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January 9, 2012

A wonderful marriage

A cuck reminisces about a wonderful marriage.


I was a cuckold long before I ever heard of that word. I really and truly enjoyed that title throughout our marriage. Our marriage was open from day one my wife could go out with whoever she wanted any time she wanted.

A lot of times I would send men to the house for her entertainment, there was no way just one man would satisfy her sexual appetite.

We had a small apartment when I lived in Germany and I worked for the Army. My friend, my wife and myself lived there and we were both fucking my wife along with many other men during the day.

Our real fun started when I was discharged from the army and moved back home. My mother let us have one of her apartments for a small amount of money. That was okay for a while until my mother told me my wife had friends coming to the house. I pretended that it was all ok and totally innocent but that prompted me to find another apartment so my wife could have her freedom.

I was married to this wonderful sex machine for over 50 years. Sadly she passed away in February of 08 from liver cancer. I don’t suppose I’ll ever find another woman like her but I wouldn’t mind finding one.

Submitted by: Joseph - Cambridge Massachusetts, USA

Wife of Joseph

6 Responses to “A wonderful marriage”

  1. Ken said:

    Thank you for the incredibly touching commentary. It’s always great to remember how important cuckoldry can be to the emotional elements of a truly committed relationship. You’re very lucky to have had someone you could share this with through your life.

  2. The don said:

    That is such a wonderfull story please tell us more. It defies our pre-conceived conceptions about how prudish society was back then how sexual deviances from the norm had to be suppressed more so in the past. Please tell us more about how you meet, how your relationship evolved from formal roles to creating your own, how your relationship evolved in its later years.

  3. Robert said:

    You were a lucky man for a long time. I got married to my beautiful wife when we were both 18. We lived in south texas ware there are lot of latino men. She started fucking brown men 2 weeks after we got married. At 1st i was hurt but learned she was not going to stop fucking young brown men. She would go out or fuck them in our bed. She would make me go down and clean her up and i got to ware i would love doing it for her Our marriage last 20+ year until she passed away last year of cancer last year. I will never find a women to love as much as my beautiful wife Mary

  4. masterart said:

    My story is much the same we were married over 48 yrs. 42 of which she was a hotwife She was fucked thousands of times about a doz. guys fucked her over a thousand times each. I loved the cum running out of her well fucked cunt down my balls when she came home or after a friend and I used her in a 3some I lost her to an accident 3 yrs. ago would love to find another hotwife

  5. FredA said:

    Have read some stories about you sharing your wife. Would love to read more about getting the wife cock
    to enjoy.

  6. Jules said:

    My wife said she was out babysitting. When I was left home 3 nights a week wanking she was out fucking guys for cash. She earned so much that she bought a new car. Sometimes she’d service me and when giving head, she looked at me and said, I could do a lot of damage here, then laughed. a few weeks later she insisted that I move into the garage. Whilse I was there she took boy friends in and they did what they did in my marrital bed. Since then I have made some great pictures and anyone who wants them can share with me, try

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