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October 2, 2012

Wife taken by two

A horny tale today from a Cuck from Finland. Its great to hear Hotwife stories from around the globe. Keep them coming!


As me and my wife, both now in our mid-30’s, have fantasised about 3-some, 4-some, cuckold and stuff like that for years, something very exciting happened just a while ago - that I want to share.

My wife had a girl’s night out with friends, and I stayed home with our kids. She came home somewhere between one and two am, and I was still awake for spending the night playing Wii.

My wife, drunk and horny, went straight to upstairs and told me to come to bed with her and fuck her. Hard.

When drunk and horny, she’s usually wet and doesn’t want any foreplay, just a good pounding, and this time was no different, so I thrusted my dick into her - and felt like being electrified for how wet she was. There was no way she was just wet, it had to be someone elses sperm inside her - and I was rock hard for thinking it.

She was watching me with her “half lit” eyes when I asked her how come she’s so wet. She blushed and moaned, as she was turned on even more for getting caught, and told me with a shivering voice she had been fucked just before she came home.

I wanted to know what had happened, so my wife grabbed my head, kissed me and whispered my ear what she did that night.

After a couple of hours of drinking and dancing, the girls had split up, and my wife with one of her friends decided to have an afterparty at her friend’s place. There were also two guys who wanted to share a taxi with the girls, as one of the two lives nearby to my wife’s friend’s place.

In the taxi, my wife asked if the guys would join the afterparty, but her friend didn’t want them at her home. The girls argued over it, and eventually my wife left with the guys and her friend went home alone.

So my wife ended up at the guys place, she drank a little more and the guys started hitting on her. She told me she was unwilling at first, but after one of the guys joked they would need to take her by force, she was kind of turned on, and had told the guys she would be helpless against two strong men if they were going to do it.

One of the guys grabbed her while the other undressed her. She told me she wasn’t exactly playing hard to get anymore. When undressed, one guy held my wife on her back on a bed, while the other spread her legs and fucked her. While being held in place, she sucked and licked the other guy’s dick. After the guy between her legs was done wh her, the two switched places.

After getting fucked by both of the guys, she dressed up and took a taxi back home.

I ejaculated a third load in the same night into her, while I asked for some more details and was getting hard ready to go again.

Submitted by: Anon - Southern Finland

2 Responses to “Wife taken by two”

  1. cubby said:

    Extremely HOT! Reminds me of something my wife has done!

  2. Hoosier said:

    Yes, great Finnish tale!

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