December 30, 2012

A couple encounter

Another diary update from hottie Modesty Ablaze from London. And guys she’s on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here
“It’s just been all about me!”

We’d met our new couple at our Swinging Club late in August. We’d arrived quite late and it turned out to be one of those evenings where Hubby and I spent most of our time sitting at the bar chatting to some of the regulars we’ve come to know from previous visits. People we’ve become friends with but, for one reason or another, haven’t actually played with.

We had noticed several new couples we hadn’t seen before, and a number of new single guys, but despite Hubby frequently pointing them out to me and asking if I was “interested in going over for a chat”, I didn’t really feel motivated or attracted enough to want to leave my seat. Hubby would occasionally wander off for a tour around the rooms and then report back to tell me what was going on, but after several hours even he had resigned himself to the fact that our night would end without any involvement on our part.

He’d actually just said to me “Shall we finish our drinks and make a move”when a striking blonde woman came up to stand at the bar right next to my seat. Her, very tall, partner stood behind her and leant between us to order their drinks. We hadn’t noticed them before, and they’d come from the direction of the play rooms, so had obviously been having fun elsewhere for quite some time. She was dressed in a lovely black basque and net stockings and had the most perfectly manicured red nails as she placed her hands on the counter of the bar. Hubby leaned around from beside me and asked her “Would you like a seat?” getting off his stool and tugging at me gently to move from my stool to his. She smiled and replied “Yes thank you, my heels are killing me!” I moved over and she sat-up next to me and I laughed that I had the same problem as “I only ever really wear heels on a night-out here”. Her partner immediately joined in, saying how sexy both our choice of footwear was “and, in fact, your whole outfits”. We’d all soon introduced ourselves and began chatting and answering their questions about the club. It was their first visit here but they were frequent visitors to some of the other London clubs we’d heard about.

I immediately felt completely at ease with both D and her husband and I could sense that Hubby (standing behind me and stroking my back and leaning against me the way he does when I know he is aroused) was feeling just as captivated as I was. D’s manner and conversation was so natural and friendly that within the first 15 minutes I was giggling and sharing experiences with her as though we were life-long friends. Her husband B wasn’t quite so outgoing (though very dishy) but was still chatting quite openly. He asked me if we’d been playing and told me he’d wished they’d met us earlier in the evening as they had to be leaving to get home for the babysitter. D must have noticed the look of disappointment in my eyes as she reached over to hold my hand and asked “Would you be interested in exchanging numbers?” Hubby answered before I’d had the chance to think “Yes, sure!!!” I looked up at B to see if he was as keen, his smile, and his wife’s continued stroking of my forearm, seemed to indicate that he definitely was. The men exchanged numbers and we said our goodbyes.

Hubby and I remained at the bar for another drink, comparing our impressions and talking about the lost chance of not having met them earlier. I giggled when he said “and of course she really fancies you”. “What do you mean?” I asked him. He laughed and replied, “I mean she fancies you. It was obvious, and anyway B told me she’s bi. So our evening at the club ended without us “playing out”, but we certainly made it up for it when we got home, with the attractions of our brief acquaintances obviously on both our minds and inspiring our arousal.

A few days passed. (We’d mentioned the morning after, reliving our passions over breakfast, that we’d have to text them the next time we were going to get back to the Club.) Then, on the Thursday evening, just as we’d cuddled up together in bed, Hubby’s phone beeped with a text “would it be ok if we called. Can you talk?”. Hubby messaged straight back that it was fine. Seconds later his phone rang. I could tell immediately, from the rolling of his eyes and wild nodding of his head, even before he switched his phone over to speaker, that it was D. As his speaker came on I could hear her saying how much they’d enjoyed meeting us on the weekend. Hubby responded that the feeling was mutual and that we’d already been talking about texting them the next time we planned to visit the club. Her reply took us both by surprise. “If you’re not busy, would you like to come over to ours next Saturday for drinks?” She went on to say that their children would be away with B’s parents and that they had an indoor hot tub and would like to get know us better! Hubby didn’t waste a second in telling her we’d love to.

As if meeting a new couple for the first time on non-neutral ground wasn’t worrying enough, their address made me feel even more nervous. They were obviously in a different class to us!! Not just an affluent outer-suburb, but an extra-affluent postcode. “What can I wear?” I was agonising to Hubby the following day and night!! His teasing that I wouldn’t need to be wearing “anything” in a hot tub, didn’t help.

D met us at the door looking stunning in a white sarong and led us through a huge reception room into an even larger, and absolutely wonderful kitchen area. All sparkling stainless steel fittings and work surfaces, I was feeling more and more nervous with every step! We followed D into an amazing conservatory which looked out over a long garden. We could see, and hear, the bubbling water of the hot tub in one corner of the conservatory. To our right B was standing behind a bar asking what we’d like to drink. I assumed from his bare chest that he’d possibly just emerged from the tub and probably had a towel wrapped around his waist, but had to gasp in surprise as he stepped out from the bar towards us with our glasses in hand, completely naked! I felt myself giggling with the embarrassment of not quite knowing how to react and not sure where I should be looking. D immediately stepped in front of him admonishing him for being so forward and turning back to us to apologise. I was still giggling but told her not to be silly “You just caught me by surprise” I told him, still not sure where I should be looking, whilst I stretched out rather self-consciously to hand him the two bottles of wine we’d bought with us. Hubby was laughing as well “It’s fine, we didn’t actually bring swimming costumes either”.

We sat around in their wonderfully comfortable cushioned wicker chairs chatting and accepting (too many) top-ups of wine for some time before B asked if we “were ready for a dip?” D went off to fetch some towels whilst Hubby quickly stripped off his clothes and followed our host into the tub. Normally I don’t have any qualms about undressing in intimate situations, and I actually enjoy ‘dressing-up’ at the Club, but now I really felt quite nervous as I lifted my dress up over my head knowing I had to walk naked up the steps to the tub as B sat there quite obviously watching my every step. I did feel slightly better as he said “you have a beautiful body” as I slid down into the water next to Hubby. D had reappeared, already naked herself and followed me into the tub. “You should have seen her from behind” she said to B, “she has a gorgeous figure, and such a wonderful bum.” The compliments, the warmth of the water, and the wine!, were making me feel better.

We leant with our backs against the wall of the tub. D had initially positioned herself between B and I, but then moved around in front of me, sliding in-between Hubby and myself. I felt her hand stroking my arm as she had in the club, and then as she told me again that I had “such a gorgeous figure” I felt her hand running up over my tummy and up to my breasts. Her palm caressed across both my nipples for a brief moment before she pushed away from the wall of the tub to stand more directly in front of us. I felt her hand reaching up to me again and could tell from the movement of her left arm that she was reaching across to Hubby as well. I glanced across at him. I could tell from the expression on his face that she was touching him as well, but not on his chest! I felt a firmer hand squeezing over my left nipple. B had slid closer to me and was now following D’s lead, squeezing and caressing me. I gasped and tilted my head back closing my eyes. My nervous self-consciousness had suddenly been replaced by the wonderful feeling of two separate hands roaming over my breasts, and now, between my legs. At first I couldn’t tell whose fingers were twirling around my pussy lips, but then as I felt both nipples being lightly squeezed by strong feeling fingers, I knew both of those hands belonged to B and it was D’s fingers that were deliciously working around and around my clit. “Oh, squeeze my tits” I moaned, still keeping my eyes tightly closed, but making no attempt to stifle my moans of pleasure now. B’s palms were now clamped tightly around my breasts, pushing me back harder against the wall of the tub, whilst D’s finger, or fingers I couldn’t tell how many, were sliding forcefully in and out of me. I threw my head back as far as it would go, letting out a load groan of “oh I love that”. I could hear the splashing of movement now in the water as B’s hands suddenly slid straight down my side to grasp me by my hips. He seemed to be lifting me higher, and forward more into his wife’s hand which was now pumping in and out of me. My own groans were drowning out the other sounds, but I was conscious of her muffled moaning to the right of me.

I opened my eyes and looked past my right shoulder to see her head locked in an embrace with Hubby and it was obvious from the thrashing movements of both her elbows in and out of the water that both her hands were pumping and stroking, and as only her right one was pumping into me, her left hand must be furiously stroking my husbands cock. Suddenly there seemed to be two hands pushing between my legs, one (still D’s???) thrusting fingers in and out of me, the other twirling and rubbing over my clit. I felt myself trying to hold my balance, reaching behind me to grasp the wall of the tub with my back pushed back against it and the pressure of the thrusting between my legs, bouncing me up and down in the water. For a moment I was thinking I didn’t feel comfortable enough to really let myself go, then, an instant later, I was crying out “Oh, god I’m coming, I’m coming”, thrusting my hips forward and losing my grip on the wall. I collapsed forward into the arms of B, dropping my chin onto his shoulder and gasping out “God, oh god”.

I opened my eyes. D and Hubby had stepped apart with D asking him “does she always come like that?” He laughed and said something like “I’ve never seen her come in a pool before”. B lifted me up to try and sit me on the top step of the tub, saying “That was fantastic. You sound amazing”. “And look amazing” D said as she reached over to start stroking my arm again. I was feeling uncomfortable, from both the compliments, and the hard step I was now perched on. “I need to sit down” I managed to blurt out. D stepped out next to me and took my hand to lead me off the step down onto the floor again. She reached over for a towel and dried me down as I stood enjoying the feel of the softness against my skin. The two men followed us out of the tub and I collapsed back onto the nearest cushioned chair. We sat chatting, and drinking, until D stepped over and knelt down in front of me. “Would you two like to come upstairs?” she asked, running her hands up and down my thighs and then leaning forward to kiss me on the knee. She lifted me up and then led us back through the kitchen and up the stairs to their bedroom. As the men followed us into the room I could tell they were both obviously aroused by the fact that D was gently pushing me back onto the bed.

I have kissed another woman before, playing at the club. But this was something different, completely different. Her mouth was warm and wet, and her tongue hard yet gentle, in a way that I just couldn’t compare with the kisses I would normally receive from Hubby, or one of my lovers. Not really physically different, I suppose, but different in sensation and emotion. The taste seemed somehow sweeter, warmer, softer. I felt her hands squeezing gently over my nipples again, and then felt her pulling my hand down to her pussy. “I don’t really know what to do” I told her. “Play with me as though you are playing with yourself” she whispered into my ear. Her warm breath tickled my senses, and her words made me tingle and arch my back as her own fingers ran a trail down over my tummy, sliding in between my lips and instantly finding my button. Her lips slid away from my kisses and ran down in little pecks over my neck, down over my breasts, kissing at them each, gently on top, and to the sides, and then, pausing above me for a moment, sucking suddenly down onto my right nipple. Sucking and pinching, and stretching it away from my chest with her lips, before releasing it with a wonderful nip of her teeth, before performing the same task on my left nipple.

She lifted away and I felt her fingers replaced with larger and thicker hands. I opened my eyes to see B leaning over me, spreading my legs wider for a moment before running his fingers up my inner thigh and finding the exact spot that just a moment ago was being caressed by his wife. I was groaning again but heard Hubby’s voice saying something unclear and unintelligible to D. I opened my eyes again and gasped as I saw D kneeling back onto the bed with a large, very large, dildo in her hands. “Have you ever fucked another woman?” she asked. I suddenly knew that these were the words I had just heard her asking Hubby. “Oh my god” I said. Half giggling, half tingling, as I watched her kneeling between my legs and sliding one end of the long pink shape into herself. “I don’t know, I don’t think I could” I stammered. But a moment later I heard myself gasping louder as B’s fingers slid over me to hold me open and D pushed herself forward. “Ohh, ohh” I knew I was gurgling. I felt her sliding forward into me, the softness of her leg rubbing over mine, and then gasping loudly again as, with a little help from B, she lifted my other leg over the top of hers. She started pushing and groaning and gasping louder with every stroke. I pushed myself back against her and groaned again as B’s fingers twirled between us as I felt us slapping together, each with half of her dildo engulfed within us. Pushing against her I could feel her pussy, and legs, and bottom slapping against mine and feel the thickness of the silicon pushing into me, then relaxing again, then pushing back. And B’s fingers working over me, working over the both of us, was making my groans more breathless, and louder and louder. I opened my eyes again to see Hubby standing next to the bed to my right. His cock was standing vertical against his tummy, and kneeling next to me on the bed to my left, B’s cock was swaying back and forth and tapping against my shoulder. I reached out to grasp Hubby’s cock and pull him onto the bed next to me. He eagerly obliged by kneeling right over me and guiding his cock towards my mouth. I sucked him up and down, cupping his balls in right hand whilst reaching out and stroking B up and down his shaft with my left. I felt him turning and shuffling his own knees up the bed closer towards me. I pulled away from Hubby’s cock, loving the plopping sound as his hardness slipped out of my mouth, and turned to my left to immediately guide B’s cock between my lips.

I could hear D groaning as she pushed and I thrust back against her, feeling the thickness and hardness of the dildo straining inside me. And, directly above me, both men were now grunting and groaning as I sucked and swung my mouth back from my left to my right and then back again. Sucking to the left whilst stroking with my hand to the right, and then turning to suck from the right and stroke to my left. My own muffled gasps were getting louder as B was still leaning forward stretching his hands down over my tummy to twist and twirl his fingers over both of our thrusting pussies. Hubby was squeezing and pinching at my nipples and I managed to gasp out “harder, pinch them harder” as I swivelled my mouth from left to right.

I heard D gasping out that she was going to come and felt her shuddering against me with convulsions as her legs squeezed together against mine. She suddenly pulled away and I felt the thickness slide out of me, making me cry out with my own orgasm as B’s fingers slid deliciously inside me for a moment before my own twists and shudders pushed them away. I heard Hubby’s voice gasping out above me and then felt sudden warm splashes splatter across my breasts and stomach. I opened my eyes as B pulled his cock from my mouth and clasped both his hands around himself as he cried out as well. I saw the first burst of white from the eye of his knob as it shot past my forehead, and then felt the rest spurting onto my cheek and chin and then dribbling down onto my neck. “I’m so sorry” he gasped, “I couldn’t stop it. I’ll get tissues” he continued as he swivelled off the side of the bed and stood up next to us. His cock was still erect and looked lovely bobbling around, still dripping, as he leant forward to pull some tissues from a drawer at the side of the bed. “You should apologise, you’re such a messy bugger” D said as she sat up at the other end of the bed. I lifted myself up as well, “No, no, it was lovely. You don’t have to apologise” I told him as I accepted his handful of tissues. Hubby was sitting up on the other side of me, and accepted more tissues from B, so that he could wipe up his own “mess” from my tummy.

D lay down beside me reaching over to pull me closer against her, kissing me first on the cheek and saying “you are just beautiful”, before kissing me full on the lips again, just as she had earlier. “Thank you” I replied. “You are both beautiful too.” She sat up on one elbow and said “Have you ever done that before? Did you enjoy?” I giggled “No, and Yes” as my reply. “I feel very greedy, it’s all been about me” I said. B sat back down on the bed and said “Well it’s still early yet . . . !” But that’s for Part Two another time!!!

Modesty Ablaze

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December 28, 2012

Addicted to Office cock

Black Bachelor Diary Update

Addicted to my black office cock

My husband went on a overseas business conference and since then I’ve been craving meaty black cocks. Then it hit me. I can suck one of my colleagues dick while he is gone!

So I started sucking and getting fucked by his long fat dick, I didn’t think it was a problem until I couldn’t stop. Even when my Husband came home he became more than a regular. He is 8 years younger than me and has cum in my pussy twice, in my office after hours.

When my Husband came back it went further as he caught me sucking his dick in the passenger side of my car on our driveway when he came home early one day. He’s known about my infidelities before and has tolerated them, but this was too far for him, especially as a neighbour may have noticed, so he threatened to leave me.

It’s been a few weeks and we’ve had some time apart but now that’s made it worse for me as now I fuck his juicy black dick even more without fear of getting caught and now I can’t stop. My friends keep telling me I should consult a therapist to help me get past this obsession. I just need a man who will understand my needs.









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December 26, 2012

Future Wife Fantasy

Here’s an interesting submission. So many of us fantasize about what it must be like to have a Hotwife as a partner. As you’ll read in the following text, for some it remains a highly erotic desire that is very specific to the kind of cuck we are. I would be interested to receive more fantasies such as this.


Not really a submissive male, but always wanted to get this out.. this seems like a good place.

For going on ten years now, the only sexual fantasy that would get me off for sure has been the hotwife fantasy. I don’t want to be a cuck. I want to be the dominant one. I want her to be submissive to my every desire, and enjoy every minute of it. What is it about sharing one’s wife that is erotic and promises an erection every time in a willing husband?

Unfortunately, I do not live near any women who would be willing to discover this lifestyle. Trust me, I know, I have been looking for a while. I’m only 30, so the chance may still come. I wanted to share my fantasy, I want to share my theoretical wife. At least for now, until I find a worthy woman to take up the mantle.

My Hotwife fantasy always starts of the same. A loving girlfriend, who becomes a sexually charged fiance, and then marriage based on complete honesty and open conversation. No subject should be off limits. She, my wife, of course knows of my proclivities before we get married, and even though she doesn’t let it on, I can tell she is excited by the prospect of what we might get up to.

It starts in Mardi Gras. Cliche perhaps, but a great starting point for indulging my, or should I say, our fantasy without diving into the deep end right away. Mardi Gras, is Mardi Gras, and you can imagine what may happen. In my head, the first day is always fun and exciting, being the first time, despite being fairly vanilla and mundane. She does the typical Mardi Gras thing on the first day. Flashing for beads, both her breasts and her neatly trimmed pussy. Occasionally letting the odd man cop a feel. It’s not too much effort for her to flash men all day since I had dressed her that morning in a short, loose skirt and no panties with a low cut, bra-less sheer white top. That night, we fuck like rabbits.

The second day, she gets even bolder. She wears her bikini top and an even shorter, looser skirt. A skirt that barely makes it past the curves her buttocks so that when she reaches, for anything, anyone standing behind her gets a full show. I also encourage her to get more brazen on the second day and let as many men as she likes fondle any part of her they want. Which of course, she does, knowing I’m only a couple of steps away and would step in if things get out of hand. That night we fuck like rabbits yet again, and afterwards she tells me about the several men who were bold enough to finger fuck her in public, one at the bar while waiting for her drinks, and one by the event stages where I leave her for a bit while getting us some lunch. She never got any of their names.

On the third day, she participates in a wet t-shirt contest, edged on by one of the organizers. They have to give her a shirt to wear since all she has on is the bikini top. She amazingly removes the bikini in the middle of the crowd before putting on her t-shirt. I couldn’t help but notice that the t-shirt is the thinnest piece of cloth I have ever seen. She doesn’t win, stiff competition, but immediately after the contest she hops off the stage, t-shirt barely there when wet, and runs up to me and whispers in my ear that the organizer has been trying to lead her to a back room all night. I simply smile at her and tell her to go for it, and I will be waiting for her by the bar. She comes back not 30 minutes later, and without saying a word, takes my hand and guides it to below her skirt and let’s me feel the sticky wetness of her mound. I should add, that she no longer has her t-shirt on at this point.

Back in the hotel, I don’t let her shower despite the fact that she wants to and we fuck like rabbits yet again.

Back home and things quiet down a bit. We go back to our normal routine, but I tell her if she gets the urge, she should indulge. I only ask to be told about it. She seems uncomfortable with this, and prefers I am there with her and begs me to take her on another vacation. I tell her she will have to earn it.

To earn it, she has to entertain my buddies and I during a weekly poker game. She is dressed in her skimpiest lingerie and is told to ensure that everyone’s glass and snack bowl is always filled and to remain by the table, available for anyone’s wandering hands.

By the end of the night, there are only two guys left, so I bring out special poker chips that I had made; to my wife’s complete surprise. The chips are worth either a hand-job, a blowjob, or a fuck. I make sure to lose the last few hands. The guys though, are shy, and don’t want to be watched. So instead she takes each one, one by one, to the guest bedroom and let them fuck her. They each go back twice.

She has earned her vacation so off we go to the beach. As she is bathing topless on the beach, three young, college aged men stop by our umbrella and start chatting me and my wife; I’m pretty sure the entire time they were thinking about what they might be able to get away with. They don’t have a chance though because my wife invites them all back to our chalet for some drinks and a little strip poker. I have never seen three boys faces light up so quick.

My wife is a terrible poker player and is quickly naked. We all feel bad for her though, so we stop the game and get naked as well. So there we are, my wife laying on the bed, I am laying next to her, one of the boys is sitting on the edge of the bed, one at the foot, and the other is still at the table. All enjoying the buzz of the drinks and the atmosphere. As things quiet down, I start kissing and fondling my wife. My fingers play with her nipples and work their way down to her pussy, spreading her legs for better access. All three boys are watching, unable to avert their eyes, when I beckon the closest one to feel free. He wastes no time and is on top of my wife before I manage to get my hand out of the way. We each take turns on my wife. Sometimes one at a time, with the others watching, sometimes two at a time. When everyone has came twice, and my wife a few times, they say thanks and take their leave. My wife and I fall asleep, leaving everything in the room, including the cum stained cover as it is.

The next day, we run into the boy from the previous night at the crappy continental breakfast room and they invite me and my wife down for a day at the local amusement park. We eagerly accept the invitation and all ride in the same car together. My wife sitting in the back in between two of the boys.

At the amusement park we learn that the boys have invited a couple of their friends along as well. One who happens to have a large van out in the parking lot. So for the rest of the morning and afternoon my wife is going back and forth between the amusement park and the van, taking one or two of the boys with her each time. She tells me later that a security guard catches her and one of the boys fucking in the van, but instead of reporting her, the boy my wife was with offers my wife up to the security guard. My wife was happy to oblige. We fuck like rabbits that night.

Back home, we decide we need to have a set of rules & regulations for her behavior and limits. A document that we both sign which clearly lays out what she can and can not do and so the following was born:

The Husband, me, has the final word in all endeavors and can stop everything on a whim if he so chooses. The wife must not remain out of reach, unless otherwise agreed upon, and will return home immediately if the Husband demands.

Men who are allowed to fuck my wife fall into the following classifications:

Strangers: Prior permission must be obtained in order to fuck a stranger. If no permission can be obtained, or if the Husband says so, the Wife has the option to charge the stranger for the privilege. $50 for a blow job and $100 for a fuck. No anal. Husband keeps all the proceeds.

Lover: A lover does not have to obtain prior permission and can fuck my Wife anytime he pleases as long as he does not interrupt the Husbands wishes or plans.

Boyfriend: A boyfriend can fuck my Wife anytime he so chooses without prior permission. The Wife also has the option of staying for up to 2 nights in a row with the boyfriend before she must return to the Husband.

Fiance: The fiance can fuck my Wife anytime he so chooses without prior permission and can keep the wife in his possession for up 2 weeks before she must return to the Husband. The Fiance also has the option of ‘loaning’ out the wife to whomever he likes, but is then made responsible for her safety if he chooses to do so.

Pimp: The pimp has all the benefits of the Fiance but is also allowed to ‘pimp’ my Wife out for financial gain. The Husband keeps 40% of all proceeds, while the Pimp keeps the rest. The wife must submit to theme nights, including but not limited to Poker Parties, Sports Events, BBQ, etc. She must wear what is designated and must follow all directions given to her by a guest.

The Wife must submit to 2 weeks every 4 months to be spent in a brothel; preferably legal. Husband keeps all proceeds.

The Wife must submit to 12 nights a year (can be spread out as desired) where she will be on the street, hooking for money. Husband keeps all the proceeds.

Every graduation season, the wife must offer herself to a local fraternity to be their stress relief for an entire weekend. She will not be allowed to leave the premises of the fraternity until the weekend is over.

The Wife must submit to a gang-bang party at least 3 times a year.

The Wife must submit to the fuckbooth* for 12 hours once a month.*The fuckbooth is a small two-roomed booth, whereby the wife lays on her stomach in the middle, with a curtain wall coming down splitting her body in half. One room for pussy, and one room for blowjobs. When in the fuckbooth, she must wear a blindfold and a butt-plug.

More rules & regulations as I think of them!

Here’s hoping that one day, one beautiful day, I meet a woman willing to take on this hotwife role. Here’s hoping.

Submitted by: Obmon, UK


December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays

Just wanted to wish everyone a great Christmas / Holiday break and a fantastic New Year. I’m off to Hong Kong for Christmas and New Year in a couple of hours. Can’t wait to see what debauchery I can find in the far east.

It’s been another fantastic year of Hotwife filth. New Hotwives are springing up all over the place as people embrace the lifestyle such as creampie loving Carly G, cum guzzling wife Kirie Cantaloupes and black cock lovin’ Serena Biscotti. Also over 10,000 of you have signed up to my community site Hotwife Hub. It’s been great getting to know some of you of there! If you’ve yet to create a profile on there check it out now.

Thanks to everyone that continues to contribute to this blog. I appreciate all your posts and comments. Regarding comments, I had to turn them off temporarily to stop a massive attack of spam on the comments that was causing the server to overload. I will hopefully have the comments switched on again very soon.

Have an amazing Holiday period. I want to hear about all the naughtiness you get up to at all the New Years parties…

Your Webmaster,

Happy Christmas from Hotwife Blog


December 22, 2012

Xmas Kelly

Time for some festive cheer and who better to get us in the mood than gorgeous Hotwife Kelly Anderson posing in front of the tree and then getting to eat some fine seasonal meat. Great pics Kelly, have a fantastic holiday period and New Year.

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

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December 20, 2012

Wifes Young Lover

This story happened in 2009 it’s all true and was written right after it happened. I hope you enjoy it.

W ell today the wife got her fantasy and I got another great wife sharing story. My wife is a smokin hot 39 year sex goddess and it has been her fantasy to have a much younger guy. Well last week she was contacted by a young guy on a dating site. He’s a 21 year old college student with a lean body, really cute face and sexy blue highlights in his hair or at least that’s how she described him.

There was no doubt this guy appealed to her, for a while its been her fantasy to rock a young mans world beyond anything his young girlfriends could have ever done. He seemed very shy when he first e-mailed her and he was alittle concerned about the distance, as he lived an hour away. His shyness just seemed to drive her desire more. They chatted and it was clear that he hadn’t been with many girls. She convinced him that getting to know her would not only be worth his time but the drive as well. The next time they chatted it was with cams my wife was very pleased to say he was even cuter than his pics but that he looked very young. She let him know she wasn’t interested in anything serious which seemed to please him, she also made it clear she was interested in rocking his world. They chatted and sent text messages over the next day or so. She made hers sexy but not to over the top as his comfort level seemed unclear.

Last night he called as soon as he got off work, he was eager to talk to her and she was pretty eager to talk to him. She told him she was going to have some free time the fallowing day, and as it turned out he was off as well. She invited him over for what was going to clearly be a trip between the sheets.

I was excited for her. I knew this was her fantasy for sometime and that she was very attracted to this young guy. I was happy to help make it happen for her. My wife and I have been together 3 and 1/2 years, and before we met her sex life, unlike mine, had been anything but exciting so I was really proud to take part in her sexual growth. I knew this fantasy was to make her feel good.

The guy found her on a dating site she used when we met. He didn’t ask about her marital status, but she figured since he found her on a dating site he must have thought she was single and she didn’t want to scare him off so she let him think that. Together she and I cleaned the house and tried to down key any signs of my living there from closing my closet to removing pictures I was in from out walls.

Before bed she straighten her hair making it prefect and I trimmed her little pussy to ensure it was perfect for her date. She was very worked up for her date and she laid in bed stroking my cock and thanking me for all my hard work and for letting her do this. She didn’t want to have sex yet as she was afraid that if I made her cum she would feel as randy the next mourning. Instead she just jacked me off telling me how excited and grateful she was.

This mourning came early and we got up and got the kids ready for school. While I dropped the baby off at daycare she took a shower and made herself look pretty for her young lover. I came home with breakfast in tow. As we were eating he called saying he was heading this way. We went into the bedroom and she put a pretty lingerie set I bought her, with a lacy black bra and pretty little black thong panties both with lite pink bows. She topped it off with a satin robe I gave her when we first met. I stood close by and watched her dress. She looked so beautiful I knew he was going to be blown away by her. She came close to me and asked what I thought. I reached out and touched her, she felt so soft and she smelled so good. It was all I could do to not take her myself. I told her I thought she looked great.

As it got close to time for her new friend to arrive I took my final looks at her. She turned on an old baby monitor we had near the bed, I took the receiver kissed her, and left. I drove around the neighborhood abit when she texted me that he had arrived. I went back to the house and parked a little ways down so I wouldn’t be obvious but so that I could get good reception on speaker.

I sat out in the van for about 10 minutes or so not being able to hear much of their small talk as they were in the living room, but soon they made their way to the bed room. I heard them talk nervously at first then I heard my wife say “do you wanna see what I picked out for you?” “Yes should I pull the tie?” “You should if you want to see” I knew at this point he was removing her robe leaving her standing in only the lingerie I bought for her. I could hear muffled sounds of them making out. Then I heard my wife tell her young lover to lay back so she could spoil him. I figured at this point they must be mostly undressed I could hear her talking to him as I knew she was touching his Body “was it worth the trip?” she asked “Oh Yeah” “it looks like your pretty excited” she said I knew she must have just pulled his cock out. My suspicions were confirmed when I heard his breathing begin to quicken, I just knew she was sucking his cock, and my wife is a wonderful cock sucker. I then heard him say “God no body’s ever sucked me like that before, its its like you’re hitting the perfect nerve” She later told me she wasn’t just sucking his cock but playing and licking his balls as well. Before he left he told her he nearly came four different times during the blow job but she has a way of knowing when its about to happen and backing off just in time.

I then heard him say “i want you to ride me” “did you bring your condoms?” “Yes” I could hear the tearing of the rapper and the bouncing on the bed as they changed positions. Then I heard her say “Are you ready?” the then a heavy breath left her lips. I could hear the squeaking of the bed and the elevated tempo of their breathing. “do you like the way that pussy feels?” “Oh god I love the way that pussy feels!!” was his response. They went on this way for a while she showed him how a real woman rides cock and he loved it, and as they went on he became less shy.

He then told her he wanted to fuck her for now I could hear them moving again. She later told me they went missionary. I could hear him groan knowing he was in her and he began to pick up the pace. This young guy began fucking her a a feverish pace, one I know I could never do. He slammed into her hard and fast without wearing out, the joy of youth I suppose. She was moaning and groaning in ecstasy. I heard him say “damn your pussy’s so wet” as they went on he kept pounding her when she told him to “Show that pussy who’s boss” not long after I heard him groan hard as he began to cum and then I heard her go off like a rocket with a nice hard cum. Afterward they joked about the wet spot on the bed. He also revealed that was the biggest cum he ever had. She told him what an amazing cum she had too. He asked was it the best ever, and she said that there was only one guy who did it better. My wife is so nice to stroke my ego. He told her he hope they could get together again soon before he left.

After he left I returned home and found my wife laying in our bed naked and content. She was feeling good and perhaps a little proud of herself. I was certainly proud of her. I undressed and laid with her. I kissed and touched her all over her body. I let her know how much I loved her and she did the same to me. I then began to kiss the hot swollen lips of her pussy. I sucked and licked her clit as my fingers explored her inside. Soon my beautiful wife began to cum really hard. I guess that’s why I’m the orgasm guy. After she came I slid my cock inside of her as she told me the details of her adventure between orgasms. We made love 2 times and I licked her pussy 3 times before I took her out to lunch. While we were having sex he sent her a text thanking her for a great time.

What a great day it turned out to be, she got her fantasy, he got his world rocked and I got to enjoy it all. I love my wife and always will.

By: MrChiz - Texas


December 18, 2012

Kirie GGG

I’ve had a lot of requests for more of this amazing UK Hotwife Kirie Cantaloupes. Here are some of Kirie’s pictures from her time at the GGG gangbang. I can’t imagine how much horny material Kirie’s husband has collected over the years with her extreme fun but the GGG has to up there as a special episode.

Guys swarm over Kirie with their cocks, filling every hole possible, fucking her for hours. Kirie revels in it all, encouraging more guys to fuck her knowing at the end she will be the special Hotwife receiving each and every cum load from all of the men there. Great pics Kirie..







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December 16, 2012

Wife and her lover

Cuckold Place Update

My wife and her lover

Here’s few pics of my wife Becky and her lover fucking in our bed when he came over on a ‘date’ a month ago and spent the night with her while I slept in the spare room and listened to them.

Watching them fuck was amazing. And listening to them after she sent me to the spare room for the night was something else as well. I could hardly sleep. Then I watched them again in the morning before he left…


You can see some more pics of this couple here

By: Martinr


December 14, 2012

Rebecca Flashing

Here’s some very naughty pictures of gorgeous Hotwife Rebecca Dream from Rebeeca’s Office flashing around the city. Aparently she got caught out a fair few times taking these pictures.

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

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December 12, 2012

My story

I have waited years to write this story. Hotwifing has been a part of our marriage for maybe the last 15 years.

My wife, I’ll call her Randi, had been happily married for about 10 years. We had three great children and life was good. But I had caught this bug. I fantasized about her fucking other men. It became such an obsession that I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I began to share my fantasy with her. She was 90% disgusted and 10% intrigued. I would have stopped the conversations but I couldn’t. I wanted her to be my hotwife, although I had never heard the phrase before nor had any idea that I wasn’t nuts.

Randi resisted me for a long time until she had a training session out-of-state. She flew to Atlanta for a workshop with a dozen or so other people involved in her specialized field. She called every night and was chipper about the fun she was having, especially with 2 guys from NY. She called her last afternoon, though, and said that a guy from Florida had asked her to dinner and could she go? I was thrilled and so was my cock. I said sure, and that I hoped that she’d get lucky.

That’s all I knew until I picked her up at the airport the next day. We took the kids to a park so that Mom could them could have fun together. Meanwhile, I was patiently bursting waiting to hear her story. After the drive home and some settling in, I got mine.

My wife and her date, call him Brent, indeed went to dinner. While dining and drinking, she asked why he asked her out. He said, “Wasn’t it obvious? I’ve been trying to get your attention all week and you kept smiling at me.” She said “I did?” (She’s so naïve.) Anyway, after a few drinks, she leveled with him. She told him “My husband has a fantasy about me fucking another guy.” Brent was ready and promised to fuck her brains out.

They got a taxi to head back to his hotels. In the back seat, they couldn’t wait and the lip-lock began. Soon, he had her miniskirt pushed up and her red bikini panties pulled down. She un-zipped his drawers and had his cock out when the taxi driver said in no uncertain terms that he was not going to clean up their mess. So, rather than stop, they got out at Centennial Park and looked for a spot to finish up. The park was too bust, however, so they caught another taxi and were better behaved.

When they got back, they decided to head to his room in his hotel. Up in his room, they both started to get cold feet (He was also married.) She said, “Well, I give a pretty damn good blow-job.” She told me that in about 3 seconds he was naked and standing in front of her on the bed. She began licking and playing and gorging. She said it didn’t take very long and she could feel him swell.

I asked her what she did with his cum. “I swallowed it.” She had never swallowed any of my cum before. She said that doing that made her hornier and she took off her underwear and laid on the bed. He came alongside her, laid her on her side, lifted one leg over his shoulder and penetrated her with his dick. She said it felt wonderful. He didn’t have the stamina to complete the job though and pretty soon he went all flaccid.

She picked up her stuff and cam back home.

She wasn’t quite finished though, as she asked me stand in front of her, as he had done, so she could demonstrate for me. I, too, was pantless in about 3 seconds. Jodi took my red cock into her warm mouth, and moaned and slurped and smiled her way into to loins. Pretty soon, I began to swell, and sure, enough, she was joyful as I pumped squirt after squirt into the back of her throat, over her tongue onto her lips and across her cheek.

Randi smiled up at me, asked if I was mad at her and thence we began our hotwife journey.


Submitted by: Michael, Western US

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