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December 12, 2011

My Filipina Wife

Cuckold Place Update

My Filipina Wife

We had been married 6 years when she had her first lover. I was hoping it would be sooner, but now I am glad we waited.

Trust and emotional security is so important before taking the step. She is naturally shy and timid like Filipinas often are and it has taken time for her to feel empowered and liberated, but now she really likes that feeling and I can see how good it does her.

She set up a profile with pics on a couple of dating sites and soon men from our local area began flirting with her online. After much doubt, longing and hesitation she made a date. A man she had known for months invited her to visit him. The fellow picked her up at our house. She ran to his truck and jumped in as I was hiding behind the curtains peeking my heart racing and my nerves a jangle.

Was going out of my mind for those 4 hours she was gone, imagining this, fearing that, the whole emotional roller coaster ride. Peeking out the window every five minutes, well you know how it is.

When she returned and opened our door I saw the new glow about her and again I felt the mixed turmoil of emotion racing through me.

She described everything as it had happened, how they were chatting on his sofa about mundane things sipping coffee. There followed one of those uncomfortable silences but it was soon broken when the fellow let out a guttural battle cry and jumped her where she sat almost bowling her over. She was more excited than startled, for she wanted this. His hands were all over her, his mouth breathing lustily into her ear. He lifted her 45 kg frame easily into his arms and carried her into his bedroom.

He had her stripped in record time and kicking his pants off knelt down to have a taste of her now very wet pussy. As he got on top of my sweet darling she guided his long shaft into her. In the passion of the moment they both quickly had an orgasm, but after a little breather he was on her again and she was begging him to use her some more, kissing and licking his neck in gratitude and squeezing his firm buns in her hands with every forceful long thrust. They both came harder this time and now took a half hour breather before he declaring to a cheerful reception that there would be one more for the road.

I was watching with binoculars as they were chatting in his car when he returned to drop her off. (I know how pathetic that sounds) Entering our home, she took me by the hand to the leather couch and instructed me to lick her clean after her lover, while she talked describing her feelings and what a passionate lover the guy was. His cum had foamed inside her from all the fucking and soon I had a dull numbness feeling on my tongue as I performed my first cuckold duty.

Originally I had doubts that I would be able to do that, but on the day it was a happy chore, the taste of another man intermixed with her love juices exciting me no end.

Like I said at the start, a couple of months later they did it again. It is so ingrained in her that sex equals love that she had doubts whether it would be a good idea to do it again, for she feared that she would fall in love with him. After we discussed that issue and I assured her that it was OK with me if she had crushes on guys as long as I owned the rights to her heart, she did it again and enjoyed it even more than the first time, but still feeling unsure of trusting herself, she cut off contact from him.

Since then over a year has passed and our bond is stronger than ever. She needs to do this at her own speed, she will pick the guy and she will choose the time and opportunity. The other day she was giving her slave a helping hand, gave me a mischievous grin and said: “What am I going to do with this little thing? It cannot satisfy me, I need a bigger cock to satisfy me, in fact I am aching for it” My load shot halfway to the ceiling.

It´s going to happen soon again, I can feel it in my cucky bones.

Submitted by: Proteinn1

My Filipina Wife

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2 Responses to “My Filipina Wife”

  1. Leo said:

    you learnt your place quickly cuck and she did as well obviously, bringing that creampie home.

  2. luv_filipinas said:

    Wow, I loved that story. I’m 52 and married to a 28 year old Filipina. I’d really like to talk to you Proteinn1… if you read this please send an email to cuckold.couple.4u@gmail.com
    The wife and I have fantasized about the cuckold thing for all 6 years of our marriage but just this last month finally made the move, when she started visiting an adult movie theater with me and performing oral on other men while I watched.

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