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January 19, 2013

My Cuckold Life

John writes in giving us an insight into his true Cuckold life.


Just found this site. Fascinating… My with has cheated on me since our dating days. I only found out about it the last few years but had suspected longer than that. The conformation was went she gave me her old phone to use finding dozens of explicate sextext left in it. She later admitted it was on purpose.

Anyways after 2 years of therapy I have decided to accept not only her choice but to become a full fledged cuck. I have a huge foot fetish adoring her lovely peds which I give weekly peds w/polish changes several times a week.

So one job I now have is painting her “dates” - Bulls - Lovers initials on both her large toes. This gives me a real feeling of belonging. I have started doing Cream pie clean up about 3 months ago along with cleaning up her lover’s penis & fluffing to an erection. This is a extremely humiliating act and a real turn on.

Last evening we had dinner at our favorite restaurant with her number one lover. Upon parking the car they proceeded down the narrow walkway arms around each other with his hand resting on her breast while caressing her nipple with his forefinger while I followed meekly behind. Her hand in his back pocket squeezing his butt. On entering the hostess (a old friend) approached while Linda and Miguel continued to embrace she put her other hand around my waist. Maria the hostess said “So good to see all of you especially you Miguel. So Linda two lovers tonight?” I flushed when she said “Yes”.

Maria then said “I love your shoes Linda”, a pair of lovely two band ankle strapped 6″ sandals. Linda held out each foot saying “Yes, see how my Husband painted my toes with Miguel’s initials” I quivered with excitement as we were escorted to our favorite table by the front window. Miguel sitting beside Linda with myself across from her. She put her lovely feet into my lap asking me to remove her sandals and massage her feet, I of course did as I was told, placing her shoes on the chair beside me while I pampered her feet and toes. After that I was mostly ignored while they conversed and cuddled. I ate my dinner continuing to caress her feet eating one handed.

When the waiter asked if we were having dessert Linda replied “Not me, I’ll be having mine later in bed”, then kissing Miquel with an open mouth. I kneeling in front of her dressing her feet while they continued to kiss. After I paid our bill we departed, they arm in arm with myself following but ‘allowed’ to open the cafe’s door and the car also for them.

That night as I laid in the spare bedroom listing to them fuck I began to jack off when I heard Miguel climax in her. She called to me to come there demanding that I finish her while I preformed clean up. This I did with what she said was my greatest talent. She then directed me to clean up Miguel’s messy penis which I proceeded to do as ordered. As he became more and more erect he filled my mouth with his organ until I was near choking on it. He took my head in a firm grasp and begun to fuck my mouth with vigor. I attempted to pull away but it was impossible. Just before I thought I would pass out he exploded into my mouth spilling more cum then I thought possible for one who had climaxed just before.

After my wife told him (ignoring me) you now have two cocksuckers here when you come over. She then dismissed with a wave of her hand so off to my my bed. I have begged her for some pictures of which she has many but so far refuses my request.

Submitted by: John - Mexico

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