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January 25, 2012

Meet Serena

Back from Vegas in just about one piece and in need to piece my brain and wallet back together lol. But what therapy I found on my return. A beautiful brunette has been in touch and sent me an email about her naughty Hotwife ways and she wants to be on the blog.

How can I deny such a cutie. Say hello to Hotwife Serena Biscotti from NY. Here’s some words from the gorgeous girl herself and look out for an interview coming soon.


Hello everyone. My name is Serena. I found this blog through some girlfriends of mine who post here and love it! What an awesome blog it is.

This is my first time posting here so a little about myself. I am a 36 yr old hotwife from NY. I have been in the lifestyle for over 12 years now and just love it. I do tend to be something of a naughty girl or a slut as my friends would say lol. So when I found my hubby and we both realized that we were both of the same mind set, well the fun began and we never looked back. We have had an amazing 12 years together and just love each other and our sexually open lifestyle.

Having married a man who nurtures and encourages my behavior really opened my world up to exploring many things that I have been yearning for. One of those things that I really have been head over heels into ever since I was a school girl is hot black men. I just love wild, hard interracial sex. Since entering the lifestyle I have become something of a black cock diva and have developed something of an out of control desire for it. Thankfully I have no reason to control it. Just enjoy it.

Below is my latest sexy black boyfriend Frank. Amazing in bed and such a gentleman. He really knows how to treat me just right and never fails to bring me to at least 3 or 4 orgasms every time we have sex. I enjoy his company so much that we recently have taken our relationship to the next level and have started having super hot, unprotected sex!

We will see were things go from here … wink, wink! Hope to talk with everyone soon!



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You can find Serena Biscotti’s website here

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  1. Hoosier said:

    Welcome, Serena and welcome back from Sin City, Trash!

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