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February 8, 2012

Left to her own devices

Earlier in the week there was a discussion about whether it was a better option to watch your wife / girlfriend being fucked or to let her be alone with her lover and just listen or get the details afterwards. Bob the Husband of Sue wrote in to say he much preferred the option of leaving the wife to her fun alone, to drop her off and then pick her up when she is done. He argues that way your wife will be more relaxed and have better sex. I can see where he’s coming from. The mind can be an amazing tool when the imagination gets going to think of what is going on. Also some men tend to feel a little embarrassed in front of the man who’s going to fuck your other half when you’re just sat there watching. It can also be off putting for the Bull and sometimes lead to erection problems.

Bob your wife Sue is amazing, I hope we hear a lot more from her soon. Incedently Sue is on the lookout for new hot Bulls and has joined Howife Hub to hunt the down. You can contact her on the Hub here. Here’s Husband Bob talking about his lovely wife.


My hotwife Jill is a very attractive 37 year old brunette with 34 D boobs, great ass and very hot pussy. We have been married for 7 years and she has had boyfriends for the last 6 years. We quickly found out it turned both of us on for her to have lovers. I am 14 years older than her and she prefers younger guys in their twenties who are well hung. She likes to meet guys on vacation and have sex with them if they meet her standards. The last time she played was when we were in Las Vegas for a convention. I had meetings all day and she would go to the topless pool at the Mandalay Bay. She wore only a tiny thong bottom and within a few minutes would have potential boyfriends offering to apply suntan lotion and buy her drinks. For the four days we were there, she met three different young guys. When I would come back to the room around 6:00pm she would be waiting for me with her pussy well fucked and wet with cum. She insisted I eat her out each time she had a lover and would give me all the details while I was cleaning her pussy out.

The last night she slept with her favorite lover all night and almost caused us to miss our plane the following morning. She arrived at the airport wet with a miniskirt and no panties. She leaked all the way home. I suggest guys not watch their wife fuck their lovers. Let them have privacy and tell you about it later. It is much more erotic!

Sue at a slot machine in Vegas

Sue undresses for a lover

Her amazing tits and body

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5 Responses to “Left to her own devices”

  1. K. said:

    Yes I totally agree it is hotter to wait at home for the wife than to watch. My wife has recently started to play with her ex and the first time they met up she told me that he was even better than before. Then we all met up so I could watch and he didn’t seem to perform as good as she bragged about. When I asked her if it was true, she said yes, that he wasn’t as “hard” as he was the last time they met up. Since then I have let her play a lone with him and each time she comes home very very satisfied and says he has been a beast, all because they have been left a lone to enjoy each other sexually.

  2. Bob said:

    That’s why it’s best to let the hotwife play alone…. The stories and cum filled pussy to est clean is the best reward! Bob

  3. Sue said:

    K….. Let your wife play alone…. She will be more satisfied that way…. The best thing you can do is help her dress in something slutty and put her heels on before she leaves to fuck…. Then be waiting to lick snd swallow her bull’s cum Out of her pussy when she comes home. Insist that her bulls never wear condoms. You need to get used to the taste of their cum if she becomes a true hotwife. Sue.

  4. Mr. upfront said:

    Absolutly better to let her play alone I also like every man that my wife is with to cum inside of her completly unprotected no birth control no nothing the risk of him putting a baby in her is so much more exciting, this wife here has an amazing belly would be lovely to see her pumped full of cum and take that risk

  5. Mart said:

    If you accept the fact that you may never have sex with your wife again and performing oral sex is rewarding to you then Letting her play alone is for you!

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