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January 13, 2013

Member dumps his load

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Still spreading the Xmas cheer and empying the sacks of my horny members this festive period. I met with Dave yesterday afternoon who joined my site via paypal and was right inside my hot wet cunt within the hour.

Unzipping his flys, my eyes were alight with the sight of a fat stubby cock, these are my favourite, I couldn’t wait for him to get that thing inside of me. Sucking on his shaft, barely fitting the girth in my mouth, getting his meat all hard and primed ready to ride me – my pussy was starting to drip with excitement.

Spreading my legs wide, he slowly eased himself inside me, I could feel myself being stretched around his mighty girth and oh boy it felt like absolute heaven, he slipped his cock in and out of me really slowly to begin with, picking up the pace and really started to ride my easy hole until the pleasure became far to intense and I spewed a whole cunt load of pent up love juice all over his rock hard shaft, making me buck and wriggle in pure orgasmic bliss.

He then held totally still and let the feeling if my throbbing cunt hole caress his cock and milk and drain the spunk from his balls right inside me, shooting his hot creamy load right up inside me, giving me a really HEAVY creampie!





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