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January 15, 2013

Taking black loads

This is a follow up to our first post we made over a year ago. Sorry been busy with life but I intend to share more of our stories. I thought I would go into more detail on one of my wife’s first encounters with a black man I will call James. We are a white married couple together for several years. My wife is an attractive curvy blonde with DD cup breasts slim waist and curvy hips. We were early 30’s when this story happened. We met James on line through Dark Cavern. My wife had a few encounters with black men before him but he would definitely be her largest. James posted a few pics that were impressive and stated he was 10″ and we would find out he definitely did not exaggerate. After several messages and talking with him by phone, the night arrived that we met up. We met a bar for drinks and hit it off well. James was a large tall black man with a laid back cool personality. We talked for some time and got I the nod from my wife that she was ready to take this further.

We invited him back to our hotel. My wife was nervous as usual but James kept things relaxed as we sat in our hotel room and talked more. Eventually they started by kissing while sitting on the edge of the bed. My wife laid back on the bed as they continued to make out while his hands started to explore her body. Then he stood up and started to undress. While my wife started to take off her skirt and top, he dropped his pants and right away we could tell he was very well endowed. His cock was straining through his underwear. He pulled them down and my wife’s eyes went wide. Not only was it at least 10″ inches long as it hung there but very very thick and not to mention it was leaking long strings of precum. It was at that moment that the reality really set in. My wife kind of giggled looking at this huge black cock hanging there and I asked if she had ever been with anyone that big. Her response was a definite no! My wife was about to get the fucking of a lifetime from this black stranger. James was good at taking his time with her and she laid back on the bed and they kissed as he slowly explored her body with his hands. When his large hands got to her waist she lifted her hips as he pulled off her panties. He ate her pussy and soon she was moaning how nice it felt. Next it was her turn as she sat on the edge of the bed with him standing and took his huge black dick in her small hands. She took it into her mouth as best she could and proceeded to suck him even harder and bigger. She told me later she could taste large amounts of precum leaking into her mouth as she gave him head.

After some 69ing he was ready to have her and laid her back on the bed. She laughed nervously and gave him our bottle of lube saying “use this so you don’t kill me”. He lubed up his shaft and placed it at the entrance of my wife’s pussy. Slowly he pushed his cock head into her with my wife’s legs spread wide. It wasn’t long before he was most of the way inside with her moaning in approval. My wife seemed to adjust quickly to his size as his thrusts quickened and deepened. Within a few minutes I could see by her face that she was not far from coming. This was the fastest I had ever seen her cum as she gripped his back and shoulders. She cried out encouraging him to fuck her as he slammed her hard, burying himself balls deep in her. This was the first of literally countless orgasms she was to have that night. He continued to fuck her hard and deep for several more minutes. My wife had already cum four of five times when he asked her where to cum and she responded without hesitation inside her and when she started to cum once more he stiffened. My wife’s nails dug into his chest as he groaned, cumming hard in my wife and no he was not wearing a condom!

BTW my wife has never liked condoms and insisted on bareback with guys who were tested. When we first started in this lifestyle I thought she mostly didn’t like condoms because of the feeling or lack there of but as we have played more it has become clear that my wife loves having black men cum in her pussy always encouraging them to cum in her. This started to become a huge turn on for me as well. When we first starting in this lifestyle watching my wife cum with another man fucking her had always been the hugest turn on (and still is). But now the thought of a black men cumming in my wife has evolved into almost an obsession for me. Anyways my wife later told me she could feel James shooting hot jets of cum deep in her pussy. Slowly James pulled out and as he did, a huge amount of his load started flowing out of my wife’s pussy and down the crack of her ass. My wife laid there half spent and I figured they would take a break but I was wrong. I think James was just showing me and her much cum he had shot into my wife because he immediately slid back in her and continued fucking. She started crying in orgasm again as he slammed his fat black dick into her, jizz coating his cock and her pussy. Eventually he had her get on her hands and knees and slid into her doggy style. Watching that thick black dick enter my wife’s now well used pussy is something I will never forget. Soon she was taking it all the way and crying out as she came again and again, her tits swaying as his cock explored the depths of my wife’s pussy.

At some point they took a break and we talked awhile and had some wine. Back at it again he fucked her more on the bed, standing, her riding him in an easy chair and finally with my suggestion, with her sitting at the edge of a desk. That made for another memorable seen from that night. I loved watching her swollen pussy taking that huge black dick fairly easily now. She was even telling him to bury it all the way. Her tits bouncing and legs spread wide as this black guy we had only met a couple hours before was reaching deeper in her pussy than ever before. At one point she said to him how good his cock felt in her pussy. His long strokes quickened while my wife, leaned back against the wall legs spread even wider. She strained once more as she came all over that black dick and once more he unloaded his seed deep inside my wife. His balls now drained, he hung out for a while after and talked. Later he told us that fucking my wife on the table was one of his favorite memories with another man’s wife. When he left I got my chance. My wife was exhausted but knew I needed a release. What a great feeling as I slid into my wife’s well used cum coated pussy. Not long after I added my own large load and we collapsed spent on the bed. James became a good friend and we met up with him several times after this including one meeting without me which I mentioned before. I will go into detail of that encounter and others another time. BTW before that weekend was over my wife fucked another black guy we met online and although not nearly as good or hung as James he left my wife full of his cum as well. That still gets me off to this day the thought of two strange black men’s cum in my wife’s pussy at the same time.


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By: wifetakesitblack - California

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