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September 6, 2012

Ronja Fox Interviewed

Well here’s a post to get your blood pumping. Been trying to tie this Hotwife down for months to do the Hotwife Blog interview and finally we have it.

My favorite German creampie gangbang Queen of filth Ronja Fox reveals all to us. Wow what a lifestyle she leads. You’ll find it hard to find another Hotwife who goes to such extremes in her quest towards slutdom. We salute you Ronja.

Ronja Fox

Ronja Fox

hotwifeblog: Welcome Ronja, so excited to have you here for an interview. Where are you from?
Ronja: I come from South Germany from a City called Stuttgart

hotwifeblog: What is your age?
Ronja: I was born on 06th Dec 1984

hotwifeblog: What are your measurements?
Ronja: 100 – 80 – 100, I like my body! And I am proud not to be a thin thing. Everyone wants to be thin, but I want to be fit and shaped.

hotwifeblog: What is your height?
Ronja: 174 cm

hotwifeblog: What colour are your eyes?
Ronja: My eyes are brown and green

hotwifeblog: Hair colour?
Ronja: Red and blond

hotwifeblog: Any piercings or tattoos?
Ronja: Yes, I have piercings on my pussy, I have four of them. Maybe I will get more.

hotwifeblog: Describe your personality?
Ronja: I think I am a strong kind of girl. I am loud and I say what I want and what I have to say. I’m not one of those quiet, does what they are told kind of girls. I am interested in many things about the world. I don´t believe in God as a person, but I believe in a good power around us. The God power from within us. You can change the bad things into good things if you want. It is easy to believe in bad parts – it is not that easy to believe in the good parts of people. I am a very good friend and very loyal to my people. I want to respect the people and I wish they respect me, too.

hotwifeblog: What’s your occupation?
Ronja: I am an assistant in a office for telecommunication

hotwifeblog: How did you meet your boyfriend?
Ronja: I met my boyfriend through a mutual friend of ours. Her name is Christel. She is a black woman and very sweet.. She told me about Alex and we ended up having a horny threesome.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’ve always had natural hotwife tendencies, the need to be with more than one man or have you adapted your thinking of a relationship from a traditional monogamous one?
Ronja: Yes, I’ve always had an alternative attitude to sex and relationships. When I was a teenager I kept thinking about sex all the time. Already at that time I disliked condoms.

hotwifeblog: Was this lifestyle choice first suggested by your boyfriend? and how did it make you feel? the thought of embarking of a life having sex with men outside of your marriage?
Ronja: I think this lifestyle is within our nature. The nature of all the people in the world. My boyfriend is extreme too. But I cannot imagine to just have sex with only one man, with my boyfriend.. I want to be free.. I want to be free in my mind and in what I do. We are all free , but not everyone can deal with that. It is not easy to be cool in your life. You have to think about yourself everyday..

hotwifeblog: Why do you think some men get so excited about seeing their wife or girlfriend with another guy?
Ronja: I think it is a primary instinct in all of us. We are only animals of the world with feelings, instinct, intelligence and the ability to communicate and the ability to have sex.

hotwifeblog: How long have you been an active hotwife?
Ronja: For five years

hotwifeblog: Have you had any previous relationships that allowed you the sexual freedom you have now or were they all monogamous?
Ronja: I have always been doing what I want.

hotwifeblog: Would you call yourself an exhibitionist?
Ronja: Yes, you bet!

hotwifeblog: What type of men do you go for? are attracted to?
Ronja: Self-confident, humorous and natural guys, who don´t take themselves too seriously

hotwifeblog: Tell us about your first hotwife experience?
Ronja: I had a foursome with my friend and our boyfriends. This was seven years ago. It was our wish and we did it.. but after this my boyfriend at the time was angry with me so I guess that wasn’t meant to be.

hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife?
Ronja: I don´t know. My boyfriend says it must be roundabout 1000, but we never really counted. It´s just a calculation.

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer to see a guy once for sex or have someone regular to build a sexual relationship with?
Ronja: Basically I could imagine having a regular guy to fuck me outside of my relationship with my boyfriend and in addition to all the other guys, but he would have to stick to our rules and to meet our standards. These are e.g.: handsome face, well-shaped body, nice, hard big cock that gets good hard and which stands instantly without having me working on him too long. He must be reliable so he will appear at our dates, be discreet. He must not put up his own rules or demands, but stick to our rules. And he should be a nice and eloquent company so we could spend more time with him outside the bareback sex.

hotwifeblog: So you love your gangbangs then?
Ronja: Man, think about that question! You are talking to creampie-ronja. I believe to be – I am! - one of the hottest bareback-sluts around the world! I have been doing gangbangs without condoms about twice a month for more than 5 years now!

hotwifeblog: How many men have you had sex with at one time?
Ronja: It depends on whether Bukkake counts. If yes, it was around 150, If only fucking with cumshot inside my pussy counts there were 49 guys at a time, including my boyfriend. That happened in a porn theater we frequently use for our “activities”. Very often there are more than 30 men dumping their cum inside me, and always my boyfriend takes pictures or movies for our website.

hotwifeblog: Does size matter to you?
Ronja: Yes. But the shape is also very important. Especially at my gangbangs, which we sometimes do very spontaneously, e.g. in a porn theater or on a lake shore, I need some nice cocks to make me hot, fill me first, before all of the other guys can fuck me. But first of all the cocks must be hard, I don’t want to take care of limp dicks. And those who have a really huge big cock should also wait until the first few fuckers have jizzed my pussy enough with their cum so she is nicely lubricated, because I do not want to get ripped up.

hotwifeblog: There is a huge interracial fetish within this lifestyle, do you prefer to date black guys or have no preference on who you play with?
Ronja: I don’t discriminate at all, cock is cock. I fuck every nation or race, as long as the guy is cultivated.

hotwifeblog: Do you like to flirt with men you come across during your everyday life, catch their eye in the street, chat up the guy in the supermarket etc?
Ronja: Sometimes. For me it is important that I am taken for serious in my everyday life by men. I am a slut with brains.

hotwifeblog: What clothes do you generally like to wear when you’re on the pull for guys?
Ronja: Nothing. Ha just kidding! I always wear sexy outfits which show off my body shape.

hotwifeblog: Do you wear an ankle bracelet?
Ronja: No. What is it for? Is it a fetish?
hotwifeblog: Women who are in the lifestyle sometimes wear a chain around their ankle to show other men that they are an available woman.

hotwifeblog: What is your favorite sexual act?
Ronja: Mostly I like lying on my back, taking my knees up, so the guys can penetrate deeply and I can see their faces. But doggy style is also fine, especially if the faces are not so nice to look at haha.

hotwifeblog: Any fetishes you are into?
Ronja: When my butt, back and legs are massaged nicely, I can get very horny. I like handsome men and I like to be an exhibitionist. I like people watching me and having sex in public.

hotwifeblog: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve tried?
Ronja: Sometimes, at the end of a gangbang, I stick a hose into my ass with a funnel on the far side, where all those guys are invited to squirt their load into, who do not dare to fuck me. So all the cum comes running down into my ass.

hotwifeblog: Do you find most of your lovers and sexual partners through the Internet, being out on the pull or through friends?
Ronja: Through the internet.

hotwifeblog: How do you find other females treat you when they know about your lifestyle? Is there any envy, jealousy, wishing they could have your lifestyle? any negative feelings towards you?
Ronja: I receive a variety of reactions. Most admire my way of life and tell me they would love to do it like me, really! I rarely get direct negative reactions. Those who are jealous do not really admit that. You can tell it by their subtle negative and jealous behavior and, of course, by others telling me about it.

hotwifeblog: When you have a date, does your boyfriend participate sexually with you, watch you play or leave you alone with your lover?
Ronja: As I am not interested in dating men without my boyfriend he is always present, sometimes passive, mostly active. When 20 or more guys fuck me, he first films the intercourse and in the end he loves to fuck my pussy where all the strangers had their blast before.

hotwifeblog: Which of the above do you prefer when you’re with your lover, your boyfriend participating? have him watch you? or be alone with your date for some privacy?
Ronja: Have my boyfriend participating. But sometimes I like when he has to watch me getting filled by a large number of males, before it is his turn.

hotwifeblog: How often are you sexually active with your boyfriend?
Ronja: It depends on our personal and job situation.

hotwifeblog: Do you ever compare your boyfriend’s performance to any of the other men you’ve slept with?
Ronja:The opposite. I compare the others with my boyfriend’s “performance”.

hotwifeblog: Do you think you’d ever be able to go back to a normal monogamous relationship if your boyfriend ever suggested it?

hotwifeblog: Are you dominant or submissive at all?
Ronja: Mostly dominant, sometimes submissive.

hotwifeblog: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?
Ronja:I prefer sucking strange cocks while my boyfriend is eating me out.

hotwifeblog: Do you spit or swallow?
Ronja: I swallow. But sometimes, just to see the dimension of the mess, I let it run down on my tits, or collect it in a bowl so the guys can empty it into my cunt or ass later…

hotwifeblog: So your boyfriend really likes to have sex with you just after you’ve been with someone else?
Ronja: Yes, always!

hotwifeblog: Does your boyfriend like to go down on you after someone has cum inside you?
Ronja: Yes, but he discovered this obsession not long ago. Last year he lay underneath me while I was sucking his cock. A bunch of Turkish guys fucked me and filled my pussy. Suddenly a huge creampie came out of my pussy and as he could not escape and he was sucking my clit at that time, all ran down his throat. Later he told me it was not this bad, and ever since then he likes to do so at least once a week.

hotwifeblog: What’s your biggest fantasy?
Ronja: I don’t keep fantasies, I live them!

hotwifeblog: Tell us about one of your recent hotwife experiences?
Ronja: We were on a fetish event: Torture Ship. A ship on Lake Constance which bears lots of people in fetish outfits. The whole night long I got fucked by completely unknown men in the dark room without condoms. In the beginning my boyfriend was “busy” with two 21-year-old girls, of which he fucked one on the floor, while one man after another came inside me. Later he came over and lay underneath to get the creampie. I can’t wait until next year’s torture ship!

hotwifeblog: Since having your website, have you ever been recognized by anyone who knew you were a hotwife?
Ronja: That happens all the time!

hotwifeblog: What hobbies do you have outside of the lifestyle?
Ronja: Fitness and yachting with my boyfriend.

hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle?
Ronja: Just do it! You can only win! Listen to your feelings! And talk about everything with each other, no secrets!

hotwifeblog: Tell us about the treats we can find by joining your website?
Ronja: The members can download tons of galleries with pics and videos of our past gangbangs and meetings, outdoor stuff, in a theater, at a gangbang party and nice solo sets and outfits, me with other girls, doing twenty or more, or sometimes only one guy, and, of course, creampie, creampie, creampie…

All my members can also write me personal messages.

And in addition my members can meet me free at the monthly members’ event in Germany and guess what we do then.

I write all texts on my own and my boyfriend usually translates them into english.

For a donation you can get my worn panties with dried creampie from the last gangbang.

And for non-members, my site offers a download coin-shop for videos without a membership.

hotwifeblog: What plans do you have for your website for the future?
Ronja: I want to add a live-cam and I want to expand my activities to the US and UK.

hotwifeblog: What are your plans for the future regarding your lifestyle?
Ronja: Shape my body, get more physical flexibility, improve my English, so I am even more attractive for as many men as possible. I want to come to the States and UK more often to get all the fresh English speaking cocks ;-)

Ronja Fox

Ronja Fox

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  1. John said:

    I love this, there is nothing quite as exciting as a shapely woman on her back pulling a train and taking the cum of all-comers. I know that my girlfriend would do this if it wasn’t for the obvious risks involved.

    So now we get to live out the fantasy through gals like Ronja, thank you very much.

  2. Andrew said:

    American fiends should note that Ronja will be in Tampa, Florida, on 13 October. Those interested should email Ronja at her site

  3. Andrew said:

    NB - I meant ‘American friends’ in the above post!! ;-)

  4. Hoosier said:

    Lovely photo and exciting interview. I have even traveled to Stuttgart, myself, but lament I won’t be in Tampa on October 13….

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