October 30, 2012

Our first fuck party

Here’s a great experience sent by the Husband of hotwife Al. Great story guys, send us another soon.


Our First Fuck Party

For reasons I can not explain, I had the strong desire to watch my wife have sex with another man and to join them in 3 way action. I’m not gay and have no desire to inner act with a man, I just felt 2 men could give a woman much more pleasure than one.

I am also a voyeur and love to watch people having sex, so watching the woman I love being pleasured was a big turn on for me. Every thought I had of some man doing my wife gave me a raging hardon. I never had a particular person in mind, just a faceless body pleasuring her body in every way.

I had tried on several occasions to entice her into fulfilling my desires, to no avail. She came from a very religious family and was very old fashioned about marriage and sex. I had just about given up on my dream being fulfilled, but this one fateful day came around and the following is a true rundown of that day and evening.

One Sunday afternoon my best friend dropped by for a visit and we sat around listening to some good country music. We were having a few drinks. Al didn’t drink very often so she got a little high rather quickly. The combination of alcohol and the music made her loosen up a little and I got the feeling that maybe I could get her to progress toward some party sex.

Danny was a very good looking guy and I knew he had the hots for my wife, I had never told him of my desire to watch her fucked by another man or even mentioned him to Al as a man to party with. I knew she liked him as a friend but doubted if she ever thought of him sexually.

We had both been dancing with her all evening and I could see the higher she got the looser she was becoming. I could see her lightly pushing herself into him as they slow danced and I could see the bulge in Danny’s pants and was sure she was feeling his cock rubbing against her.

Finally I decided it just might be a good time to try for a party as she was plenty loose and giddy, I took a deep breath and said “hey guys why don’t we play a game of strip poker and liven this party up a little” I almost fell over when she said “OK it sounds like fun, but only down to our underwear not all the way” I said sure at least I’ll get a little hint of having my desires fulfilled.

So pushing it forward I suggested an adult version of spin the bottle instead of the cards as we were all a little drunk and probably couldn’t hang onto the cards and shuffle them. They both agreed that spin the bottle sounded like fun. I laid out the rules, since there were only three of us, one would spin the bottle then whoever it pointed to got to tell one of the other two what they had to do.

Since it was strip spin the bottle the person being told what to do had to remove another persons article of clothes and to do it in a way that would be hard to do (like use only one hand, behind your back, using feet, teeth, etc.) anything to make it fun and hard to do.

Lucky me I got first choice as the bottle pointed to me, I told Danny he had to remove Als blouse while they were sitting on the floor back to back. Since he could not see what he was doing his hands were coming in contact with her perky little tits an added bonus was the fact the blouse had lots of very small buttons to undo so it was going to take a while. I sat and watched as his hands brushed her tits again and again. I was getting turned on watching him with Al I started rubbing my hard cock, as Al saw me rubbing myself a cute little smile crossed her lips.

I got the feeling she was enjoying the touch of his hands. I told Danny to be nice now and don’t be trying to grab a hand full of her tits. He just grinned and said you mean like this and filled both his hands with her tits. A soft moan escaped her lips and I watched as she pushed her chest into his hands, I thought damn I may get my dreams filled after all, I sure did not expect she would respond like that. Finally he got the blouse off and the game continued soon we were all down to just our underwear. Al said OK games over we are all down to our undies and that is as far as I’m going,

My mind raced for some way to keep things going, so I said nope not yet we are not even, me and Danny only have one piece of clothing on, our shorts you have two items on so you have to lose one more item to be fair. She hemmed and hawed a little bit but with a little prodding by both me and Danny she finally said “Alright let’s continue but if I have to lose one more item you guys do to.” I said “Fine but we will be totally nude, so you have to get that way too.” After a little more pushing she finally agreed.

The first spin the bottle pointed at me so I had Al remove Danny’s shorts by being on her knees in front of him and to only use the thumb of her left hand. She kneeled down and started, being right handed made it a little harder for her as she was pushing and pulling with one hand trying to get his shorts over his hips I could see Danny’s cock getting bigger and bigger. Soon she slid his pants off his hips and leaned in toward him to get a better position to pull the back down. As his shorts slid over his throbbing cock it flipped up and slapped her under the chin. We all laughed as Danny stood there with his hard cock right in her face and she said “Damn Danny why did you hit me in the face” He replied “I was looking for a hole to put it in” We all had a good laugh over that one.

Next I lost my shorts so here we are two totally naked men with stiff cocks and a hot little babe in her bra and panties. Al spun the bottle and it pointed at me so I told Danny he had to remove Als tight little bikini panties with his hands behind his back and use only his teeth.

Danny knelt in front of Al starting to try to get hold of her panties I warned him to not get hold of her skin and bite her cause if he did she would have to pull her panties up and he would have to start over, we laughed as Danny kept trying to get those tight panties in his teeth without biting her.

I could see the passion building in both of them as Danny tried to get those panties off, of course being a normal man Danny was taking full advantage of the situation nuzzling her mound every once in a while, once he put his mouth fully on her mound and pushed his face into her little cunt. An ever so slight moan escaped her lips and I watched as she pushed back into him. It took several minutes for him to get them down and I kept hearing soft little moans from her as he nuzzled around her hot little cunt.

My cock was about to burst I now knew there was a great chance I would at long last get to watch as my baby is kissed, licked, stroked and fucked by another man. Finally with nothing but a bra left Dan got to call the shot. He had Al sit on a small foot stool and I was to stand behind her and remove her bra using only two fingers,

Danny sat cross legged on the floor right in front of Al and watched as I tried to remove her bra, I pretended I was having problems, I could have had it off in seconds but I drug it on for several minutes, my hard cock poking Al in the back, Danny sitting on the floor in front of her staring at her juicy little pussy and stroking his rock hard cock. He was getting hotter by the second and so was she, she started to slowly open her legs a little and close them back, then open again I watched as she squirmed on the stool moving her legs open more and more.

Finally I popped her bra loose and pulled it off her tits, I grabbed both of Al’s wrists and held her arms above her head, saying there you go Danny a nice view of her sweet titties. She didn’t seem to mind and even moved around a little and pushed her chest out towards Danny. He took a quick look but his eyes were more or less glued to her sweet pussy as she was still slowly opening and closing her legs.

I asked Danny if he would like to give her cunt a few licks, he replied he would love to so I told him to spread her legs and kiss her pussy. She cried out “No!!” and closed her legs Danny looked at me and I said “Go ahead kiss her hot cunt.” Danny reached down and gently pulled on her legs I was shocked to see how fast she spread wide open for him.

Danny started to work on her hot cunt, Al was moaning and thrusting into him but at the same time she was trying to get her arms loose from my grip and saying “No! no! no!” She fought harder and harder so I decided I’d better let her loose after all I wanted a fun party not a rape, However all the time she was fighting me she was thrusting into Danny’s hot mouth. I let go of her wrists and stepped back expecting her to jump up and start reading me the riot act, I figured the party was over.

What happened next blew me away, I no longer had a hold of Al yet her arms were still in the air flailing away as if she was still being held, still saying no! no! no! but still humping Danny’s face spreading her legs farther and farther apart and humping Danny harder and harder. I decided she was so damn hot she was not really aware of what she was doing, I knelt down, held her in my arms gave her several kisses and started sucking and kissing her titties, all the while Danny is really giving her hot cunt a good going over. I suggested we all go to the bedroom, Al huskily breathed “Hell yes”. She jumped up from the stool grabbed me and Danny by the cocks and led us to the bedroom.

She climbed on the bed laid on her back spreading her legs saying, “Here you go Danny” and to me, she said “You get my boobies and lips for now”. There we were, my dream world come true, my hot wife laying on the bed opening her hot cunt to my best friend and wanting me to kiss and hold her.

Danny buried his throbbing cock in her juicy cunt thrusting away like a jackhammer, Al was shoving her pussy up to meet every stroke and started having massive orgasms, one after another. I was totally shocked at how much raging passion she displayed, all due to a strange cock filling her juicy cunt.

Needless to say it was a fantastic night. Danny and I did any and every thing to my hot little wife’s body that night. I can’t tell you how many times she was fucked but Danny and I both filled that hot cunt several times. When it wasn’t being fucked it was being licked, kissed, sucked, fingered. We gave every inch of her body all the pleasure we could muster for over six hours.

Danny was a great partner to share my wife with and we continued to party with him for several years, he had fucked Al well over a hundred times in that time, as he spent more time with us than with his wife. He would come over 2 or 3 times a week and almost every weekend, The nights were 2 or 3 hour party sessions, but the weekends usually lasted all day and well into the night.


Submitted by: NBA56 - USA


October 28, 2012

Another member fucks Rachel

Horny UK Hotwife Rachel Reveals is so loyal to her site members, here’s a fine example of how lucky they are.


Met with this really horny new member who couldn’t wait to get his hard dick in my mouth and right up inside my moist hot pussy. We met in a quiet country lane and found a suitable pull in, his dick was already hard on producing it from his pants and I couldnt wait to get his girth in my mouth.

Sucking on his rock hard fat shaft I could feel my pussy starting to drip in anticipation of feeling it inside me, ripping off my panties he pushed me back in the seat of my car, spread my legs and mounted me.

Humping away at my juicy wet cunt, rocking the car and making me squeal it wasn’t long before I felt his hot sticky release deep inside my throbbing pussy. His hot jets squirting right up inside my sex was an amazing feeling and really turned me on.

I do love fucking in the car, over the car – infact anywhere.

I’m planning on doing 4 dogging tours over the next 8 weeks – Log into my members area to find out where im going to be and come join me along the way.







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October 26, 2012

Update on relationship

Cuckold Place Update

Update on New Relationship

It has been a while since I last posted anything, but there have been many developments. Last time I posted, my wife was having regular sex with two different men; one from her school and another from her gym. She had seen them both almost weekly, one on Thursday, the other on Saturday. She saw the guy from her school on saturday because he was huge, 10 inches at the very least. anyways, this kept on going on for a few months when one of the guys wanted to get more serious, the guy from the gym actually wanted to run away with her and never come back, but when my wife explained the situation to him, but he no longer wanted part of it.

This left my wife with just me and her school friend. they continued to see each other on Saturdays, she would leave in the morning and come back to me used, dirty, and full of cum. Apparently he really enjoyed that as well. one saturday though, in July, she called me at the usual time she came in to ask if it was okay to spend the night at his. I had always secretly hoped she’d ask, so I readily agreed.

The next day she came back to me twice as dirty and twice as used, she was usually pretty loose with the details, but this day she was surprisingly vague. I didn’t want to press her too much for details, I figured she would tell me in her own time. By the time dinner rolled around, she had not let anything slip; we had some barbeque and some very strong sangria since be both had the monday off.

We finished the first pitcher and we were both feeling it, I got up to make the next batch and went back out to the patio; I poured her a very tall drink and handed it to her. “So,” I asked, “why so tight lipped about your date?” her face went beet red, “You’ll be mad if I told you everything.” “No I won’t, I’ve told you, I won’t get mad if you tell me everything, if you are 100% honest with me about what goes on.” “Are you sure?” “Of course.” “Okay.”

She told me that when she got there they did the usual, they got some take out for lunch and fucked like bunnies for the rest of the afternoon. Then they began planning their first whole night together. She wanted to have a couple of drinks and have nasty drunk sex all night long, but he took it step farther. he suggested that they go and rent a movie, a porno to be more precise, at the local sex shop. Being a hot July day, my wife had worn a very short skirt and a black halter top, he asked if she could not wear the panties or bra, and she agreed, this was surprising because the skirt barely covered her ass and most times would ride up reveal a small bit of panty, the top was also see thru, in the right light, and with her large dark nipples anybody would able to tell. She said she didn’t know what came over her, she just couldn’t say no to him.

Along with the dvd, he also picked up some toys for the evening; an extra large bottle of lube and another thing he didn’t want her to see. She said that being so lightly dressed was a huge turn on for her, at first the looks and double takes had her self conscious, but she eventually started to like all the attention. By the time they got back to his place, her pussy juices were running down her leg; he noticed and smiled. They went over to the couch and he put the movie in.

It was a rough amateur production, the type when they audition by doing nasty stuff, they played a game and tried to emulate as much of the onscreen action. They began to drink after the movie was done, they talked about the movie and things that my wife liked about it. She told him she liked the rough stuff and went on to tell him of a sex dream she had where another man, not me, had his absolute way with her and used her as he saw fit. She then jumped on him and they fucked some more. As they lay recovering, he asked her if she wanted to try her fantasy, she said yes. He then asked her if she was willing to be unquestionably submissive to him, she said yes. She told him that she was his un till the morning, and that her mouth, pussy and ass were all there for his pleasure. He responded with a laugh and said good, he got up and picked up the bag he had earlier and tossed it to her; he told her to put it on.

Inside the bag was a studded collar with a leash attached, she looked at him and decided that there was no turning back, she put on the collar and he grabbed the leash. He had her kneel in front of him, his large cock inches from her face, and repeat her pledge to let him use her as he pleased. He started slow, having her give him a very slow and deliberate blow job, she said it felt like forever before he was going to cum, she shot his load down her throat, anything she could not swallow dribbled down her chin. He grabbed the leash and made get down on all fours; he rubbed her swollen wet cunt, before probing her ass with two fingers. they slid right in aided by her juices, He fingered her ass and pussy for while before placing her on her back. He climbed on top of her, pushed her legs all the way back so her ass was slightly lifted from the ground and pressed his hard cock against my wife’s ass. “Are you sure you want this?” he asked; my wife said “Yes”. Then he pushed his cock into her ass. He moved it in slowly; “Are you sure you are willing to submit?” he asked again. My wife could only moan, he is the largest cock she has ever had, in over six months of fucking her, this was the first time he had fucked her ass. He took her moans to mean yes and he continued to push his cock into her tight ass.

He managed to get his cock all the way in; he asked her who her master was, she didn’t respond, he gave her a quick slap and asked her again, this time she answered “You are”. “What are you?” he asked, “Yours” she said, he slapped her again, “You’re right, but you were supposed to say you are a slut!” She apologized and he told her that any more of her ‘misbehaving’ and she would get punished. He asked her again what she was, and as she answered, he moved his cock in and out of her ass, all the while my wife repeated ‘I’m a slut’ over and over. It didn’t take long for him to cum into her ass. After he came, he left his cock inside of her and told her to play with her cunt, at this point he had told her that he would only call her slut.

She rubbed her clit and fingered her cunt until she started to squirt. He pulled out of her ass and moved his cock to her face, without hesitation she took it in her mouth and sucked his huge cock clean. She has never done ass to mouth for me. She told me later on that his cock smelled like her ass, and she could taste semen, her own juices, as well as something else, but she didn’t care, all she wanted to do was please him.

She told me that after that final orgasm she was spent and was ready for sleep, he said it was fine, but there was one last thing he had to do to her to make sure that she would be 100% his sub. She nodded, he grabbed her leash and led her to the bathroom, where he had her kneel inside the bathtub. Once in he asked her what she was, she obediently answered that she was his slut, he asked her what she was willing to do for him, she said anything; and with that he held on to his cock and started to slowly piss all over her tits. She voluntarily started to rub the piss over her breasts as he moved the stream up and down her torso, he stopped to watch her play with her breasts, with one hand she was pinching her nipple and with the other she rubbed her clit. He told her to close her eyes and he directed his cock to her face, he pissed in her hair, on her face and as she was moaning he got some in her mouth. Finally he was done and she was drenched from head to toe. She has taken golden showers before, but never from me and never in her mouth, I had to admit, this guy had a gift for getting her to do anything. As she moved to turn the shower on, he pulled her by the leash and told her that he hadn’t given her permission, he told her that she wasn’t allowed to shower until she got home.

She dried off, but still smelled of piss, he gave her a tee shirt and she slept with him dirty, used and about 100 times sluttier than when she got there.

She woke up early and took a quick shower and made her way home.

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October 24, 2012

Jinxypie Hotel encounter

It’s been wonderful to see the rise in popularity of beautiful Hotwife Jinxypie. With her network on sites and her detailed knowledge of cuckoldry she has been on an amazing exciting journey within this lifestyle we all love. All I can say is her Husband is one lucky guy. His mind must be in a constant state of excitement, hornyness and general dizziness lol.

Here’s Jinxy checking into a hotel room to give some oral attention to a black Bull that contacted her through her website. Then leaning back over her desk she gets ready to take that strange cock inside her. With a camera on a tripod capturing all the horny action for us to see, it’s one hot encounter.






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October 22, 2012

Real housewives of NYC

Another post from New York Cuckold Tony who’s enjoying seeing his wife blossom into the world of hotwifery.


My wife is definitely a full hot wife now. She’s discovered her sexy nature. I’m enjoying her enjoying it.

She recently talked to this college guy who she’s fucked (who’s half her age) and he’s cool with me sitting in and taking pics.

It’s pretty wild watching some young guy sex your wife. I can’t believe how things have progressed lately but I’m loving every minute of it.

Lucky me!

My wife

Here’s some more from the New York beauty


October 20, 2012

Rebecca’s pool date

The weather here in the UK is shit, so what better to check out some hot sun-filled pictures with the gorgeous Rebecca Dream from Rebeeca’s Office. Inviting a stud over to her house for a bit of sunbathing, she quickly gets comfortable with him with some kissing by the pool which leads to a blowjob (I wonder if the neighbours can see?).

It’s not long before they head inside to carry on their naughty fun. Kissing and playing in the hall, on the stairs, before making their way to the marital bed.

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

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October 18, 2012

Swingers Party Night

A blog diary update from a wife I just have to meet. She’s lives so close to me. Wonderful Hotwife Modesty Ablaze from London. And guys she’s on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here


Normally when Hubby and I have a night out at our Swinging Club we will spend the first hour or so sitting at the Bar chatting to staff or to other couples, or singles, that we have met previously. And by “met” I don’t necessarily mean people that we have actually played with before. Many of our friends there are just that, friends that we have met there, people who share the same views and experiences as we do. (Many of them are actually far more “experienced” than we are). The atmosphere is always very friendly and relaxed . . . and it is really just very nice to unwind in a different, and far more exciting environment, than we would on a “normal” evening out with our “normal” friends.

And, of course, I love being able to wear something sexy and naughty . . . and Hubby enjoys me dressing like that and sitting, or standing, at my side or watching me take an occasional stroll away from the bar and investigate what may be happening in the play areas, or viewing rooms, away from the bar and then strolling back “strutting my stuff” as he calls it.

There have been occasions when we’ve not met or played with anyone at all during the evening. Or perhaps we may have just chatted and exchanged numbers with a couple, or interesting single guy, but that for one reason or another, we’d not indulged with further.

But on our most recent visit, I did something I’d never, ever done before . . . and it turned into one of the most exciting evenings we’ve ever enjoyed there.

We’d arrived early-ish and had been sitting at the bar on our own sipping our drinks chatting to one of the lovely barmaids. A simply gorgeous young man entered from reception and came up to the bar to order a drink. He wasn’t close enough for us to hear him ordering his drink, but our eyes met briefly as he glanced around the bar whilst he waited for his glass. As he walked off towards the main room I saw him glance briefly back in our direction, before he disappeared around the corner. Our barmaid came back to roll her eyes and tell me “Wow. He’s so hot!” I nodded my agreement and asked her where she thought he was from and if she’d seen him here before. She told me he was definitely a newbie and possibly Spanish or Italian.

A few minutes later he’d returned to the main room and was standing by the wall on the opposite side of the room to us. “God he is gorgeous isn’t he” I giggled to our barmaid. Hubby put his arm around my shoulder to pull me closer and whispered into my ear “why don’t you go and introduce yourself and offer to show him around”. I giggled with nervous excitement at his suggestion . . . “I can’t, I wouldn’t know what to say!!!”

Usually, couples or singles would approach us first and we’d chat (sometimes for quite awhile) before I would nod to Hubby that I was “interested”. And then it would be him that might make the suggestion to our new friends if they hadn’t asked us first. But now not only was Hubby suggesting that I make the first move, he was suggesting that I do it on my own.

My heart was racing 90-to-the-dozen and I felt my excitement levels rising by the second. “Go on, you’ve got nothing to lose. Talk to him before someone else gets in first” Hubby was urging in my ear.

I got down off my stool and started to walk slowly over towards him. I felt like I was shaking so much with nerves that it must look as though I was about to fall off my high-heels. He wasn’t even looking in my direction as I stopped beside him and managed to stammer out something like “Hi, are you new here?” (Yes, really original, I know!!!)

“Yes it is my first time in London” he replied in a wonderful deep and rich accent. I can’t remember anything of exactly what I said next. Just that conversation seemed to flow quite easily and naturally for the next few minutes . . . and that he was becoming ever more gorgeous with every word!!

Just as I found myself struggling to think of what to say next, he asked if I was alone. “Oh, no. I’m with my husband. Please come and meet him” I managed to reply with a huge sense of relief . . . and excitement.

I took him by his hand, not sure if I was trying to steady myself and keep my balance to counteract my excitement, or to parade him to the other ladies in the room! “This is J. He’s from Spain” I gushed to Hubby. They shook hands and Hubby asked me “Shall we see if the Private Room is free?” “Oh yes, lets” I nodded excitedly.

I’d never done anything like this before. Never made the first move before. Never before gone up to a perfect stranger with the sole intention of propositioning him. But it was so exciting . . . and he was so gorgeous!!!

As we entered the room and Hubby turned to lock the door behind us, it was as though all the adrenalin overcame my nerves completely in an instant. I wanted him so much . . . and I wanted him to want me!! I flopped down onto the bed and reached down to unbuckle, and kick-off my shoes. I lifted my sheer dress up over my shoulders and tossed it over to Hubby who was standing leaning back against the door, grinning at me like a Cheshire cat. (“Normally you wait for them to undress you” he told me later). I did keep my thong and hold-ups on, but shuffled myself back over the bed towards the cushions as I watched J undressing himself.

His body was even more stunning than I could have ever imagined. A wonderfully tight muscular chest seemed to just glisten in the dim light, but I could clearly see every ripple, and that he was completely smooth . . . all over . . . I shuddered and gasped from the first touch of his hand on my knee as he knelt down on the bed next to me.

Our first kiss sent tingles through every nerve of my body and I knew I was already dripping wet minutes before his hand first slid down between my legs. That kiss lingered, and lingered, our lips and tongues exploring each others mouth, tasting each others hot breath. I moaned loudly and arched my back against the cushions as our mouths parted and I felt his tongue sliding down over my neck and onto my nipple. I was running my hands up through his hair, pulling his mouth across my breasts from one nipple to the other . . . and groaning loudly as his fingers were already rubbing round and round over my pussy.

I slid my own hand down over his tummy and gasped as I reached his erection. God, it felt so hard . . . and so thick! I just had to push him over onto his side for a moment, just so look at what I was grasping in my hand. And it was just as thick as it felt. “God . . . that’s lovely” I gasped. I just had to have him in my mouth and plunged myself down over him trying to fondle under his clean-shaven balls with my fingers as I sucked it into me. I’ve never had a lover who felt as thick as this inside my mouth. I was getting so carried away in my excitement that I suddenly realised I was sucking up and down so feverishly I was almost biting his shaft. I consciously slowed myself down, lifting my mouth away and grasping him again with my fingers and licking up and down his length with my tongue and then flicking it around the head of his wonderful cock.

He pushed me back down with his hands on my shoulders, sucking at my nipples again before pulling away from me completely to pry my legs apart. “Oh . . . “ I moaned, partly in disappointment that he’d taken that lovely cock away from me, but partly in a different pleasure as he pulled off my thong and then slid his mouth down over my pussy.

He rubbed around and around my pussy with his fingers again and then as his tongue started flicking over me he stretched both his hands up over my tummy to fondle and squeeze at my breasts as he quickened the pace of his tongue, first swirling, and then plunging in and out of me. I could feel his mouth slapping against my pussy lips and heard myself urging him to “eat my cunt”.

He lifted away and I suddenly opened my eyes in a slight panic “I’m really sorry about my language. I sometimes swear when I forget myself”. He laughed and said he loved hearing a woman swear, and had just pulled away to look at me.
I was swooning again as he leant forward to give me a wonderfully wet kiss on my pussy. I felt him moving again on the bed and opened my eyes to see him rolling a condom down over that wonderfully thick cock. He knelt forward and pushed his thumb right down onto my clit as he pushed his erection into me. I cried out with the sensation of him sliding into me. “Is it ok?” he asked me. “Oh yes” I moaned back, pushing myself up against him to emphasize how wonderful it felt.

He started just wonderfully slowly at first. Lifting my legs up and apart and leaning down on top of me to kiss me again as we fucked. I was returning his kisses with more passion than I’ve ever done with a first-time lover before. Everything about this man was gorgeous . . . his body, his kissing, his fucking. I was loving it, and I knew from my moans that he must have been able to tell just how much I was loving it.

His stroking was becoming harder and much faster now. He lifted himself up on his arms and began stroking into me as though he was doing press-ups over my body . . . but press-ups like I’d never seen, or felt before. The sheer force of his thrusting was pushing us further up the bed and I could feel my head pushing the cushions into the wall at the head of the bed. I was crying out in delight with each thrust and flopped both my arms out to my side with the exertion of trying to thrust back against him. My hand fell against a knee, but it wasn’t that of my lover, his legs were stretched out beneath him. I’d forgotten about Hubby even being there in the room with us. I opened my eyes and in the blur of my lovers pumping I could see Hubby kneeling beside us. I clasped at his hand and he squeezed me back. “God I’ve never been fucked like this before” I managed to cry out as the thrusting continued.

Our heads were banging back against the wall now and my lover lifted off me and pulled me back down the bed away from the wall. Then, hardly seeming to pause he rolled me straight over onto my tummy and reached under me to lift me up onto my knees. I gasped out with the wonderful sensation of feeling him fucking back into me again. I opened my eyes again as I sensed movement next to my shoulder as my lover’s pumping began to quicken again. It was Hubby kneeling back down beside me. I reached out to pull his cock closer up towards me. He was hard and erect as well and I wanted him in my mouth whilst my new lover was fucking into me with his stomach slapping so hard against my bum cheeks that I felt as though I was being pushed up the bed towards the wall again. Hubby’s cock was my anchor and I could hear his gasps over my (muffled) own, and the increasingly loud grunts from my new lover. He was grasping me by my hips and thrusting even harder against me now. I heard him gasping out that he wanted to come and I pulled my mouth away from Hubby’s cock to cry out “Oh, yes. I’d love that. I love you fucking me like this”. He groaned loudly and pumped furiously for a few strokes more before flopping his chin down onto my back and sliding his arms around my tummy.

I gasped at the feeling of that wonderful thickness pulling out as we flopped forward onto the bed. “I’m sorry, sorry” he was gasping in-between deep breaths. I asked him why he was apologising and he told me he’d come too soon and wanted me to come first. I told him that I’d had an amazing time and didn’t need to come to enjoy myself. “I love it when a man comes inside me” I told him as I leant over and kissed him again. “As long as it’s with condoms” I heard Hubby exclaiming from beside us. I glanced back over my shoulder at him and frowned at him, mouthing “you’re spoiling things” without actually saying the words.

I turned back to my new lover, lifting his face up off the cushion with both my hands and kissing him passionately again. “I loved it. That was amazing. You are lovely. I’ve never been fucked like that before”, I told him.

In any other environment of course, we would have been able to enjoy unwinding and relaxing in the “aftermath”, but one suddenly becomes conscious that people have actually been looking-in through the one-way glass window at the side of the room, or perhaps waiting at the door wanting to use the room next for their own adventures. So we quietly agreed we should “get dressed” and we shuffled off the bed, put our shoes back on and made our way back out to the bar.

It’s often the case (strangely) that just having been so intimate with someone in the passion and excitement of the moment, that once we get back to the bar a sort-of nervous and polite normality returns to my personna. I suddenly feel a little self-conscious and not quite so self-assured about my behaviour of just a few minutes ago. And this was how I was feeling again as we ordered fresh drinks and made polite conversation. We exchanged numbers and talked for 15 minutes or so about each of our previous experiences . . . and then my gorgeous new lover wandered off to “explore” some more.

Hubby and I remained at the bar, chatting to friends that had arrived since we’d left our seats. It was still quite early in the context of a normal Club evening and the next hour or so passed by easily with several more glasses of wine and nice conversation. Several couples, and even two single guys we’d not seen before, came up to us at our seats and told us how “hot and amazing” our session had been. Both Hubby and I would politely offer our thanks for the compliments and immediately turn the conversation to other subjects, but inside I started feeling aroused and excited again about how wonderful it had been for me . . . and how for the first time it had been actually me that had made the initial approach.

I glanced around often, looking . . . not too obviously I hoped . . . to see if my new young man (he’d told me he was just 33) was anywhere to be seen. But he’d seemingly disappeared. “Perhaps you exhausted him and he’s gone home” Hubby was telling me.

Then, just minutes later, he appeared back at the bar ordering a new drink. He smiled across at us and then came round to join us. I instantly felt myself tingling again. He looked even more gorgeous than before (“or perhaps it’s because I was fucking you two hours ago!” I was thinking to myself). Hubby asked him if he’d had anymore fun. I felt warm flushes as he said “No. People only want couples or the others just do not appeal to me”. I tapped Hubby on the knee and he knew instantly what signal I was indicating to him. He got up and headed off in the direction of the Private Room. He returned almost immediately. “It’s free” he whispered in my ear.

“Would you like to join us again?” I asked my new young lover, feeling even more nervous this time than I had on the first occasion!!! “Yes” he smiled wonderfully back at me. I took him by the hand again, and strode triumphantly through the main lounge, sensing all the eyes turning in our direction as we followed Hubby back to the Private Room.

This time I turned immediately to my new lover the instant Hubby closed the door behind us, and holding his head between my hands, gave him the most passionate, lingering kiss I could ever have imagined. I felt his hands running up and down my back, and then slowly lifting my dress up over my head. I lifted my arms through the sleeves and then dropped them to his belt buckle. He leant back against the door unbuttoning his shirt as I pulled his trousers, and then his pants, down over that wondrous bulge between his legs. His erection was already plump, but not erect as I knelt in front of him sliding my mouth up and down over him far more slowly and passionately than I had just two hours previously. I always enjoy the feeling of a man’s hardness growing in my mouth, but I was enjoying this moment more than ever! I lifted my mouth away from his now completely hard erection just long enough to glance up at him and tell him “I love your cock! God it’s thick!” before sliding my hot mouth down over him again. I heard him gasping, and felt him pushing himself against me as I ran the palms of my hands up the backs of his legs and onto his bum cheeks.

He continued to pump against me for a minute or two more before he pulled away to step out of his shoes. I crawled back onto the bed, giggling as I realised that Hubby was already completely naked and sitting back on the cushions in the top corner of the bed. I felt my young lover pulling my feet back to the edge of the bed and looked back at him as he undid the straps on each of my shoes and pulled them off me. His cock was standing up wonderfully erect and I reached out to grasp it again as he knelt up onto the bed and shuffled forward to kiss me again. His hands were squeezing up over my breasts as I stroked his firmness with one hand, and stroked his cheek and neck with the other as we continued our kisses.

I was already moaning as he pulled away and slid down the bed again, burying his face between my legs. I felt for an instant that I could smell my own sex, perhaps too wet and too smelly. But he didn’t seem to mind as his tongue was flicking feverishly at me. I was still conscious of it though and pulled his face back up towards mine. “Kiss me again” I asked him. His breath was hot and wet and I could smell and taste myself on his lips and tongue. But the taste was sweet and the smell now, all of a sudden, scented and sexual . . . but not as unpleasant as I had worried it had been. He pulled away again to lick down over me again, kneeling between my legs, spreading them wide and fingering me . . . slowly at first, but then increasing the tempo and speed. I was crying out as I could hear the wetness from me as he slapped his fingers in and out and I could feel that wetness almost flowing from me. “God, I’m coming, coming . . . “ I gasped out and flopped my head backwards, right into Hubbys lap. He held my head gently in my hands and as I shuddered and shook with my spasms I opened my eyes for an instant to see him smiling down at me. I reached back to hold his arms before I felt my lovers fingers pulling away from me and I rolled over onto my side.

As I began to relax and stretch my legs, I could feel Hubby gently stroking my back, and my young lover kneeling up beside me to stroke my arms. He leant forward to kiss my forehead and tell me “You are a beautiful woman”. I opened my eyes to see that lovely cock standing up against the backdrop of his wonderfully taut stomach muscles. Normally I’d need 10 minutes or so to recover from such an intense orgasm, but I could tell from the way he was kneeling at my side that he wanted me to play with his cock again. I lifted myself up on one elbow and leant forward to suck his lovely willy into my mouth. I sucked up and down for several minutes, re-positioning myself so that I could slide one hand under his balls between his legs and up underneath him to pull him closer into me.

I could feel Hubby’s hands sliding round and up over my stomach from behind me squeezing and pinching at my nipples. All three of us were gasping now. The two men’s groans much louder than my own muffled gasps as my new lover stroked himself back and forwards into my mouth.

Then he suddenly pulled away . . . and lifted me up towards him and then turned me over. I gasped out “ooohhh where am I going now” and he said “kneel over and play with your husband” as he adjusted himself behind me. I could tell he was putting another condom on as I knelt myself up further and leant forward into Hubby’s lap. He erection was standing up straight and hard in front of my mouth and as I leant down to suck over him I heard myself letting out a huge groan as I felt my new lover pushing himself into me from behind.

The strokes were quite slow and firm at first, but quickly started increasing in speed again. He was now pumping into me just as fast as he had earlier in the evening, thrusting me so hard back and forth into Hubbys lap that I was almost gagging with the force and pressure of it pressing against the back of my throat. I could hear my lover grunting louder and louder again, throaty groans in quick succession and heard him gasp out in that lovely accent, “I need to come again, do you mind if I come again?” I twisted and struggled to lift myself away from Hubby’s cock and turned my head back towards him to say “no of course I don’t mind. I’d love you to”. He came with wonderful gasps and thrusts, shaking and shuddering as he held me by my hips. I suddenly felt myself being grasped by my shoulders as well, Hubby was pulling me forwards back towards him and I heard him groaning with his own grunts . . . I turned back to look at him just at the moment he cried out with a huge yell and his spurt splashed against my cheek. Several more spurts shot against my face and chin and I quickly sucked down over him again to try and control his thrusting as my new lovers shaking and shuddering against me from behind slowly subsided. He pulled away and sat down beside us as I continued sucking Hubby until his groaning and shaking stopped as well. I lifted away from his lap and gratefully accepted some tissues that my new lover thoughtfully handed me from the dispenser on the wall. I was giggling with embarrassment as I chastised Hubby for the “mess” he’d made.

I flung the tissues over towards the bin in the corner and we all collapsed back together onto the bed. I turned over to embrace my new young man. “That was really lovely” I told him as we kissed each other. He replied that it had been wonderful for him as well and that “this is the best time for me in London”.

Once again we quite quickly became conscious that people were very probably looking-in at us through the one-way glass window at the side of the room . . . or perhaps through the little spy holes in the door . . . so we shuffled off the bed to find our clothes, and shoes, and make our way back to the bar.

This time we stood together for quite some time (until closing time actually, we were almost the last to leave) and he told us more about his visit to London (he was returning home within the next few days) . . . and we talked about the holiday we’d had in Spain last year . . . AND how much we all hoped we could catch-up with each other again . . . SOON PLEASE !!!

Modesty Ablaze

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October 16, 2012

Barbi’s Member Fuck

Some pictures today from mega stunning hotwife Barbi Sinclair having a session with one of her website members. He does a great job of fucking the hot blonde in front of her Husband who was behind the camera. the stud finished off by cumming inside her and she then took the used condom and poured it’s contents down her sexy body.








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October 14, 2012

Calling all Master Bulls

A letter written in from wife Taylor from Australia


Hi there, I love this site, it’s given me and my husband so many ideas. He loves me fucking strange cock and now we want to go a step further. I’m looking to be owned by a Master and I will be willing to obey from the right person to teach me. My pussy. is ready to be taught to receive every pleasure. My husband agrees to me being totally owned so if you could tame my pussy come and try. Post in the comments below and let me know guys what you could do to me or for me. I am eagerly awaiting your responses.


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October 12, 2012

Dee Siren gangbang

Hot hot hot photo set from the yummy Dee Siren today. Dee invites a load of guys over to her house to use her any which way in her Garage. She makes sure she gets every cock inside her and then gets them to cover her with their hot sperm. Great pics Dee.

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Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

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