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January 23, 2013

Wifes first time

Cuckold Place Update

What we get up to at the weekends

My wife is out on her first “date”. I am writing this post as it happens.

I want this to be easy to read so I’ll only give a brief background now. Firstly, we are completely genuine, I will omit some identifying details but I won’t make anything up. I know there are dozens of fantasy threads claiming to be reality (nothing wrong with fantasies, they can be sexy) but please try to give us the benefit of the doubt until it becomes clear we are genuine.

So a quick description of us – we are in our mid-to-late twenties and have been together since our teens. We are each other’s firsts and are very much in love. Over the last couple of years we have been fantasising about cuckold play on and off, steadily inching closer each time.

After a sex starved Christmas (2 weeks away with our families really cramped our style) we came home needing some fun. I “begged” Belle to create a personal ad to look for someone to fuck. She got a lot of interest, quite literally a 1000+ responses. After a couple of years of slow progress we have got serious fast. So it’s a month after posting the ad and Belle is (as a write this sentence) getting off the tube to meet JS, a late-thirties chef from London. About 5 minutes ago I received a text ‘I am here’. She has promised to try to keep me updated with texts on their progress (obviously some subtlety is needed to text me without letting on that I’m eagerly following progress), I’ll relay them here (and some of my thoughts)!

Out of interest the plan is:

10:30am I dropped Belle off at the rail station, Belle just arrived at JS’s tube stop and they are now having a coffee (to give Belle a chance to check him out – it’s the first time they met). After that they will go to JS’s flat for lunch and spend the afternoon having some fun. Belle will come back home in the evening and then it’ll be my turn.

So…here we go!

Time 12:34

Belle: All well. Xxx

Me: lol, I am all worried about you and curious and all I get is a 3 word text… meanie. Oh well I assume that means you are going back to his place? Have fun. xxx

Belle: Yes

Me: have you kissed yet? nervous but excited for you

I guess she is trying to sneak the texts in and not be too obvious so can’t begrudge her that. Hopefully she will send something a bit more descriptive when she gets a moment. Its very horny to think that literally as I type this my wife could be making our with another man. His hands on her. I guess my toughest mission is to resist wanking off until I get her back!

Time 13:01

Belle: No kiss. Just on the way. Making me steak

Me: Cool, but a bit heavy to have to have pre sex though! Is sex on the cards? Are you wet?

Belle: Think so and yes

Me: He cooking with only the apron on like he promised? Hunny, just stop being nervous and be the slut you want to be next opportunity you get (when you arrive at his place or now if already there) give him a sexy French kiss. Please. For me.

Time: 14:16

Its been over an hour and no texts. Frustrating not knowing what is going on. They could be sitting around discussing the weather. Or (as he suggested in a text this morning) he could have her bent over his couch fucking her brains out. Wish I knew! Must be having some fun by now. I hope so! She went out dressed quite slutty (at my request), in a short dress, basque and stockings. When she put her coat on you could only just see the dress (almost looked like she had nothing else on) and the dress only just covers the top of the stockings when she is stood up *drools*, I can only imagine that she gave a few men hard ons as they get a flash what is up her skirt. Hope she gets in touch soon, the suspense is killing me.

Time 14:48

No text yet. Belle you pain in the arse. Authors note, did I mention that I am very impatient?

Time 15:41

Still no text. Can only mean she is having a good time. By now I think we have to call it official. My wife has/is fucking another man. I love her soo much, can’t wait to hear the details! Hope she has behaved like a proper slut and comes home sore and looking well used.

Time 16:52

Belle: Love you xx

Me: Love you too. Loads and loads, any news? Are you okay?

Belle: Yeah on way home. Yeah good. Horny for you.

Me: On your own now?

Belle: Just waiting for cab from his place to tube. So still at his.

Me: 3 questions. Did you fuck? Did you cum? Are you emotionally happy?

Belle: Yes, yes, yes

Me: the third one is the best

Belle: Love you so much xxx . In taxi, on the way to the tube.

Me: xxx love you too. Looking forward to seeing you.

Belle: I can’t wait to have sex with you. I hope your cock is hard for me.

Me: Getting there. I have been trying to resist sex so can wait for you.

Belle: Aww, good boy

Me: So you are genuinely still horny? I thought you’d be all sexed out?

Belle: You have no idea how much I want you. Yeah only cummed once. Of course saved for you xx. I love you so much. You are the one for me and the one I want to spend rest of my life with.

Me: Same with you, love you sooo much. But hun, remember you are my sexy pervy hot wife. Want to really enjoy this (i.e fulfil some pervy fantasies)

Belle: I know. Xxxxx

Me: Not everyday you fuck another man

Belle: Loads o fantasies fulfilled today ;)

Me: Don’t want to cum right away tonight, want to enjoy the fantasy first

Belle: True or two men in one day

Me: Uh huh. I hope you have some interesting tales to tell?

Belle: Yeah, will tell you face to face, tell then tease you ;)

Me: Did you two have nice goodbye snog?

Belle: I want you licking my pussy, I want to suck your cock and you to fuck me. Not a big one as the taxi was there. Was more an ass groping

Me: Haha. Would you fuck him again?

Belle: Might … not sure. I can definitely do better looking ;) He wasn’t bad though.

Me: Haha. And you had a go at me for saying I was surprised you chose him looks wise. Was his cock up to the job (most important thing I think)?

Belle: Its not just about looks. He cummed 3 times. First time really quickly, lol. It was thicker than yours at the bottom, wierd triangle shape and when he fucked hard hurt, but still want thicker.

Me: Awww, you size queen. We shall we save the remaining details for face to face?

Belle: I know :p terrible i am. Yeah ;)

Me: I am really happy you are safe and had fun. Have a safe journey home my cuckolding wife love you soo much

The rest of the conversation is just about tube/train times and lovey dovey ness so will leave it there. Belle is now on the tube (no signal). So it’s official. My wife has fucked another man. So hot! I am surprisingly not jealous. Maybe after I cum, we’ll see i guess. The best part is, knowing my wife, she will be addicted to this now. I should explain that when we posted the advert we made a deal that she wouldn’t get my cock until she fucked another man. Right now I feel like making that a regular arrangement (i.e. after tonight then next fucking she get will be the next time she hooks up with another man). I really want her to make a habit of being a slut!

Thank you for reading this anyone who got this far. I’ll try to give an update on the fallout soon!

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