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January 27, 2013

Distance games

Check out this great post from David, he lives a fair distance from his girlfriend Katy, so to keep her satisfied she can see other guys and they play a great game together where she keeps him informed with texts and pictures and even writes a full report on the proceedings. Katy’s attention to detail is amazing. I can just imagine how horny David gets when he reads the report. He’s included a picture that Katy’s Bull took on the night for him.


I first met Katy back in the days where I toured with bands as a Guitar Tech. I went through women quickly back then and loved it, loved being dominate and fucking, drinking and partying. Katy was different, we met through my work. She was annoyed with me at the time but for some reason we kept talking. She met me at a hotel near a fantasy paradise, that night became a fantasy in and of itself. We fucked and sucked each other like crazy. Almost a year later she revealed that was the night she lost her virginity. We became so close and comfortable with each other that we discovered we had a crazy connection through our sexual desires. From wanting to try gangbangs to the amazing crazy horny adrenaline every couple faces when starting this new lifestyle. I live in South Dakota and Katy lives in California. We fly back and forth as much as we can but we are constantly masturbating on Skype at night after long days of work. So what’s a couple to do? We made rules, after I suggested the idea. She was all for it knowing she had an itch she couldn’t scratch with her hubby two plane rides away. We found a couple at first but they where weird to the point where it seemed like the husband was forcing his wife to do this so he could fuck other women. That’s not us and never will be. We found another promising guy, he is now known as the flake so you can imagine what happened there. Finally we found the Euro. They talked and texted, sent pictures and when I saw them I was stunned. I’ve got an average dick but this guy looks like he could be in Gladiator battling Russell Crowe without a sword. I gave my blessing immediately. They talked for weeks, sending me screen shots of their conversations (one of our rules.) Finally it was agreed upon that they would meet for drinks, dinner, and if everything worked out to fuck and cum. This is the email Katy wrote up the day after their date. Nothing was changed except for their names. I hope you enjoy the story and the picture I included.

“I started with a super hot shower trying to relax knowing in the back of my head that in a couple of hours I was going to get fucked by a 10 inch foreign cock. I liked that idea and as I shaved every bit of me, it turned me on knowing there’s going to be someone who I have never met in person roaming my naked body feeling this skin I was shaving.

I got out of the shower and decided on what I was going to wear, a black dress with high slits that could allow an easy access for some roaming hands and crotch less panties that still had a cum stain from Dakota from a hot fuck a few months ago. I lotion up my body, making it smooth and fuckable and got dressed feeling like a naughty slut.

We were supposed to meet at his place and go to have Sushi, but when I got there he invited me inside for some wine, we had a few sips and he started telling me about how he got into this. He showed me how he kissed the girl on the neck and how she grabbed his cock, and as I looked down I saw his hard cock through his tight jeans. And after just a few minutes of talking he reached up my dress and found my crotch less panties and I told him my boyfriend picked them out for me to wear that night. He rubbed me and I was soaking wet, he couldn’t believe how wet I was and wanted to show me so he wiped my cum down my leg and then kissed me. He kissed hard and let his tongue discover every little bit of my mouth and then he started fingering me, and it felt so good I couldn’t help but start moaning and I gave him the look of “I want your cock”. He took off his shirt and pants and stood there in front of me in his boxers and told me to rub it. I was almost scared but I looked up at him and rubbed his massive cock through his boxers and felt how hard it was. He pulled down his boxers and I grabbed his 10″ hard cock and locked my lips around the tip and started sucking it. I wanted to see how much of it I could fit but within seconds he blew a load of cum on my face and when I say load he blew a huge amount of warm sticky cum everywhere. I cleaned him up as much as I could but it would have taken so long so he went and cleaned his hands and cock off and I wiped my mouth on the back of my dress. He came back over to me and he was still hard, so I went back to sucking. He then told me to get on the bed and I took my bra off and laid there in my crotch less panties waiting for him to do whatever he may do to me. My legs spread open, he got on top of me and started teasing my clit and rubbing his cock up and down my pussy slapping it with his cock. Then he told me to take control, I grabbed that cock and rubbed it against my clit making me wetter and wetter. He wanted to fuck me then and there but I told him to get a condom.

He put the condom on fast and got back on top of me, teased my clit again for a second and just stuck his cock in my tight pussy and slowly entered me. He thrusted in me and pulled all the way out and slowly thrusted in me again making me go crazy. I got impatient and thrusted my hips up against him, letting him know to really fuck me. He put my legs up around his neck and fucked me hard. I was screaming, he was fucking me so good. I kept looking down watching his cock go in and out of my pussy wanting more and more. I had told him I liked doggy style so he turned me over and slapped my ass and fucked me more. I just couldn’t stop screaming so I decided I wanted David to hear and I called him to leave him a voicemail of me getting fucked really really hard. After the voicemail was left he took my phone and started taking pictures of me to send to David. He pulled out of me and ripped off the condom and told me to suck his cock. I got under him while he was still on his knees and grabbed his cock with one hand and sucked his cock. He made me use both hands while I sucked his cock, he made me bite his cock, he made me suck his balls, he was just using my mouth as a fuck toy.

Once he got his fill of getting his cock sucked he told me to lie down and he pulled my dripping wet panties off and started eating my pussy. His tongue was wild and fast and hard, he fucked my pussy with his tongue and bit my clit and made me moan and moan. Then he laid down and we 69ed, I sucked his cock and he ate my pussy. His scruffy beard felt so good against my clit and I grinded against while his tongue was doing some major work. I was doing a good job on his cock too, I got him down my throat deep. It took work though, I gagged a few times but I guess practice takes perfect because I felt it deep down that slut throat of mine. He then told me to lie on my back and put my head over the edge of the bed. He came around and stood above me and throat fucked me hard, and at the same time reaching down to my tits to play and squeeze them. He grabbed another condom and laid down on his back. I sat against him with my back towards him and had his cock in my hand and put it between my lips and slid up and down it making it rub my clit and feel his hard cock against me getting me ready to ride it. I turned around and jumped on and slowly started riding. He would thrust up into me while lying down and omg it drove me crazy it felt so good when he did that. This was my favorite position. I got to be in control and get what I want from that massive cock. I rode him for a while before he rolled me over and threw my legs around his neck again and fucked me off the edge of the bed and then around to doggy style that ended up being too painful so I rolled over again for him to fuck me in a different position. After some quick position changes I ended up back on him riding him, again getting what I wanted. He was thrusting up against me so good I was about to cum and right when I told him I was he pulled out and came all over himself. I got off him and went and grabbed another condom and finished my ride until I came using his dick as a toy.

We cleaned up, he took a shower. I got dressed, sent pictures to David and washed my face and pussy. And we headed out for dinner. A well deserved dinner after almost 2 hours of serious fucking. So at 11pm we found Sushi and had some good conversation about our lives as if we hadn’t just fucked like rabbits. After dinner he drove back to his place and walked me to my car, kissed me hard and told me he wanted to cum all over my face again. I of course said yes.

I got in the car and immediately called David to give him every little detail of what just happened. I wish I could have gone home and seen that hard cock, my favorite cock.”


Submitted by: David, USA

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