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May 27, 2012

Meet Gina

Well hello Gina, where have you been hiding all our lives. Here’s some more info on this gorgeous petite blonde hotwife. And yes guys, you can apply by her website to fuck her!


My name is Gina Monelli. I live in Czech. I’m a exhibitionist, nudist, bisexual woman, nymphomaniac, cocksucker, a little slut and a real hotwife. Yes, all this is about me. I possess all these qualities. And that’s all most of which my life consists. I fuck every day, sometimes once a day, and sometimes several times a day. I always think about sex. I have a lot of sexual wishes and fantasies.

Sex is a freedom for me. I’m free to love, I can have sex with whom I want and how I want. I like different forms of sex. I had different types of sex and I always experiment with it. Sex is a real creative work for me. In sex I want everything to be beautiful, passionate, bright, and very emotional, in such way to lose consciousness because of pleasure. Every time sex has to leave unforgettable impressions for a whole life.

I’m married. I have an excellent husband whom I love very much. We’re not a common couple. We’re a swinger couple. My husband likes everything I like. All we do we do together. He helps me in my creative work and I always ask his advice how to do the best in this or that situation. I love my husband very much because he understands me best of all. He really wants me to be happy and that’s why he allows me to have sex with other men, and also realize my sexual wishes.

Once I was a very modest girl with a lot of sexual fantasies. But those fantasies were only in my head. In a real life I couldn’t allow myself to do something lecherous. But I wanted it so much! I was afraid to be as I am, I was afraid to let someone know that I wanted perverted sex with two or three boys. I thought that they could misunderstand me, blame, insult. But I always wanted a freedom in sex. I wanted wild passion, wanted to enjoy every day. I often masturbated and imagined myself other life where I could be a little slut whom all men want. I liked to undress and examine my body in the mirror very much. I touched my bosoms, nipples, pussy, stroked my butt and legs. I imagined how several boys were spying at me at that moment. How they take their cocks and jerk off. And then they come to me and fuck me in all my holes. But there were only my fantasies. And then I had a first boyfriend. He shoved me some sexual pleasures. He taught me to suck a cock. And now I’m a real cocksucker. I can even get orgasm while I suck a big nice cock. He taught me to be submissive to him and made me his sexual slave and a little slut. I liked very much to fulfil all his sexual desires. In such way I got used to lecherous sex.

But my beloved husband made me a real slut. When we met at the first evening we understood that we are two halves of one. We looked at the world absolutely in the same manner. We both liked sex very much. Not just sex but lecherous swinger sex, group sex, unusual sex. We became a happy swinger couple. We began to live and enjoy. We experimented a lot and tried different types of sex. We met with other swinger couples, men, girls. A lot of, a lot of, a lot of sex. I got absolutely happy. My beloved man was near me and I did everything I wanted. My husband liked to see how other men fuck me. He gets a great pleasure from it. And I get a pleasure by myself and give it to my husband. It’s a secret of our family happiness – we’re open before each other, we understand each other and take care of each other. I’m a hotwife of my husband.

With love,

Gina Monelli

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  1. Hoosier said:

    Welcome, Gina! Love that platinum blonde hair!

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