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November 13, 2011

Jackie’s Dominant Bull

Our no.1 voted Hotwife Jackie blog update.


A White Wife Meets a Black Bull

For quite a long time I had fantasized about a night with a dominant black bull, a real sexual free-for-all where I would be completely submissive to an experienced BBC lover. To be honest, I’d always been turned on by black men, but I was quite shy sexually until my husband encouraged me to enter the hotwife lifestyle.

When my husband first broached the subject of sharing me with other men, I thought he must be kidding. I couldn’t believe that he seriously wanted to allow other men to have me. I wasn’t sure whether to be insulted or to jump for joy. Secretly of course, I had intense fantasies of being with other men. But I could never act on them. And I loved my husband and didn’t want to jeopardize our marriage. It took some convincing on his part, that we could really make it work, other men fucking me, and my husband being okay with it. But after he brought it up several times I became so excited by the idea of sex with a stranger that I agreed to try it.

It probably comes as no surprise that I liked it very much. But my husband sensed that I wanted to go a little further with my adventures. He suggested that I try sex with a black man. For me, it was like winning the lotto, the idea of finally acting on a longtime sexual fantasy. I had married at a very young age and had not done much dating before my husband, so the opportunity just hadn’t come along. But like I said before, I’d always had a strong attraction to black men, but how to get started? I consider myself incredibly lucky in that respect, because my husband had taken it upon himself to find “dates” for me, men that fit me like a glove (or perhaps it’s the other way around!).

It so happened that my birthday came around and I am one of those women that really could do without them altogether. I know that some people really get into the spirit of the celebration, but I find it’s mostly a lot of hype that never lives up to expectations, so I find it best to play down the whole day. No parties, no gifts, maybe a quiet dinner with hubby. But he had other birthday plans for me. He knew I harbored a longtime fantasy to be fucked and fully used by a dominant black lover. So unbeknownst to me he arranged for a black bull to meet me on my birthday. What a surprise. What a present.

Hubby told me that we were going to dinner at a restaurant near the runway of the airport. It may seem a strange choice to some people, but we both love to watch planes land and take-off. I wore a sexy little pair of black fishnet stockings and some naughty black lingerie expecting that my husband would bring me back home afterwards and give me a good birthday fuck! But just as we arrived at the airport I received a call on my cellphone. The voice was no one I knew but he clearly knew me. The voice was deep and husky and completely in charge. He told me to go to the gift shop/restaurant, that he would be waiting to meet me. He said, “I know you will want to meet me, so don’t keep me waiting Jackie, I do not like to be kept waiting, and I expect your pussy to be wet. Do you understand?”

I almost dropped the phone, I was so turned on. I had no idea who this man was, not a clue about what he looked like, but all I could think about was hurrying to the gift shop and hoped I wasn’t late. Was it a dream? It most certainly was a fantasy come true. My husband said, “Jackie, where are you going?” “Gotta go,” I said, ” I have a date at the gift shop. Now!.”

I realized now that hubby lagged behind as I walked quickly to the gift shop. He had set the whole date up and he wanted me to experience it all by myself… like a gift. When I arrived I knew my date immediately. He didn’t wave or motion to me but I went right to him like a cat to catnip. He was a man to be noticed, a man that commanded attention. He was an incredibly sexy black man. I walked right up to him and said hi. He eyed me as if I were a puzzle he had to solve. If he was attracted to me he gave nothing away. “Sit down my little slut,” he whispered in my ear, “I ordered you a glass of wine. Drink it. And while you do, I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do to you tonight.”

I sat, I drank, he told me how he planned to fuck me and to use me. It was almost more then I could stand, my pussy so wet now. Then, no sooner had I drained my glass than he was escorting me out the doors of the airport and into a rental car. I wasn’t sure where my husband was, but I assumed it was part of the plan. The Bull drove me to a motel close by. He had a keycard and opened the door. Without a word he pushed me down onto the bed, spread my legs, and dove into my pussy, already soaked. He expertly gnawed on my clit, using tongue, teeth, and fingers, only stopping to tell me how I would enjoy being his little whore. Before I knew what was happening I’d already cum twice. Then he began working on my pussy. First a few fingers, then his entire fist up inside me. “You like that, don’t you,” he teased, “I know all about slutty wives like you. I’m gonna fuck you in ways you only dreamed about. You may be hot, and a few guys have fucked you but nothing like I’m going to fuck you. You will be thanking your husband for this.”

I was so hot I almost felt drugged. But anyone who has ever been that turned on knows exactly what I’m talking about, it’s almost an out-of-body experience. The Bull stood up and ordered me to suck his huge black cock. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his hard dick into my mouth. “That’s it, take it deep baby!” I took his cock as deep down my throat as I could without gagging hoping to please him. As I sucked his dick he reached back behind me and began finger fucking my pussy and then he began to explore my tight asshole, finally pushing a finger in and out of each hole. I had a feeling I knew where this was going. He would expect to fuck my ass, and I assumed that he would not take no for an answer.

He lay back on the bed and told me to get on top of him and fuck him, now. I did as I was told. As I lowered my pussy onto his hard black cock he was so big and so very hard and penetrated my pussy deeper than It had ever been before. My carnal juices dripped down his cock and I moaned in ecstasy. “You like that, You like being my slut?” Go ahead, you do the fucking. Up and down on my big black cock.” He slapped my ass cheeks hard like I was a race horse who needed motivation then he grabbed my hips and pulled me up and down on his hard cock till I got the rhythm and was the one fucking him. “You like my big black cock? I knew you would. You are gonna make a great whore. And very soon, you got that? I will fuck you and train you how to be a good slut for black cock. When I call, you will come whenever I want you and I will fuck you and use your married white pussy and ass. I will be your master! Your husband will have a fine white married slut to pimp to all the brotha’s in town. He will thank me for that!”

I had never been talked to like that and all my senses were exploding with those images in my head. I was in total heat and only wanted and needed to be fucked and used by as many black men as I my mind could conjure. I hoped my husband was listening and taking heed! “Now I’m gonna fuck you in the ass. Get on all fours. You got a problem with that?” I shook my head no and did as I was told. I had a little trepidation, taking such a huge cock up my ass. But I wasn’t about to say no to him. He pushed his big cock into my asshole and my entire body shuttered with pain and pleasure and I held on to the bedspread, trying to keep my balance as he began fucking my ass from behind. He held nothing back, fucking me anally from every position. “You had enough yet?” I shook my head no. I couldn’t believe I was asking for more, and he actually let out a little laugh. “That’s what I thought,” he said. After a particularly hard pounding he finally pulled his cock out of my ass, turned me over and said, “Suck me off, whore. Do it right.”

I wasn’t sure what “right” meant, but I took him deep, I sucked his balls, and then I tasted his pre-cum rising to his penis head. I was so excited I could barely stand it, I was finally going to make this Bull cum! I truly was his submissive little whore now. This black bull made me realize who I was and what I was. Suddenly he shot his hot load all over my face and mouth. I swallowed quickly agin to keep from gagging and then I licked the rest of his cum off my lips. My only regret was that there wasn’t more!

Finally I lay back on the bed, completely spent, looking around as if just having come out of a trance. That’s when I saw my husband sitting in a chair. “Happy Birthday, Jackie,” he said with a big grin.” I smiled back weakly. The Black Bull held out his hand and said, “Hi Jackie, I’m James. Nice to meet you! And, Happy birthday, girl.”

It was by far, without a doubt, the best birthday present I’ve ever had!









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5 Responses to “Jackie’s Dominant Bull”

  1. Ken said:

    This post reveals exactly why Jackie is the number one hotwife two years running. There’s no pretense to her. There’s no phoniness. She’s just a cool woman who loves the cock like nobody else. Of all the hotwives, there is none who is so comfortable in her own skin, although Oasis and Janet Mason come close.

    She just comes across as really likable and honest and cockcrazy. You get the sense that if she wanted to stop tomorrow and invest her energies in something else, she’d do it and she’d do it with as much enthusiasm and effort as she does this. But let’s hope she never does that!!!!

  2. Hoosier said:

    The incomparable Jackie, to whom I never tire of masturbating!

  3. paul said:

    I just came twicce with that. I love reading it, and I adore seeing the black man with Jackie, especially when he’s really doing her bum. Anal with a hotwife and her explicitly talking about it is HOT! I’d love to be one of Jackie’s cucks!

  4. tom said:

    Finally a bareback sex set. Jackie has a great site and I only wish she’d do more bareback with creampies. Those would be very hot indeed.

  5. Steve said:

    Someone please tell me, are there any black male cuckolds out there. I feel like Im the only one in existence.
    My wife is black and dont get me wrong I love being a black bisexual cuckold, but am I the only black cucky?

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