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May 9, 2012

Our Life

Very excited to introduce this couple to you, say hi to Sara and Jason. They live a true cuckold life. They have also recently signed up to the Hub if you want to chat or connect with them. Their profile is here


We started out the way most couples do, met at work (he was my boss), started sleeping together, decided we were interested in each other outside of the bedroom, became an excusive couple. I remember him asking me very early in our relationship if I had ever dominated a man, or if I would like to dominate a man. I remember it because it seemed so out of place for him to ask of me, because at that time we were very much into a strong male dominant/little girl submissive kind of sexual relationship. I said I had done a few kinky things in the past, and left it at that. Months of hot sex, just the two of us, go by. Then one night we bring home a hippie type from Berkeley. There is a very small amount of bi action with the men. Mostly, this guy fucked me as my boyfriend watched. Then he left.

That was the first.

Several followed, all with varying degrees of kink, mutual satisfaction, bi-action, etc. Suffice to say that he eased me into it. After a while, it didn’t seem so strange to have a man come over to fuck me while my boyfriend watched from the couch, or hidden behind a curtain.

Then we found Scott. He was my first true bull, and I had feelings for him outside of the sex. This took a while, of course, and I denied the feelings, even to myself, until nearly the end.
Scott was the first to take control as a bull. He had me meet him outside of our home. Had me leave my loving boyfriend at home as I went out to get fucked. Had me fuck his friend just because he knew he could ask that of me and I would say yes. He was the first to treat my boyfriend like a cuck. He had a big dick and made me cum so well, so often, that words cannot express what he did to me. It was a two hour, soak the bed event off and on for two years.

Somewhere in those two years I learned to call my boyfriend by his true name. Cuck. That’s what he had been for a long time, but I was just getting ready to admit it. Cuck. That is his true nature.

We had other men during those two years, lots of other men. They all came and fucked me, then went home and told him about it via email and photos. He loved it and grew more and more into his role as a cuck with each man. We moved an hour away eventually, and Scott came to visit a few times, but then faded away. We found other bulls. Some ok, some good, one with potential to be very right….but always the relationship centered back onto us, and our dynamic as a cuck/slut relationship. We were at our best the night before a date, when the anticipation, hesitation, and jealousy combined to make our touch electric.

We had incredible sex and build up in the days before a date, when he would edge me as we talked about what might happen. He would fuck me just a little, enough to keep me wanting more, enough to keep him on edge. And then I would have my bull while my cuck watched, hidden from view, excited, jealous, and horny, watching me get off with a stranger on our bed…..

This Bull fucked Sara often, usually while Jason was at work.

The Bull that made this mess was in town for work and fucked Sara in his hotel room

In the car, Sara’s pussy with another mans cum in her

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    Greetings and thanks for sharing yourselves with the rest of us!

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