about that and she said, “I’ve picked Greg for your best man.” I about fell through my chair. Not that I had decided on a best man in the first place, but I thought that was a bit of a weird choice. After all, I would pick my best man. She insisted though.

I asked her why and she said that she thought it was a huge turn on that he would be there as well. Nobody there would know who he was and we’d have to make up a story on how good a friend he was to me. She and I however would know that he is the master. We would be the only ones. As he would receive the honor of dancing with her, only us three would know the real story behind it all. Obviously I’d remove the garter and she’d throw the bouquet, but there was a huge twist to all of this. She was planning on consummating our marriage with Greg, not me. The thought of this brought everything to an entirely new level.

Who am I to tell my soon-to-be spouse that she can’t have her perfect wedding. Strangely enough, this was incredibly compelling to me. The perfect cuckold wedding.

Fast forward a couple months and the big day is fast approaching. She’s very active with Greg and I can only imagine how she will have Greg and I in mind as she is answering my vows. The thought of the master having the ring I am to offer her is incredibly hot. The two of them have let me in on that they’re both planning on something very special for me in the matrimonial suite. I have no idea what this is and neither of them are letting anything on as to what the surprise is. One thing is for sure though, I love her beyond anybody’s wildest dreams and I know she loves me too. I guess this is a win-win-win for her, Master Greg and I.

I will be sure to write after the wedding.

Submitted by: A - Eastern US


January 1, 2013

Carlys Cream Filling

Happy New Year to you all, hope you all had an amazing Holiday break and found as much naughtiness as possible.

One Hotwife I know who found some naughtiness is amazing UK slut Carly G.

She sent me these pictures her husband took of her with her a stud they invited over. Carly got him to sit down while she got dressed up in a hot rubber outfit. Then she proceeded to dance for him on her pole, he couldn’t resist having a few touches as she danced.

Then she turned round, knelt down and started to suck the guys cock. He got so worked up he just stood up and bent her over and started fucking her. They fucked for hours in all sorts of positions until he finally let go and emptied his balls inside her.

Her husband got a great last shot of her creampie, he filled her up so much it flowed out of her and down onto the floor.

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

Carly Cumshot

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