December 30, 2011

Indecent Proposal

This couples first experience into the hotwife lifestyle was inspired by a Hollywood movie. On the subject of that, see if you could add to the list here of hotwife and cuckold themed mainstream movies.


It all started for us after we saw that movie Indecent Proposal. We had begun talking about whether or not she would spend a night with a guy for a million bucks. The answer, of course, was an enthusiastic yes. The more we talked on this subject, I could feel myself getting unusually aroused. When I slipped my hand inside her panties, it was obvious that she was enjoying a similar experience. We continued to talk and level with each other and concluded she was going to get herself fucked and I was going to watch.

It is nothing short of amazing how easy it is for a beautiful woman to get herself laid. It all came down the very next evening. We went to a club, she sat at the bar, they bought her drinks and she took her pick. Watching my wife flirting with such promise nearly made me pop my load right then and there. I cannot describe the sensation, except to say I’ve never felt so alive. It was pure bliss.

She brought the lucky one to the table I had been sitting at and introduced him as Harsem. He was a young Hispanic male in his early twenties. My wife had just turned thirty the month before and is an unusually sexual little milf. Harsem was in for an incredible treat.

It was decided we would meet at his apartment and we followed him over. On the way, I fingered my wife silly. Her pussy was as hot and wet as I had ever known it to be. This was going to be awesome. We reassured each other as we pulled up to Harsem’s apartment building. We met him walking up; he inserted the key, opened the door and we went in. My legs were actually weak as my wife and I seated ourselves on the couch. Both she and I were trembling.

Harsem served us all beers and as we sipped them, I was wondering how we were going to get the ball rolling, so to speak. I nudged my wife and she just came out and asked him to show us the bedroom. She didn’t have to ask him twice.

Once in the bedroom, she kissed him and began taking off her clothes. She also unbuttoned him and soon they were both naked. She reclined on the bed and he climbed on top of her. She spread her legs and he began to push toward her. She raised her ass to meet him and as she began to squirm, I was certain he had entered her. For the next forty-five minutes, they performed the dance. It was almost more than my heart could take. They had changed positions throughout, but wound up as they had begun, with him on top. As he pounded away, her legs just hung limp.

She had obviously had numerous orgasms, but he shot his entire load right at the end. She moaned as he pumped his hot come into her depth. When he rolled off, I noticed how huge he was. My little Honey had just had the hell fucked out of her as her glistening pussy could testify. She is one fine woman.

We didn’t waste a lot of time getting out of there. Once in the car, I was all over her. The hot-wife thing has been our lifestyle from that day forward. We are true believers.

Submitted by: Jack - South Dakota, USA


December 28, 2011

Helen goes dark

Helen writes in about her experience with the Black Bachelor


My name is Helen, I’m from Orlando Florida. I’m 39 years of age and I’m in a loveless marriage. We have stay together for the well being of our disabled son. I am in love with my lover who is on the west coast and who I will never be with long term. I am having a “friends with benefits” relationship with a male friend who is 10 years younger than me. My mood swings are all over the place, I care for my husband but I think we have hit that wall many years ago. I think I’m acting out my sexual encounters because Im seeking affection. I know this relationships won’t last but I feel no guilt over it.

I am tired of being perfect for my family and friends and being there for everyone else. As sad as it sounds my current lover lets me enjoy moments of pleasure without all the emotional baggage. He holds me after I orgasm and it feels like heaven. It won’t last but right now it works.


Helen at Black Bacherlor

Helen at Black Bacherlor

Helen at Black Bacherlor

Helen at Black Bacherlor

Helen at Black Bacherlor

Helen at Black Bacherlor

Helen at Black Bacherlor

Helen at Black Bacherlor

Helen at Black Bacherlor

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December 26, 2011

Meet Claudia

Right Christmas over with, great! Now back to the filth!. Here’s Claudia from debauched old London town!


Yes I really am a whore! It didn’t start that way but my husband encouraged me and I finally agreed. I have always wanted to just drop down on my knees and suck cocks off right there in front of everyone and then have those big dicks gush their hot sperm into my mouth and down onto my tits. Maybe have the entire football team gang bang me and cum in my pussy and ass and my Husband must watch. The only time he is permitted to cum is by masturbating while he watches me have sex with big cock. I then command him to cum.


Submitted by - Claudia - London, UK

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December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays to you

That seemed to be one of the fastest years yet. I feel like I am on a runaway sleigh being propelled at the speed of light into the madness of Christmas. Sometime I want to go “Oi TIME, slow the f**k down. Chill for a bit, take a step back and let me finish what I’m doing.”..

It’s been another fantastic year on the blog filled with more naughty stories, new naughty wives and a whole lot of yummy creampies!

There’s been great new wives coming onto the scene, to mention a few that have graced our pages this year - hot blonde and BBC lover Mandy Monroe, German gangbang wife Dirty Katy, Texan blonde slut Dee Siren, Internal cumshot Queen of the world Ronja and UK Dogging slut Rachel Reveals.

2011 also saw the launch of my new community site for Hotwives - HOTWIFE HUB - If you haven’t created a profile yet on there, get over there now and join in the fun.

Lastly I’d like to say thanks to all those who visit here regularly, post your stories and pictures and make the blog what it is. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.

Your Webmaster,

Happy Christmas from Hotwife Blog


December 22, 2011

Caffeinated Slut

Hotwife Blog’s no.1 voted Hotwife Jackie diary update.


I’ll Take The Dark Roast Please! (A Caffeinated Slut!)

One morning recently I was up before my hubby Jason who had pulled an all-nighter editing a hot new video we had just shot the night before. I was still feeling a little frisky from that shoot even though I’d been used every which way by a strong well hung military man (my contribution to the war effort). While hubby slept in I intended to make some coffee and perhaps sext with a hot BBC I’d met on Yahoo. But my morning plan was foiled by an empty coffee can. No caffeine buzz makes me a very cranky slut. My empty cupboard meant a trip to our local coffee house where the beans are roasted dark and the cinnamon buns are hot and sweetly frosted. So I climbed into a pair of jeans, grabbed my keys and headed off for a pound of dark roast.

No surprise, the place was crowded with students and business folk and hipsters so I got in line to place my order. A woman in front of me was fumbling with something, and lost her balance which caused her to fall back against me, and I in turn fell back against the person behind me. But lucky for all of us, I appeared to have fallen into the arms of Superman, I mean this guy stopped us all like a brick wall. And I couldn’t help but notice that he smelled incredibly good doing it. He saved us from a nasty spill. I felt large capable hands steadying me back on my feet. Finally I was able to turn around to thank him for the save and found myself looking into the gorgeous eyes of an incredibly hot black man with a great set of washboard abs pressing tautly against a tight white T-shirt. It was lust at first sight! He was a poster boy for the ultimate BBC stud! He held out a large hand for me to shake and said, “Hey, I’m Ricky.”
“I’m Jackie, ” I said, not wanting to let go, ever. “Thanks for the save.”
“No problem. Do you come here often?” he asked, then seemed to blush, embarrassed by the all too common pick up line. I put my hand on his forearm as if to say, “Any words out of your mouth are just fine with me.” But what I said was, “It looks like I’ll be coming here a lot more frequently now.” Too forward? Ahhh, come on, I’m a total slut for BBC, and this guy was the creme-de-la-creme. I had already decided that he was my Everest and i just had to climb him.
Ricky seemed just slightly taken aback by my straightforward approach. My next move was going to be to put my hand on his rock hard thigh and grab for dear life, but it was my turn at the counter and I had to try to remember why the hell I was in this bean joint in the first place…

“I’ll take a pound of beans, please,” I said, “and a couple of those cinnamon buns, too.”
The teen Goth at the register, male I believe but couldn’t swear to it (since he was wearing a black jersey knit skirt with knee highs and Doc Martens, black eyeliner and lipstick and his hair shoulder length in a messy bob. But his voice was so deep, all man, a dead give-away. “What roast…light, medium, dark?” he asked rather rudely.
“Oh dark, as dark as you make it,” I said. “And a cup of coffee with an add shot if you please.”
He took my money then moved on to black Superman behind me, God, did I want him behind me!
Luckily he ordered a complicated drink, some kind of mocha macchiato latte thing with extra everything. I immediately fantasized dipping his dick into it and slurping off the whipped cream. Is that so wrong?
So now we were both waiting again at the drink delivery station.
“Do you live around here?” he asked.
“Not far. Wanna drink these delightful coffees at my house?”
I swear, I thought his eyes were going to fall out of his gorgeous face and bounce around the hardwood floors like a cartoon character.
“I know I’m a bit forward…but”
“No!” he said, cutting me off. “I mean, yes, you are, but I like that in a woman. Takes the pressure off, you know?”
“Well then, allow me to be totally candid.” I whispered in his ear “Would you like to come over to my place and fuck me?”
“What was your name?” Ricky asked, picking up his coffee.
“Jackie, I would absolutely love to follow you to your house and fuck you. I’m supposed to be in class this morning but being in your bed sounds like a much better use of my time.”
I picked up my bag of cinnamon buns and we headed out to the parking lot.
“By the way, ” I added, “I’m married. My hubby is extremely understanding.”

I got into my car and began scolding myself for not having ordered another cinnamon bun. I mean, I’m nothing if not a good hostess so I had to offer one to Ricky, but I was really looking forward to that sweet messy frosted confection! And that’s when it hit me, the part where he said he’d cut class to fuck me. I had a tiny pang of guilt. Was I coming between a college student and Chem 101? But the guilt quickly passed when I looked in my rearview and there was Ricky, body extraordinaire in a cute little red Japanese car following me home to my fuck pad. Maybe I was corrupting a co-ed but come on, if you don’t ask you don’t get to enjoy an exceptional specimen like Ricky.

We sailed into my driveway and I unlocked the front door then motioned for Ricky to follow me inside. He grabbed my ass as he breezed past just as a little reminder of why he’d come. I liked it. It was a firm grab, very promising. I was surprised to see that my husband Jason was up, positioned on the couch with his laptop, already hard at work. I said, “Jason, I’ve got coffee and a cinnamon bun.”
“I see you brought home more than breakfast,” he said, eyeing Ricky over his glasses. I could see how it might come off a little intimidating.
“Yes, I did. Jason, this is Ricky. He saved me from a nasty fall at the coffee shop.”
“So let me guess. You invited him home so you could give him a nasty reward.”
We all laughed, including Jason, which put an end to the tension.
“Don’t sweat it, Ricky,” Jason said, “I enjoy watching my wife being pleasured by a young strapping stud such as yourself.”

That seemed to be my cue. I set the cinnamon buns on the coffee table in front of Jason then dropped to my knees in front of Ricky. He was wearing a pair of nylon work out pants and I pulled them down revealing what I expected would be a bountiful package. I was not disappointed, but somewhat surprised. Ricky was wearing a tiny black thong and his hard black cock was already straining it to its limits. I marveled at his body for a few seconds then took hold of his dick and guided it inside my salivating mouth. It tasted as good as it looked, and believe me, it looked amazing. Hard as nails and beautifully ebony. Come to think of it, his entire body resembled a Greek statue. And it flashed through my mind that this was why the Greeks had believed that their Gods walked among the humans, because who wouldn’t want to fuck a body like this???

After I’d become intimately acquainted with Ricky’s hard cock, wetting it down with my hot mouth juices, I led him into my bedroom where he proceeded to remove my jeans with no hesitation. We both had a little giggle over the fact that our thongs appeared to match. Next thing I knew mine had disappeared and Ricky had me on my back, my legs spread wide and he was making a meal out of my sopping wet pussy. Ricky looked up at me, stopped just long enough to say, “God, I love your pussy, it tastes like ripe summer peaches . I could just eat you all day long.”
In minutes Ricky’s expert mouth had made me come twice. Each time as I came he made a “Mmmmm,” sound. He looked up at me from my cunt and said, “Gotta fuck you now while you’re good and wet. You ready for this big black cock, baby?”
In answer to his query I layed back on the bed, spread my legs wide and watched him guide his dark meat to my pussy. He slid his cock slowly inside me and I exploded again, a cluster of orgasms like fireworks on the 4th of July, only so much better. Ricky slid slowly in and out, allowing me to feel every jolt to my body. Then he started pounding my pussy, showing no mercy for his new found white slut. He meant business. I could feel his cock growing harder yet, as if that were even possible! He turned me over and put me on top of him so I could ride him properly like the fine stud he was. His entire body was one hard muscle but it performed like a prima ballerina, such precision, such beauty. His hands grabbed my ass-cheeks and pulled me up and down over his throbbing dick. As controlled as Ricky was, I could tell he was becoming engorged with a hot load of jizz. I loved fucking Ricky but I couldn’t wait for him to shower me with his load. Watching a stud cum on me, or inside me, is the ultimate conclusion to a great fuck, and I found myself eager to coax that hot sticky load right out of him.

“I’m gonna spread my black seed all over your nasty little white pussy. You ready to take it?”
I nodded that I was.
“What was that? I didn’t hear you, my fine slut. You ready for my cum?”
“Yes! Oh God yes, I want it, now!”
“Do you deserve my black seed? Are you worthy?”
“What do I have to do to prove that I am?”
“I’m gonna shoot a load for you, and then I want you to wear it all day long. You put your panties back on and you wear my cum all day. You understand?”
It was an interesting request, one I’d never had before. I liked the idea. Wearing his cum all over my pussy all day long reminding me of what a slutty little whore I really am.
“Okay,” I said.
“Oh yeah, you gonna wear my seed all day long, just to prove you my white whore. Mine. You ready? Cause I’m gonna spray my seed on you, right now.”
“Yes, yes, I want it now!” I said, I could not wait to be marked his personal whore.
Ricky came hard, painting my white skin with his hot creamy load. It felt incredible, and I couldn’t help myself, I had to rub my fingers in it. But true to my word, I slid my panties on over his jizz and felt the wetness soak into my little black lacy thong. Ricky seemed pleased.

Before Ricky left he shook Jason’s hand and said it had been a pleasure meeting us both. I apologized for making him miss his class that morning and he smiled. “No worries,” he said, “you were well worth it, Miss jackie.”
I handed him my cinnamon bun as he walked out the door. Suddenly I’d lost my desire for it and I thought he could use a little sugar rush. Ricky seemed happy to accept my parting gift. I closed the door and turned to hubby. “Wow, now that’s what I call dark roast!”
Hubby took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. “My turn,” was all he said.
The thing I love best about being a HotWife is, you never know where the day will take you.







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December 20, 2011

Perfect Timing

Hotwife Brenda has written in again. You can check out her first submission below. Great to hear from you Brenda, keep up all the sexy fun!


I’ve been making-love with my new boyfriend now for around a month and a half. I love ‘being’ with him whenever I can. But being married with two wonderful and active daughters, it can be very hard to find quality time for Mom. So my new beau & I sometimes have to get a little creative with what time we do have. Even if it is just to visit with each other for a while. We talk everyday at least once on the phone. I have my phone play the song, ‘Sexual Healing’ when he calls, so my darling Hubby knows not to answer it. I’m being mean I know, but in a fun way! But when it comes to having ‘quality’ time together with my lover, we usually have to make plans in advance. But, it is definitely worth the effort. Last week, we both made plans to take personal days off from work on Wednesday. I was so excited, because my boyfriend & I were going to be together at MY house for the very first time.

After my husband went to work that morning, I got up and got my youngest daughter ready like I always do and took her to school. Traffic is always a mess at this time, but I ’suffered’ through it and dropped my little girl off for the day. I called my oldest daughter at home to make sure she was running on time to leave for high school herself. I felt so nervous as I tried to keep everything going according to schedule. And thank goodness it did. Everything went perfectly except I couldn’t get back home fast enough. I called my lover to let him know the coast was clear and that I couldn’t wait to touch & feel him. When I finally turned on our street, he was already there and waiting. I went inside feeling like a naughty little girl who pulled off the perfect crime and loved every minute of it.

We made love and played with each other all morning long in my (and my husband’s) bed. In my very own bedroom, I sucked on my lover’s warm cock and let him put every bit of it inside me. I also felt his hands squeeze my bare bottom as he cummed inside me. After that we talked and held each other and kissed until I got up and made us something to eat. Then we went back to bed and watched one of my favorite movies before we played a little more. I then had to send him home.

I only had time to change the sheets and get dressed before I had to leave to pick up my girl from school. And there I was, smelling like my lover’s body & perspiration, still tasting my loving cock in my mouth (or wishing that I did) and feeling his cum between my legs. And I didn’t feel the least bit guilty about any of it. I was just glad my daughter was not old enough to have caught on to it. When we got home, I was back to being mom and got dinner started. Pretending that nothing special had happened to me at all.

When I went to bed that night I still had my lover’s cum inside me as I laid beside my husband. It was an incredible moment for me. I didn’t feel bad at all. I felt complete. I felt very sexual. I felt what it meant to be loved by one man after being loved on by another. Women really are complicated. And I’m so thankful to be one.

Submitted by: Brenda - Oklahoma City

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December 18, 2011

Creampie from a member

Email sent in from Hotwife slut Ruthie.

I just wanted to write ya and say hi and hope that you’ve had a great year so far. I’ve been extremely busy moving and stuff, but never to busy to get some cock hehehe. so I’m sending you over some pics and a story about what I’ve been up to.

I fucked another member of my site. He was passing through Des Moines on business and I met him on his way back home. He rented a really nice room downtown. I’m used to fucking guys in cheap motels and I love that but this was kinda nice for a change. We got to know each other for a few minutes before I got naked and sucked him. Then he shoved his bare cock in my slutty pussy and fucked me like a whore till He filled me with his Chicago cum.. I had lots of fun.

Love ya,

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

Baby Ruthie

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December 16, 2011

Parking lot wife

A submission today from a very sexy Midwest Hotwife


I have turned into such a Black Cock Whore, I love to suck Big Black Cock!

Here I am with a complete stranger I met at a bar one night. He was sitting at a table with his friends. I went over to the table, smiled and sat down next to him. I reached under the table and rubbed my hand against his cock. He let me rub it for a while then he took my hand and took me out to the parking lot to his car. Here is a picture one of his friends took of us when they come outside. When I was finished with him I took care of his friend as well. There were only a few words exchanged that night.

Midwest Wife

Submitted by: HotWifeH - Midwest


December 14, 2011

Rebecca and Big Billy

Diary update from Rebecca Dream

They say that you should be careful what you wish for. Big Billy was in town and called to tell me to meet him at his hotel. When he calls, I have to go. He has such power over me. I’m not sure what it is. Is it his magic wand? It just puts me in a trance. What shocked me was he had his own cameraman there ready to help us put on a show. I was not prepared for this.

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

Rebecca Dream

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December 12, 2011

My Filipina Wife

Cuckold Place Update

My Filipina Wife

We had been married 6 years when she had her first lover. I was hoping it would be sooner, but now I am glad we waited.

Trust and emotional security is so important before taking the step. She is naturally shy and timid like Filipinas often are and it has taken time for her to feel empowered and liberated, but now she really likes that feeling and I can see how good it does her.

She set up a profile with pics on a couple of dating sites and soon men from our local area began flirting with her online. After much doubt, longing and hesitation she made a date. A man she had known for months invited her to visit him. The fellow picked her up at our house. She ran to his truck and jumped in as I was hiding behind the curtains peeking my heart racing and my nerves a jangle.

Was going out of my mind for those 4 hours she was gone, imagining this, fearing that, the whole emotional roller coaster ride. Peeking out the window every five minutes, well you know how it is.

When she returned and opened our door I saw the new glow about her and again I felt the mixed turmoil of emotion racing through me.

She described everything as it had happened, how they were chatting on his sofa about mundane things sipping coffee. There followed one of those uncomfortable silences but it was soon broken when the fellow let out a guttural battle cry and jumped her where she sat almost bowling her over. She was more excited than startled, for she wanted this. His hands were all over her, his mouth breathing lustily into her ear. He lifted her 45 kg frame easily into his arms and carried her into his bedroom.

He had her stripped in record time and kicking his pants off knelt down to have a taste of her now very wet pussy. As he got on top of my sweet darling she guided his long shaft into her. In the passion of the moment they both quickly had an orgasm, but after a little breather he was on her again and she was begging him to use her some more, kissing and licking his neck in gratitude and squeezing his firm buns in her hands with every forceful long thrust. They both came harder this time and now took a half hour breather before he declaring to a cheerful reception that there would be one more for the road.

I was watching with binoculars as they were chatting in his car when he returned to drop her off. (I know how pathetic that sounds) Entering our home, she took me by the hand to the leather couch and instructed me to lick her clean after her lover, while she talked describing her feelings and what a passionate lover the guy was. His cum had foamed inside her from all the fucking and soon I had a dull numbness feeling on my tongue as I performed my first cuckold duty.

Originally I had doubts that I would be able to do that, but on the day it was a happy chore, the taste of another man intermixed with her love juices exciting me no end.

Like I said at the start, a couple of months later they did it again. It is so ingrained in her that sex equals love that she had doubts whether it would be a good idea to do it again, for she feared that she would fall in love with him. After we discussed that issue and I assured her that it was OK with me if she had crushes on guys as long as I owned the rights to her heart, she did it again and enjoyed it even more than the first time, but still feeling unsure of trusting herself, she cut off contact from him.

Since then over a year has passed and our bond is stronger than ever. She needs to do this at her own speed, she will pick the guy and she will choose the time and opportunity. The other day she was giving her slave a helping hand, gave me a mischievous grin and said: “What am I going to do with this little thing? It cannot satisfy me, I need a bigger cock to satisfy me, in fact I am aching for it” My load shot halfway to the ceiling.

It´s going to happen soon again, I can feel it in my cucky bones.

Submitted by: Proteinn1

My Filipina Wife

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