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June 28, 2012

Meet Carly

Wow, I’m loving all the new hotwives coming my way at the moment, it seems we are amongst a sea of hotwifery, everywhere you turn Husbands and giving up their wives to other cock. Today’s addition is a personal favourite as I’ve met this horny woman many times and I can tell you she is insatiable. A love of sex, cock and creampies and a Husband who loves her love too. A warm welcome to Carly G.

It’s her birthday tomorrow and she’s off out in London with the girlies (other slutty friends of mine lol) I’ve asked her for a full report of all the debauchery she gets up to.

And some words from Carly “Hi, I’m Carly, a sexy, insatiable MILF who can’t get enough cock. Nothing gets me turned on more than feeling a guy unloading his big heavy balls inside of me. I love it when I’ve got a very full and sticky cream pie and I love to be a total slut to ensure that I get as much cream as possible pumped into my sex holes.”

Carly Cumshot

Check out the filthy Carly Cumshot here

2 Responses to “Meet Carly”

  1. Hoosier said:

    Welcome, Carly, and hurrah for the news of rising “hotwifery”!

  2. K. said:

    That looks so hot, welcome Carly.

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