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November 3, 2011

Knocked Up

Black Bachelor Diary Update - written by Army Wife

I Got Knocked Up By A Black Man

Some things can’t be faked. True interest, true intimacy, true love. It seems that these things can’t be faked over the long haul. Lately I’ve been struggling with something and I think the answer may be simple. I have wanted the distance between my husband (deported to Iraq) and he has not objected to my complaints of being sexually neglected and to perhaps find a solution whilst he is away. The symptom that I didn’t want to accept was a nearly sexless marriage, so the unthinkable happened to me. I met a really nice guy a few months back, I told my husband about it via several written letters & phone conversations. Looking back on everything now, I now realize it was a somewhat cruel act on my part.

I’m now pregnant with another mans child. My husband says he will be supportive, but who knows how he may react when he returns home full time. We have both practiced a poly lifestyle in our marriage, before he left for active duty, however the sex with my new black lover is so much more intense and passionate. I feel guilty, but I love the perverted and dark side of sex we share. Time will tell, but for now I guess I will just take it one day at a time. Or one orgasm at a time.

Knocked up 8 month, Army Wife.


Army Wife

Army Wife

Army Wife

Army Wife

Army Wife

Army Wife

Army Wife

Army Wife

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8 Responses to “Knocked Up”

  1. Frank said:

    God thats crazy hot

  2. Marco said:

    You can leave the ‘hot’ out, this just goes too far…

  3. David said:

    Do not let the other comments discourage you, if this is something you and your hubby desire with the poly lifestyles, do what makes you happy.

  4. Deuceandahalf said:

    You look so happy and you are absolutely beautiful!Your husband is very lucky to have you, and I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to raise this child.

  5. don said:

    birth control is not foolproof. If you have a wife that loves you that is the most important thing of all. My sex life with my wife went down hill for a long time until we went to marriage counceling. It was during that time she told me my penis was too small but she loved me and did not want to leave me. She now has two commited relationships with black men ( they are on average bigger than white men) and she is happy. I also discovered that seeing a black cock in my wife and knowing that he comes inside her really turns me on . I can masterbate any time I want too. We understand that she may get pregnant and that is a part of life.

  6. mick2005 said:

    you are just beautiful!your man is very luck!

  7. mrupfront said:

    You belly looks so good with that black baby in it your husband is a very lucky guy, my wife has been having a lot of black men cum in her trying to get knocked up as well

  8. KenN said:

    This doesn’t go too far. For many men this is a fantasy to not only have their wife cheat on them, but for them to cheat on them with a black guy and get knocked up. Too those of us who share this fantasy does not find it to be sick at all regardless of what others opinions may be.

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