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November 10, 2012

Preparing for my date

Here’s another horny diary update from the very naughty Hotwife Jackie


If you follow me on twitter (hotwifejackie), and over 16,000 of you do, then you’ve probably seen the caption on my home page, “Married but dating other men!” I’ve had many followers ask me if it’s true. The short answer of course is “Yes, I am happily married but I do date other men.” If this is the type of subject that you find intriguing then you absolutely have to see our latest video update on my website. I interrupt my hubby, who is watching the baseball playoffs to model some lingerie that I plan on wearing to please one of my dates that I have the next day. Hubs will drive me to the airport in the morning and see me off on my little adventure. I will check into a hotel near LAX and relax with a glass of wine and then slip into this tiny chemise and await the first of the men who will be fucking me on my overnighter.

In this video I tear my hubby away from his ball game back to our bedroom and tease him while I lay back on the bed and pleasure myself with my vibrating dildo. As I attempt to take the edge off my anxiety all I can talk about is how I will be fucked and used by two men tomorrow as my hubby watches the baseball playoffs.

It finally becomes too much for my poor hubby who pulls out his cock and begins to stroke himself as he watches me plunge the dildo in and out of my pussy. When I finally do reach orgasm, I get down on my knees and suck my hubby’s cock all the while thinking of the hard dicks my lovers will be presenting me tomorrow.

Hubby begins to fuck my mouth and the thought of the other men face fucking me tomorrow sends me over the edge. I lay back on the bed with my legs spread and invite hubby to fuck me. I need to feel a real cock inside me as my mind plays out scenarios of being fucked multiple times by my “dates” less than 24 hours from now.

Hubby’s cock only increases my desire to be fucked by the other guys and I don’t get much sleep in anticipation.

Tomorrow will be different than my usual dating routine. I will be alone with my dates when usually my hubby drives me to meet my lovers and waits while they fuck me. But my husband will get his reward. I will call and tease him when my first date arrives and maybe leave the iPhone on the nightstand as he fucks me so my hubby can listen in. I told hubby that I will ask my dates to shoot some video of me sucking their cocks and he can watch it all when I get home. I’ll stroke my hubby’s cock again when I get back as I tell him how my “dates” fucked me in every hole and how sore my pussy was after being stretched out by their big cocks.

Such is the life of a “married but dating wife!” Gotta go and start packing for my trip. Are you cuming too? I hope so!








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