June 30, 2012

She stayed out all night

Cuckold Place Update

Might be our first time tonight

Update 01 - Early evening: My wife is on a date with a friend of ours who she has been trying to fuck for quite awhile. They have been flirting a lot over the past 3 months (mostly text messages) and I’m not sure he knows that I know. She just picked him up from his job where he works as a waiter. She sat at the bar and got hit on by professional basketball players (she said they were like monsters… too big for her). She just sent me a text saying they were headed to a party soon. I hope they fuck before the party AND after! I had asked her to take a picture of what she was wearing before she left, but she said she was in a hurry. It was a tight purple corset with a short black skirt with black thigh high stockings and heels. I wish I could have seen her before she left, but I was still working.

Update 02 - early hours of next morning: She stayed overnight with him and I just heard from her. She’s on her way home soon. I hope she tells me all the details and then lets me fuck her. I’ve been hard all night.

Update 03 - later that day: I have the final update. She came home wearing one of his shirts and no panties. I asked her where her underwear was, and she said “still somewhere in his bedroom. I’ll have to go get them later.” She told me they were at the party last night and that she got drunk, so he had to drive her car. When they got in the car he asked, “Where are we going?” and she replied, “You’re driving. I guess we’re going wherever you take me.” He drove back to his place where she went straight to his bed and laid down. She said they talked for quite awhile just entwined and touching. Eventually she asked him to take off her corset. He did so, and began playing with her tits and kissing her then going down on her. She pulled his cock out and climbed on top of him. She put his cock inside her and rode him for awhile, then they switched to her on her back and him on top. She said he got pretty rough and fucked her pretty hard in this position; so much that she was a little sore. Eventually he came (in the condom), and they both fell asleep, being a bit drunk.

She and I fucked while she told me the details and I came deep inside of her (without a condom). I’m so turned on, even now! She and I have been swinging, and we’ve been in two different threesomes with other men, but this is the first time she’s done it alone. Very hot!

Submitted by: bedlamboy

My wife out tonight

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June 28, 2012

Meet Carly

Wow, I’m loving all the new hotwives coming my way at the moment, it seems we are amongst a sea of hotwifery, everywhere you turn Husbands and giving up their wives to other cock. Today’s addition is a personal favourite as I’ve met this horny woman many times and I can tell you she is insatiable. A love of sex, cock and creampies and a Husband who loves her love too. A warm welcome to Carly G.

It’s her birthday tomorrow and she’s off out in London with the girlies (other slutty friends of mine lol) I’ve asked her for a full report of all the debauchery she gets up to.

And some words from Carly “Hi, I’m Carly, a sexy, insatiable MILF who can’t get enough cock. Nothing gets me turned on more than feeling a guy unloading his big heavy balls inside of me. I love it when I’ve got a very full and sticky cream pie and I love to be a total slut to ensure that I get as much cream as possible pumped into my sex holes.”

Carly Cumshot

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June 26, 2012

A truly humiliating letter

For those who like cuckoldry on a more humiliating level it doesn’t get any better than this update from UK cuck Hornwearer.

A truly humiliating letter

Some of you may have read my blogs (below) over the past couple of years concerning my cheating wife and the exquisite torments through which she puts me by means of her infidelities, the denial to me of her sexual favours and the cruelty of her candour regarding my inadequacies. Indeed, I know that my previous submissions attracted a broad cross-section of readers, given the variety of the comments posted by way of reply - some sympathetic, some downright shocked. Anyway, for those of you still interested, I guess it must be time for an update. In fact it was something that happened just the other day which prompted me to think I should share this with the cuckold community.

The long-running and intensely hot affair my wife had been having with her boss has come to an end. There’s no complex reason for it. It’s not as though he wasn’t happy with her fucking other guys if she wanted to. On the contrary, he encouraged it. (Although she has always claimed that it was he who forbade her to have sex with me. She does like being told what to do by some men.) It seems she just wanted to call it a day. I know I may have voiced some anxiety in previous blogs as to how far things would go with that relationship, but I knew deep down that she would want to end it eventually. She just has to move on to something new. (I really am the only constant in her life, however demeaningly she may treat me. Maybe that will reassure those of you who were so kind as to fear for my long-term happiness.) Apparently their parting was all very amicable - and included, I gather, an extremely vigorous ‘farewell fuck’..

Anyway, she hasn’t wasted too much time in procuring the ongoing service that she appears to need so badly. (Just recently she even condescended to fuck me for once, no doubt out of desperation; but she climbed off in the middle of the proceedings, saying that I was too hopeless and that the whole business was just frustrating her; at which she turned over and spent half the night squirming about in bed and rubbing her labia together.) Here’s what happened the other day: I received the following letter, sent to me at my business address.

“Hello Mate,

You don’t know me, but I’ve just had your wife. That was how she suggested I opened this letter. Though I would prefer ‘I’ve just had your fucking wife’. Because fucking is what we did, and what a fuck she is! A hot horny dirty fuck-slut. So good in fact that I AM going to have her again, with or without your knowledge.

We met on Saturday afternoon (16th June). She walked into the hotel bar where I was waiting for her - a prearranged liaison behind your back. I knew as soon as I saw her that I was going to fuck her. And there was no doubt, as she eyed me up and down, smiling approvingly, that she was going to let me.

How does it feel? Knowing that your wife met me at a bar and within moments of our meeting we both knew she was going to take my cock. I could tell by the appreciative glances and stares which kept coming my way that she liked what she saw and really fancied the arse off me. You could have walked in at that moment, or been sat in our company, and she would have simply told you to ‘fuck off’.

We quickly finished our pre-fuck drinks and I took her hand - your wife’s hand - and led her to my room. It was only on arrival there that I discovered the slut wasn’t wearing any knickers. Talk about ready for action! And what a compliment for me - she was already soaking wet!!

I wasted no time in pushing her back on the bed and raising her dress. She was so eager she was tugging it up as fast as she could for me. Then I put my head between her stocking-clad thighs and licked at that dripping cunt. Fucking hell, she was SO wet! I slipped one, then two, then three fingers inside her whilst I licked her clitty. Then the dirty bitch started face-fucking me. Actually ramming her twat into my face and egging me on. Talk about a whore! She wasn’t going to miss out on the mouth action though. She’s told me she was an expert cock-sucker, that she gets lots of practice - just not with yours though! She was true to her word as well. Ten out of ten in the cock-sucking department, bud. I actually had to slow her down and stop her before she made me spunk. One horny memory I have of that part of the action is the moment when our eyes met and we held each other’s gaze while my cock was buried deep in her throat. Awesomely sexual! Got me off to watch her wanking my cock into her mouth with her left hand too - seeing that wedding ring sliding up and down my shaft, covered in spit. Dirty bitch!

Then I watched her take her dress off for me. Fuck, she looked classy in her black basque. I like that - her looking so sexy and so classy for me and yet behaving like a complete slut.

Then we fucked, bud. Oh, she was good. Took my cock in so easily and fucked and bucked back at me like a streetwise whore. God, she wanted fucking hard - so I did! :-) Hammered her cunt long and hard. She was fucking loving it, getting a good seeing-to from a guy she’d met literally only fifteen minutes before. Adulterous bitch!

I told you wife to turn over then and get on her knees. Fucked her doggy-style then, bud. Really deep and really fucking hard. It got me off listening to her moaning, especially when I grabbed her hair and tugged her back towards me. She fucking adored it.

Then my favourite part of the fuckfest. I spat down on the top of your wife’s arse-cheeks, watched my spit slide lazily down between her exquisite buttocks, over her arsehole and onto my cock, which was buried deep in her cunt. You know what I did next, don’t you? Oh, yeah. I took my stiff cock out of her well-fucked cunt, nudged it against the opening of her arse, and pushed. And the dirty fucking bitch pushed back to meet my pressure. I just love that moment when the head of your cock kind of overcomes the arse’s natural resistance and sort of ‘pops’ into the arsehole. Which it did. God, that felt fucking great. Your wife wasn’t sure she’d be up for anal sex on account of the fact that my cock is pierced. But once the head was in, the horny bitch just eased back onto it and took the full length of my shaft deeply into her arse. Let me tell you how good it felt, shafting the full length of my cock in and out of your wife’s gorgeous arse - awesome! Just feeling my balls slapping hard against her wet cunt was enough to make me want to come. And she took it well. Oh god, how she fucking took it. I’m going to fuck it again too. That’s a promise!

When I knew I was close to coming I made her lie on her back, her head propped up on the pillows, and I straddled her face. She took my balls in her mouth and sucked on them greedily as I wanked my cock off, inches above her face. When I was about to come, which the dirty cow was urging me to do, I pointed my cock directly at her face and exploded - and I mean really exploded - all over her face. I loved it and she fucking loved it too. I think it gave her a real kick, knowing that I’d produced that amount of spunk because of her. Oh, and just so you’re aware, I made sure to smear some of my cum over her lips. We made a little bargain over that - she promised that she’d kiss you on the lips as soon as she saw you. Nice touch I thought. Your wife looked like a real cum-slut on that bed - cunt and arse well-fucked, and her face (and even her hair) splattered with spunk. It was funny watching her trying to get drying globules of cum out of her hair.

I am going to fuck your wife again. She lovingly told me that she wants more of my pierced cock. Such a bad, bad wife! And such an awesomely dirty one too.

Oh, by the way. I enclose the ‘Hotel Comments’ slip which I forgot to hand in at the desk when I checked out. Would you drop it in for me, cuckold! Your loving wife provided the stamp for this letter! True!!”

The enclosed ‘comments’ slip - under the heading ‘How was your stay?’ - reads as follows: “How was my stay? - Fucking awesome! However, one small pointer. Please could you ensure that the headboard is more securely fixed against the wall. I gave this gorgeous posh bitch a real good seeing-to yesterday afternoon and the headboard kept banging against the wall. I’m sure the people in the next room heard its constant hammering above her filthy language and moaning.”

Dubious turn of phrase, this guy has. Rather a robust style. (Doesn’t surprise me. My wife has long had the urge to have herself ‘a bit of rough’ from time to time.) All the same, it has to be the most thrilling letter I’ve ever received through the mail. And how’s this for a coincidence? While I’ve been writing this blog and transcribing this extraordinary letter, I’ve received an email from my wife. It seems the bastard took photographs. Pic below.

Submitted by: Hornwearer - Hertfordshire, UK

My wife

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June 24, 2012

Interracial Cuckolding

A classic interracial cuckolding set from the stunningly gorgeous Hotwife Jinxypie. Just look at that beautiful face of hers lost in passion to her lover. She even offers her tight ass over to his huge Bull cock. With her knowledge of the lifestyle alongside those cracking good looks her Husband must be in a constant state of arousal.








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June 22, 2012

Meet MyOTeam

A member writes in to us with some information on a new hotwife he has come across. Thanks for recommending her John. I hope to have some stories and info from the good lady herself soon.


Hey Trash. My name is John and I am a member of Hotwife Hub and I follow your Hotwife Blog too. My name is Little3 on my hotwife hub profile. I have found a new hot wife for you. She is actually a newer member of Hotwife hub. I have been chatting with her for 2 years now. I have been e-mailing her more recently and she is trying to set up a gang bang in LA. She has invited me and a few other guys she has met online. She is a real hot wife, she is married. Her husband photographs her with other men and he is cool with it.

She is such a dirty slut, she has met guys online before and fucked them. She has told me she has had about 100 men so far and wants more. Anyway i thought you might want to feature her on your blog. I have attached a picture of her getting nailed by a guy she met. Her name is myoteam or that is what she goes by online. Anyway I hope to see her on your blog.



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June 20, 2012

Meet Deauxma

Another wonderful Hotwife to say hello to today. Deauxma from San Antonio, Texas is a 32G horny brunette MILF that is in the prime of her sex life right now. Her name is pronounced like “Doe-Mae”, but she prefers the use of her name as “Do Me!” hehe. She has been on the scene for sometime but has certainly stayed under the radar as far as Hotwife Blog is concerned. But not any more!

Her performances recently even got noticed by the mainstream porn industry where she was nominated for Milf of the Year at this years AVN’s. Looking at her videos on her site I think we’re in for some nice updates over the next few months. Great to meet you Deauxma.


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June 18, 2012

In the private room

A blog diary update from Hotwife Modesty Ablaze from London. And guys she’s on Hotwife Hub too - Profile Here


I hadn’t really been looking forward to visiting the club last Friday. It had been a busy week (well, busy two weeks actually! LOL), and I told Hubby I was feeling tired and not really in the mood. But he was insistent, and said he’d been thinking about it all week and that we could have a long lie-in bed in the morning. So…

We ate out at one of our favourite restaurants nearby, and arrived at the club just after 11 p.m. It was already busy at the bar, and even as I undressed in the cloakroom, from my top-layers of the coat and dress I’d worn for our meal, I still didn’t feel excited or motivated. I’d worn one of my tiny black lace see-through baby dolls and skimpy g-string, and I could tell as I walked back to the bar that at least Hubby certainly approved and excited.

We spent the next hour chatting to several different couples and were then joined by a single guy whom we had spoken with on a couple of our previous visits. He was quite cheeky and fun to talk with and kept suggesting I go with him into the main room to see “if anything interesting was happening”. Eventually, after an hour of his insistence (and after we’d finished our wine), I gave in and he took my hand and led me off down the corridor. I glanced back to see Hubby smiling and then getting down off his stool to follow us. The crowd around the bar had thinned quite considerably over the past 30 minutes or so and we could now see where they had all disappeared to. Two women were entertaining a number of men on the large low bed in the corner of the main Play Room. Scattered around the edges of the room a number of other couples, and singles, were standing or sitting in various stages of activity. My new companion and I stood just inside the doorway, his arm curled around my back and then stroking me over my bum cheeks. His other hand reached round to start gently pinching at my nipples and then down over my tummy and up and inside my g-string. We were suddenly joined by a blonde woman standing to the left of us who began kissing my neck and shoulders. I glanced over to our right and could see Hubby standing by the other corner smiling across at us. The blonde woman was becoming bolder now, much bolder, as she eased the straps of my top down over my shoulders to bare both my breasts. I felt her breath on my nipples and then her lips sucking from one to the other while my male companions fingers began sliding deliciously in and out of my cunt. All around us I could hear the sounds of sex and realised my own moans were contributing to those of the others nearby. I could feel hands all over me now, running down over my back and sliding in between my bum cheeks from behind me as well. I glanced over my shoulder again. There was now another, younger man, standing behind me and working his hands between my legs and yet another guy shuffling behind him reaching over and trying to join in. They were all squeezing against me now and I could sense that both of these new arrivals had their trousers open, or down, as I felt bare cocks rubbing against my bum cheeks and thigh. I felt myself swooning and my groans getting louder. I closed my eyes tightly and rocked my head backwards as a wave of excitement tingled through me. This couldn’t be me, I couldn’t possibly be doing this, squeezed up against a wall with hands roaming and caressing all over me, fingers pushing inside me, and the lovely sensation of my nipples being gently licked and sucked. I was groaning louder, I knew I was, I could hear my own moans above the other noises around me and I could feel, and hear, the hot breath of the men behind and to the side of me. And, the muffled moans of my blonde lady who, from her rhythmic pushing and rocking against me was now obviously right in front of me. I opened my eyes and could see she was being fucked from behind by an attractive tall guy I’d seen standing at the bar earlier. She pulled her lips away from my breasts and instead slipped both her hands down to hold my hips for support as the pounding from behind her got more frantic. I looked up and around, Hubby had moved right up to be standing with the group of us, obviously wanting a better view of everything that was happening to me. I rolled my eyes and lifted my hands up in a motion partly to say I couldn’t control all the hands and bodies rubbing against me and partly in a motion of surrender to everything that was happening. He knew I was enjoying it, it was up to him to intervene, or join-in, if he wanted.

But it was actually my initial companion that acted first. He’d obviously been getting annoyed at being joined by all the others. He kissed into my ear, telling me forcibly “I want to fuck you on my own!” He pulled his fingers away from me and took me by the hand to lead me back down the corridor towards the Private Room. I looked back over my shoulder, Hubby was following and so were the two others! As we walked I could feel my wetness squelching, I was so aroused by what had just been happening to me that my pussy was dribbling with each step. We reached the door and my companion moved to pull me in. I turned back to Hubby who was right behind us, and put my free hand up on his chest. I kissed his cheek and whispered “he wants to fuck me on his own. I really just need to be fucked right now. I so need it. You can watch through the peep holes in the door. You’ll like that won’t you?” I realised even as I was saying it, that it was a command rather than a question.

My companion pulled me into the room and slammed the door behind us, sliding the bolt into the lock. I shuffled back onto the bed as he stood with his back to the door pulling his clothes off. I lifted my chemise up over my head and threw it onto the cushions behind us and then lifted my hips as he reached forward and pulled my g-string off me. As he stood unbuckling my shoes his erect cock wobbled before me. I wanted to reach out and stroke it but he immediately rolled a condom down over it and then knelt onto the bed beside me. He opened my legs immediately and as he leant forward against me he just seemed to glide into me. No foreplay, no words or compliments he was just suddenly stroking into me. I suppose he assumed I’d had all the foreplay I needed being groped up against the wall by all those hands and fingers. I threw back my head and gasped out loudly as he thrust again and pushed me further back onto the bed. I knew the one-way window into the main play room was right behind our heads and that there was probably already a crowd of viewers looking in on us. I wondered for a moment if Hubby had moved round to there, or was he perhaps still standing at the door looking in through the peep-holes. I hoped, for an instant, that he was still at the door and that at least he may be able to hear my groans . . . as well as see my new companion thrusting into me. But those thoughts lasted for only an instant before I felt myself rushing away into that private zone where there is just me being thrust and pounded back against the bed, just me and my new companion, both of us grunting and groaning (and mainly me squealing and shouting apparently, according to Hubby later).

I knew I was lifting my legs straight up into the air on either side of his hips. I knew I was pulling and hugging my arms around his back and shouting encouragement into his shoulder as he stroked back and forth into me. “Fucking hell, fuck me, fuck me. I need it, I fucking love it”. I was feeling rampant and gasping out with each pumping thrust. I wanted to come, I needed to come, needed it so badly. He slowed and reached up to hold my ankles. I thrust myself up against him to quicken his thrusts again. I was so close, so close and I didn’t want him to stop. I felt him thrusting again and heard him gasping out, he was coming too. I dropped my legs down behind his back, pulling him into me and humping against him. I felt myself coming and screamed out with the rush, pulling myself up with my arms cradled around his shoulders for a moment and then falling backwards onto the bed, throwing my arms out to each side and twisting and shaking as the waves rolled over me. As he pulled out, I jerked and shuddered and rolled over onto my side, pulling my knees up into my foetal position of complete release and relaxation.

After a few minutes of being completely oblivious to everything else, I could feel him moving around on the bed. He cuddled into me and said “Fantastic. You really are fantastic”. I was suddenly coming-to now and realising that there must have been lots of pairs of eyes looking in at us, from both ends of the room. My exhibitionistic wantonness suddenly replaced with that self-conscious nervousness. I was completely naked and exposed and I must have been behaving like a brazen, and out-of-control, slut.

He was already getting dressed. I shuffled around retrieving my chemise from the tangle of cushions, consciously not looking up into the mirror window even though I knew I couldn’t see anything but my own reflection, but knowing that anybody could be looking in on us and would have seen everything. My companion handed me my g-string, and waited whilst I sat on the end of the bed and buckled-up my shoes. We kissed briefly again as I stood and then he turned to unlock the door.

Hubby was sitting at the bar when we emerged. I could tell he was annoyed. “Are you cross?” I asked as I kissed his cheek and squeezed his hand. “Were you able to watch us?” He nodded and said, “I watched, but would rather have been inside with you. Anyway, it’s late, shall we make a move?”

I knew he was cross and disappointed. But I’d just been unable to say no, unable to control those sudden new emotions that had overwhelmed me as I’d been fingered and caressed and licked and sucked against that wall. I knew Hubby was cross, I knew he was disappointed. BUT he got his reward the next morning!

Modesty Ablaze

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June 16, 2012

Serena’s Family weekend

Hotwife Serena Biscotti has been in touch, great to get an update from this horny wife. Hope this is the first of some regular updates.

It was the second night in a row that my family was in town and staying at my house. We had all gone out last night and when we got home my kinky side kicked in and Hubby and I ended up calling up a guy I know and sneaking him into our bedroom for some naughty hot sex! When he finally got here around 1:00am, he found me snuggled up in bed wearing leopard print cotton panties and little white, lacey school girl ankle socks. Now he well knows my kinky out of control foot fetish and he knows that me wearing little school girl socks means one thing. I’m in need of seeing them over someone’s shoulders! It was a visual clue he did not miss because he started on me with kinky foot play! By 2:00am being as quiet as possible, I would have his fingers , my panties, his hard cock and even a big rubber sex toy stuffed inside of my warm, wet pussy! And I would have my mouth full of cock and my face covered in cum! You just have to love a nice evening at home with family… lol!



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June 14, 2012

My Shy Wife

Cuckold Place Update

The long road - wife starting again.

This is a story that covers twelve years, so it’s a bit long. It started twelve years ago when my wife was angry at me for cheating on her. After that, she began to tell me every time a guy made a pass at her or flirted, and the times she flirted back. She wanted to make me jealous, and she did. It also turned me on.

I was chatting with a guy in one of the yahoo chat rooms about our wives, and he mentioned a few websites like this one. From that point, I knew what I was thinking about, how it turned me on, and how I was not alone. The more I read, the more I wanted it. I started joking with my wife about her trying someone else. She is from a conservative ethnic background (Indian) and said I was the only one, although I have my doubts based on some things she said about her past. Like a lot of wives, she said I was sick, no way, how could I ask that?

I kept on it from time to time. The first thing was to get her to go into a dance club separate from me. I would watch at a distance while guys would hit on her and she would dance with them. It was very exciting, especially when she would laugh at the guy’s jokes and he would touch her on the arm, dance slow with her. She knew what I wanted and sometimes would play along in bed or elsewhere, but nothing more. This went on for five years.

Then I got a job that required extensive business travel. I would be away for weeks at a time. A lot of our sex life was by email, phone, video skype and instant messenger. I encouraged her to flirt back more when guys hit on her. She would send me pictures of how she was dressed at work, and I encouraged her to dress sexy and flaunt it. I told her to go out clubbing with her female co-workers, and finally she did. It was then that she got snagged. She said that she and her girlfriend met a couple of guys, who were also business travelers. She said the guy who went after her looked like Russell Crowe. He was in and out of town, perfect. After a month or so, he called, they had a dinner date, but she says they didn’t fuck.

A couple months later, I was home and we had a fight. She got dressed up and went out - at noontime. About nine hours later she came home and told me “I didn’t know it could be like that.” I grabbed her in the bedroom, hard, and fucked her. She was slippery wet, but I regret not smelling her then.

It was on after that. She would meet him when I was out of town, going to his hotel. He made special trips from where he lived, 250 miles away. She wrote me emails the next day. This is one of them:

“It was around 5:30pm when the phone rang. I picked up the phone and someone said, “are you ready for me?” It was P telling me that he decided to try his luck and just fly over and surprise me. I couldn’t say no, not after him taking all the trouble of coming here, right my slave? !

So, I had to get dressed and go meet him, with a heavy heart, LOL!!!! I didn’t know what to wear but then thought, why care, you won’t be in it for long anyways. So I decided to wear my new long, brown dress that clung to my body. It looked really sexy and made me look slim. The curves were flattering, I thought, just enough to get him going, lol. I spray my clinique this time, my trade mark and left for the hotel. As usual he was there to meet me and excited like a little boy. I am always surprised to see him so happy, no one has shown me how happy they were to see me the way he has. It is very touching and I love it. P has a way to make me feel so loved and wanted.

He had already reserved a table and ordered a glass of merlot for me and him. I had told him that I was craving a nice juicy steak and he didn’t forget. The dinner was nice and he gave me a bouquet of roses, red roses (I thought, how am I going to take these home without the kids asking me where I got them. I had to think quickly what I would say if they asked or saw them). But P’s lips on my cheek took the worry away. He had leaned over to plant a kiss on my cheek and smell my hair as he moved his face away. He does things like this all the time that I find so touching and sweet.

After dinner, we had a dessert this time and a Grand Marnier. P was just so attentive and he gave me looks of a person so totally in love and like a child whose favorite toy is going to be taken away !!! I felt so bad for him and decided to give him a good time. I knew how he loves my BJs so I thought as soon as got to the room, I’d start with it.

In the elevator he grabbed me in his arms and began to kiss me long, juices kisses while his hand moving on my back down to my ass and stopped there rubbing it. He was having fun with it as it looked protruded and inviting. All the time he kept saying “Aaah, you feel so good, you smell so good. I can’t get enough of you, baby.”

We got to the room and right away, he pulled down the zipper and his grabbed my boobs and began to kiss them. He unhooked the bra and held them in his hands just enjoying them repeating, “Oh, they are so beautiful, just perfect, perfect! I love you, honey” He took his time licking and sucking my tits. He just didn’t seem to have enough. Finally, his tongue began to move down my belly, taking his time to stimulate every nerve there before moving down to my clitoris. The man has stamina! I grabbed his zipper and out fell his big, thick instrument, hot and hard. I held it and squeezed it gently, my hand moving up and down toward the stem. Boy, it is thick and big, I thought! I bet there are guys there who have big ones like him and maybe even bigger or thicker!

I tried to move him toward the bed so I could also go down on him. He complied. We were now naked, lying on the bed and kissing, sucking and licking each other. I was soaking wet, so turned on that I felt little orgasms throughout but trying hard not to come until he did. I prefer having him in me when he comes. So we continued. Then he raised his head and began licking the insides of my thighs, moving down to the knees, behind them and all this time his hand touching and still stimulating my clitoris. I couldn’t hold off and came. Wow, what a relief. Good, he said, I want you to come often and enjoy yourself. After coming, I grabbed some tissue to wipe all those fluids but he said, leave that there, it is a good lubricant for me. LOL. I thought, of course it is since he is so big. How thoughtful.

He continued licking my thighs, up my navel to my tits again since he knows how sensitive I was and he wanted me to be ready now for his big d..k. I just couldn’t believe that he can be so patient. But I guess I shouldn’t have allowed such a thought because no sooner had it crossed my mind, he was ready for me. He lifted himself up and I spread my legs to welcome him into me. Ooooooooh, what an entry. He filled me up so quickly, spreading the insides of me, I thought. He was hot. Moving in slowing and out, taking his time and moaning and groaning, saying how good I felt. It seemed to go on forever. I thought I was going to explode after 20 minutes. Suddenly he said, “Oh, I am coming baby, come with me.” He didn’t have to ask. We both exploded!!! What a workout. He fell off me and lay on his back beside me saying how wonderful he felt. “You are the best, you know exactly what to do to make me feel good. I liked to hear that he enjoyed me and my company. We lay there for a long time quietly.

Then we got up to wash and I came back and started to belly dance for him, jokingly of course. He was thrilled. I moved slowly toward him, flirtingly and he opened his arms to grab me. Then we started again. Use your imagination baby, it is just the same stuff. Then i had to leave as it was getting very late.”

She changed - became less inhibited, especially became an enthusiastic cocksucker, which she had never been.

After about four years, she broke up with him when he said he was getting married. She was hurt, I know, and I recognized the danger in this kind of thing.

I tried to get her to play some when we were away on a trip together recently, but it didn’t happen.

But we’ve been having some renovations done, and I’ve been away the last few weeks. She confessed to admiring one of the workmen, a guy who she said obviously was attracted to her and the same age, 40s. She said he was really strong and in good shape.

We need some more work done, and I joked that she could get it done for free. She wrote back and said

LOL, I DIDN’T THINK OF THAT, HA, HA. MAYBE I WILL!!!!!!! Let me call him asap. i am sooooooo horny!

Then when I told her to go for it, get a discount, she wrote:

oh yes, that i know i can. he really likes me!!! i’ll give him a call, LOL!!!!!!!

Now she’s called and left a message, for him. She says he will probably be in a pub tonight, I told her to meet him if he called back.

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June 12, 2012

Leslies After Glow

We’re back with some amazing hot pictures from our 4th placed top hotwife. The very sexy and gorgeous Leslie Croft. She recently posted these pictures of a recent encounter on Hotwife Hub. Her profile can be found here. Very much like Rebecca’s recently posted pics of the lead up to sex, I love these pictures as they show the intimacy and after glow of the sex session with her Bull. Laying together in the aftermath of passion. Pussy, wet, red and well used. Thanks for sharing Leslie, we love you!





Hotwife Blog Profile - Leslie Croft - 2010

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