November 29, 2011

Andrew my first time

Julie writes in again to let us know about that very first experience that made her a hotwife.


My husband had long wanted me to have sex with another man and finally after months of persuasion I gave in to his desire. He brought his friend Andrew home one night to our home. I was in the living room wearing no bra and no panties under my dress.

Andrew started the night off playing my breasts squeezing them and pinching my hard nipples. I felt very excited and thrilled having another man other than my husband touching me. My pussy began to get really wet and horny. I took off my dress and was soon fully naked before him. I was soon stroking his hard cock and from his facial expression I could see he loved what I was doing to him. His hands traveled down from my breasts to my wet pussy and soon he had his fingers inside me wet cunt.

I closed my eyes savoring the delights he was giving me and I groaned and moaned in pleasure . My husband knew that I was ready to take Andrew’s cock in my pussy and he led us both to the guest room . I lay down on the bed with my legs wide opened as Andrew shoved his hard cock into me . I had my orgasm almost at once as he started to pound me wet pussy . Orgasms after orgasms followed and I found it so exciting to have sex with another man for the first time in my married life.

My husband was in the too watching his wife cumming over and over like a whore and I knew he was enjoying the sight of another man taking me. I wrapped my legs around Andrew’s waist as he rammed his cock deep into me. He was a long stayer and after almost an hour of wonderful sex he shot his hot sperm into my willing horny cunt. My body went into sexual convulsions with the entry of his sperm into my womb and I screamed out in delight.

When he pulled his cock out of my fucked cunt I could feel some of his sperm oozing out.The sight of creaming cum flowing out of my fucked pussy was too much for my husband and he mounted me and shoved his cock deep into me and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I kept cumming over and over and when my hubby unloaded his cum into me I was in heaven This was the first time that I have the cum of two different men inside me.

This episode was to change my whole life as far as sex was concerned. My desire to have sex with other men seemed so natural to me now and my husband was delighted that I felt this way. Later I took on many other lovers and even strangers and my sex drive seemed to be insatiable. But that is another story altogether.


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Submitted by: Julie - Canada


November 27, 2011

Fantasy interview

Hotwife Barbi Sinclair dairy update:

These photos are from a video that is a little bit different than the ones I usually post on my site. As you will soon see, this one was not video taped by my husband Jimmy and it was in fact a non-spontaneous sexual adventure. You see, I got this idea from a few of you members wanting to see me do a video in an office setting wearing my glasses and office attire. I also had this idea hit me recently when I was actually interviewing for a real job, wearing almost the same kind of outfit (of which I didn’t get the job, but got an idea for this video, so I guess it wasn’t a total loss, right?). When I got home from that interview, I called a friend of mine who is a producer, and asked him if he wouldn’t mind video taping my idea. When he told me we could use his office to shot the scene, I asked him when and with whom could I do it with? He replied he didn’t know of any guys who wouldn’t want to have sex with me and told me he would take care of it. We made plans for the end of the week, and up to the actual day of filming the scene, I had no idea of who I would be having sex with, which made it very erotic, not to mention making me horny as hell. When I got to the office the day of filming, I was actually pleased to see that it was a friend of mine named Shaundam, I love his BBC and let me tell you, he knows how to get his BBC to hit my g-spot. Anyway, I hope that you like this video even though it wasn’t a spontaneous one. I know Jimmy loved it.








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November 25, 2011

My new lifestyle

Another new Hotwife enters the lifestyle. This is Brenda’s story


I have been curious about the hotwife lifestyle for a long time. For some reason the last couple of years, I have wanted to take part in it more then ever. Two years ago, when I turned 38 I finally confessed to my husband during our love-making. Needless to say, he didn’t know how to take it. So, I didn’t push it and gently ‘worked’ on him for well over a year and a half. I was patient, loving and reassuring when I brought up the subject. I was also persistent, well-planned and determined… like most women are!

Six months ago, my husband told me while we were together in bed that I could take a lover if I really wanted to. I felt this terrific rush through my entire body. I was and still am excited about getting to step out of my comfort zone and into the waiting arms of other men. It only took me around 3 months to meet someone that I enjoy going out with. He is 9 years younger than me and has been willing to put in the time dating me so to speak. I have been giving him my thursday nights, along with an extra night or saturday afternoon here and there, to dine and spoil me.

Two weeks ago, was my 40th birthday. I decided that on that day I was finally going to do it. I was going to be ‘unfaithful’ to my husband for the very first time. We planned my party for 2:00 in the afternoon, so our family and everyone would be gone by 5 or 6. By 8:00, I was meeting my soon to be lover at his apartment to go out to dinner. It was the very first time he put his hand on my inner thigh. It was incredible. We held hands, kissed, hugged, held each other close. After dinner, we went back to his place and made love. It was the most liberating experience of my life. Words can’t describe it. Being naked and exposed in front of another man. Felling his hand touch my warm, waiting and deserving vagina. My hand around his ‘member’. Holding it. squeezing it. And yes, taking it into my mouth to suck on it. Knowing that soon it was going to be inside me. It felt different between my legs than my husband’s, but different in a sensual life changing way. Yes, I said life changing. It was so pleasing and beautiful to feel as it entered me. I wish it could of lasted for hours. I ended up spending the night and going home around noon the next day. Since then, we have already met 2 more times. I hope that I’ll get to continue meeting him on a weekly basis. Like I said, it is quite a liberating experience.

Submitted by: Brenda - Oklahoma City


November 23, 2011

Cheating with who

It’s been a while since Daisy has sneaked off for some of her naughty fun. Well naughty fun that I know about lol.

She has got into the habit of not telling me about some of her adventures and arranged dates, just sending me through some pictures on my phone after the event. Sometimes days after. I love how it keeps me guessing.

These latest ones popped into my mms folder this morning so I felt like I had to share with you all. When she gets home later hopefully I can get some more details of what happened and when to satisfy my curiousity. Enjoy the pics.



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November 21, 2011

Fucked her ex

Husband K writes in again.


Hello, the last time I wrote you was about my wife blowing her ex in a parking lot, it was entitled, “Car Park Blowjob“.

Well yesterday she finally fucked her ex. He called her and said he wanted her so she told me to book a hotel room for them and then she went and played with him. The text I got from her afterwards just said, “I just had some mind blowing sex”. I just didn’t know how mind blowing it was until she got back home.

She told me all about how it had been so long that he literally just ripped her clothes off. He played with her tits and then rammed her so hard the hotel manager called their room to say there was complaints about a woman screaming too loud.

She told me how he tried to fuck her up the ass but his dick was just too wide to fit and that he said that I need to help her work on that so next time it won’t hurt her. In fact she said they fucked about six times that evening and when she came home to me the next morning, her pussy was still wide open. She let me fuck her but laughed because she couldn’t feel my dick in her because he had stretched her so wide. So the whole time, I was fucking her she never got an orgasm. After I came, she made me call him and tell him that he made her too wide for me. He just laughed and said “Good, now work on that ass of hers so I can make it too wide as well.”

She now doesn’t let me fuck her pussy, only her ass so I can get it ready for her ex. I finally told her that I really don’t like this and she told me it was too late, I was the one that wanted it and if I don’t like it, that’s just too bad, because she now remembers how GREAT his cock is and she wants it whenever she can get it. She’s right, whether I like it or not, I did get my wish. I got my wife to be another man’s whore.

Ks wife

Submitted by: K - California, USA


November 19, 2011

Rachel’s member meet

Rachel Reveals Diary Update

I received an email today from a brand new member who was local to me.

“Hey Rach, just joined your superb website, the members content is amazing!!”, well anyway Rach, just wanted to send you this pic of my big boy! I bet you can’t deep throat this – I’m quite local to you if you fancy having a go!”

Well like a red rag to a Bull I was grabbing my car keys and off out the door ready to show him who’s boss, I was gonna swallow that fucker whole. And deep throat the shit out of him till he spunked that full heavy load right down the back of my throat balls deep.

I think I managed it!

Great horny pics im sure your agree And of course my mouth IS the best in the South West.

Rach xx




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November 17, 2011

Movie uploads on the Hub

Movie Uploads at Hotwife Hub

There is now over 1000 of you that have joined in the fun at new free Facebook style community Hotwife Hub

From the feedback I’m getting in seems you are enjoying the site and making new friends in the lifestyle. It’s great to see how many Hotwives have signed up to, so thanks everyone who has taken the time to make a profile.

I have recently introduced movie uploads to the site. You might have noticed the new ‘movies’ menu item on the left hand menu. To upload a movie to Hotwife Hub you must first create a ‘Content Provider’ account. This will allow you to upload a movie to your profile and have other members view that movie depending on your privacy settings.

You can either set a movie as ‘free’, or you can set a price which will also allow you to earn revenue on the views it receives.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts. Have a very sexy weekend everyone!

Best regards,
Your Webmaster

Hot Wife Hub

Check out HotWife Hub here


November 15, 2011

Pregnant from black cock

It’s been 2 years since we’ve heard from Sheila. But she’s been back in touch with an update for us all.


Hey Trash, I know it has been a while since I posted or contacted you. I wanted to send an update to you so you can post it on the site for everyone. Anyhow I wanted you all to know that I had gotten with a black man, and he got me pregnant. I told my husband I wanted the baby he was ok with it. I had a black daughter who is now 7 months old and I’ve been taking a little break for a bit.

But now I wanted you to know I’m looking for a few black men to use me on a regular basis, like a few times a month if not more. I want a long term arrangement as I think this would benefit me. Please update this to your blog, and I promise I will submit more updates to you,

Also I thought I’d attach these pictures. These are the pictures of the night i got black fucked, and pregnant. Anyhow I need to meet more black men to use me for their fun, and mine of course. Looking for long term use and of course bareback. Thanks Sheila

Submitted by: Sheila - Savannah, GA










November 13, 2011

Jackie’s Dominant Bull

Our no.1 voted Hotwife Jackie blog update.


A White Wife Meets a Black Bull

For quite a long time I had fantasized about a night with a dominant black bull, a real sexual free-for-all where I would be completely submissive to an experienced BBC lover. To be honest, I’d always been turned on by black men, but I was quite shy sexually until my husband encouraged me to enter the hotwife lifestyle.

When my husband first broached the subject of sharing me with other men, I thought he must be kidding. I couldn’t believe that he seriously wanted to allow other men to have me. I wasn’t sure whether to be insulted or to jump for joy. Secretly of course, I had intense fantasies of being with other men. But I could never act on them. And I loved my husband and didn’t want to jeopardize our marriage. It took some convincing on his part, that we could really make it work, other men fucking me, and my husband being okay with it. But after he brought it up several times I became so excited by the idea of sex with a stranger that I agreed to try it.

It probably comes as no surprise that I liked it very much. But my husband sensed that I wanted to go a little further with my adventures. He suggested that I try sex with a black man. For me, it was like winning the lotto, the idea of finally acting on a longtime sexual fantasy. I had married at a very young age and had not done much dating before my husband, so the opportunity just hadn’t come along. But like I said before, I’d always had a strong attraction to black men, but how to get started? I consider myself incredibly lucky in that respect, because my husband had taken it upon himself to find “dates” for me, men that fit me like a glove (or perhaps it’s the other way around!).

It so happened that my birthday came around and I am one of those women that really could do without them altogether. I know that some people really get into the spirit of the celebration, but I find it’s mostly a lot of hype that never lives up to expectations, so I find it best to play down the whole day. No parties, no gifts, maybe a quiet dinner with hubby. But he had other birthday plans for me. He knew I harbored a longtime fantasy to be fucked and fully used by a dominant black lover. So unbeknownst to me he arranged for a black bull to meet me on my birthday. What a surprise. What a present.

Hubby told me that we were going to dinner at a restaurant near the runway of the airport. It may seem a strange choice to some people, but we both love to watch planes land and take-off. I wore a sexy little pair of black fishnet stockings and some naughty black lingerie expecting that my husband would bring me back home afterwards and give me a good birthday fuck! But just as we arrived at the airport I received a call on my cellphone. The voice was no one I knew but he clearly knew me. The voice was deep and husky and completely in charge. He told me to go to the gift shop/restaurant, that he would be waiting to meet me. He said, “I know you will want to meet me, so don’t keep me waiting Jackie, I do not like to be kept waiting, and I expect your pussy to be wet. Do you understand?”

I almost dropped the phone, I was so turned on. I had no idea who this man was, not a clue about what he looked like, but all I could think about was hurrying to the gift shop and hoped I wasn’t late. Was it a dream? It most certainly was a fantasy come true. My husband said, “Jackie, where are you going?” “Gotta go,” I said, ” I have a date at the gift shop. Now!.”

I realized now that hubby lagged behind as I walked quickly to the gift shop. He had set the whole date up and he wanted me to experience it all by myself… like a gift. When I arrived I knew my date immediately. He didn’t wave or motion to me but I went right to him like a cat to catnip. He was a man to be noticed, a man that commanded attention. He was an incredibly sexy black man. I walked right up to him and said hi. He eyed me as if I were a puzzle he had to solve. If he was attracted to me he gave nothing away. “Sit down my little slut,” he whispered in my ear, “I ordered you a glass of wine. Drink it. And while you do, I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do to you tonight.”

I sat, I drank, he told me how he planned to fuck me and to use me. It was almost more then I could stand, my pussy so wet now. Then, no sooner had I drained my glass than he was escorting me out the doors of the airport and into a rental car. I wasn’t sure where my husband was, but I assumed it was part of the plan. The Bull drove me to a motel close by. He had a keycard and opened the door. Without a word he pushed me down onto the bed, spread my legs, and dove into my pussy, already soaked. He expertly gnawed on my clit, using tongue, teeth, and fingers, only stopping to tell me how I would enjoy being his little whore. Before I knew what was happening I’d already cum twice. Then he began working on my pussy. First a few fingers, then his entire fist up inside me. “You like that, don’t you,” he teased, “I know all about slutty wives like you. I’m gonna fuck you in ways you only dreamed about. You may be hot, and a few guys have fucked you but nothing like I’m going to fuck you. You will be thanking your husband for this.”

I was so hot I almost felt drugged. But anyone who has ever been that turned on knows exactly what I’m talking about, it’s almost an out-of-body experience. The Bull stood up and ordered me to suck his huge black cock. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his hard dick into my mouth. “That’s it, take it deep baby!” I took his cock as deep down my throat as I could without gagging hoping to please him. As I sucked his dick he reached back behind me and began finger fucking my pussy and then he began to explore my tight asshole, finally pushing a finger in and out of each hole. I had a feeling I knew where this was going. He would expect to fuck my ass, and I assumed that he would not take no for an answer.

He lay back on the bed and told me to get on top of him and fuck him, now. I did as I was told. As I lowered my pussy onto his hard black cock he was so big and so very hard and penetrated my pussy deeper than It had ever been before. My carnal juices dripped down his cock and I moaned in ecstasy. “You like that, You like being my slut?” Go ahead, you do the fucking. Up and down on my big black cock.” He slapped my ass cheeks hard like I was a race horse who needed motivation then he grabbed my hips and pulled me up and down on his hard cock till I got the rhythm and was the one fucking him. “You like my big black cock? I knew you would. You are gonna make a great whore. And very soon, you got that? I will fuck you and train you how to be a good slut for black cock. When I call, you will come whenever I want you and I will fuck you and use your married white pussy and ass. I will be your master! Your husband will have a fine white married slut to pimp to all the brotha’s in town. He will thank me for that!”

I had never been talked to like that and all my senses were exploding with those images in my head. I was in total heat and only wanted and needed to be fucked and used by as many black men as I my mind could conjure. I hoped my husband was listening and taking heed! “Now I’m gonna fuck you in the ass. Get on all fours. You got a problem with that?” I shook my head no and did as I was told. I had a little trepidation, taking such a huge cock up my ass. But I wasn’t about to say no to him. He pushed his big cock into my asshole and my entire body shuttered with pain and pleasure and I held on to the bedspread, trying to keep my balance as he began fucking my ass from behind. He held nothing back, fucking me anally from every position. “You had enough yet?” I shook my head no. I couldn’t believe I was asking for more, and he actually let out a little laugh. “That’s what I thought,” he said. After a particularly hard pounding he finally pulled his cock out of my ass, turned me over and said, “Suck me off, whore. Do it right.”

I wasn’t sure what “right” meant, but I took him deep, I sucked his balls, and then I tasted his pre-cum rising to his penis head. I was so excited I could barely stand it, I was finally going to make this Bull cum! I truly was his submissive little whore now. This black bull made me realize who I was and what I was. Suddenly he shot his hot load all over my face and mouth. I swallowed quickly agin to keep from gagging and then I licked the rest of his cum off my lips. My only regret was that there wasn’t more!

Finally I lay back on the bed, completely spent, looking around as if just having come out of a trance. That’s when I saw my husband sitting in a chair. “Happy Birthday, Jackie,” he said with a big grin.” I smiled back weakly. The Black Bull held out his hand and said, “Hi Jackie, I’m James. Nice to meet you! And, Happy birthday, girl.”

It was by far, without a doubt, the best birthday present I’ve ever had!









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November 11, 2011

My wifes new lover

Cuckold Place Update

New IR cuchold must tell

Guys and Gals, I have to tell someone my story or I will go crazy. I have an amazing Italian-Brazilian GF, supermodel. She is 41yrs old, 5ft 7in, 115 lbs. Very high class, well educated masters degree, and from a very good and close family. We have been together for 3 years. She is a innocent type, and is more into connection and love and romance, but does have a secret sexy and naughty side. I am 46 now, Irish-Italian, only 5ft 8in and only have a 6in cock.

Well, more and more, the last few years, I have been wanting my GF (Elly) to be with other men, and I have been wanting to become a cuckhold. Not knowing anything or why or how though. But it was burning in me more and more. Elly did not understand me and was trying to understand, it was not in her nature though.

The last year, we found a white man, Jack, and she went out with him and then on the 2nd date, met him at a hotel alone and fucked him. She really enjoyed Jack, but battled with her emotions, mostly because she did not get a deep enough emotional connection. Elly did meet Jack, for me, a couple more times alone and fucked him, but something was missing so she stopped. She said, that she would not sleep with another man unless I was with her.

Back in August on Elly’s Bday, we went to Las Vegas. And Elly was in a very hungry and wild mood from the start. We were there for 4 days. On the 2nd night, we were out so late at clubs dancing, and I drank a lot. Elly does not drink really. It was 4 am, we went back to our hotel (the Aria, very nice). I wanted to have a night cap drink so we went to a bar. As I was talking to some people at the bar. Elly met eyes with a good looking, elegant, very tall, very fit Black Man. He was with 2 friends, and he ( Ben ), kept giving Elly looks and I had no idea of it as I was being Irish and talking and laughing with new friends.

I did not realize, but Elly had stepped away from me and began to chat and talk to Ben. She is NOT the type to approach a man. And she had never talked to a black man ever. But something changed in her. Next thing I know, she walked back to me and said lets go, and took me on a walk with Ben… to his room. I was very drunk, and on the walk to his room, Elly walked with him and I followed behind them in a way.

In the room, right away, she and Ben got naked and she 100% gave herself to Ben. 100% and they connected very deep. With eyes and body. And I laid next to them, on the lower part of the bed, half aware and half dreaming. Elly has a very very tight pussy (to put it blunt). No kids, never married and had only dated white men. Ben, has a huge cock. Huge. Elly’s hand could not even wrap around it was so thick, and it must be 10 to 12 inches long. She sucked his cock for a long time, and he came in her mouth and she swallowed almost all of his cum, she said it was the best tasting cum she ever had and better than mine. I kind of blacked out but they cuddled some, and then showered together, then made out in the bathroom and Ben licked her pussy while he sat her on the counter. Elly said she wanted him inside of her. She told me something inside of her wanted him deep, it was some connection they were sharing and that passion made her want to give herself to Ben.

Ben carried Elly to the (huge california king bed). They totally ignored me. This huge black man, like 6ft 5in man, got on top of Elly and made love to her and fucked her. It took Ben a long time to get inside of Elly because she was too tight, so he had to go super super slow. As they worked to get him inside of her, they kissed deeply and met eyes and whispered to each other. (I was basically asleep out of it).

Elly said, it was like being a virgin and having sex for the very first time as he opened her up more than she could ever imagine. She said he took her breath away more than any man ever has. Ben got very deep in Elly and she said the way they connected, she fell in love with him, as he moved and made love to her and then fucked her for 3 hrs, till about 8am the next morning.

Ben and Elly woke me up, got me dressed, and Elly got me back to my room and I cuddled with Elly and slept for 6 hrs. Later that day, she told me the story. I told her, that was truly a gift for me and I was so happy. Elly and Ben had secretly exchanged phone numbers.

Since August I truly became a cuckold man. Elly was not sure what to think, and really wanted to resist it any further. But I had to honestly tell her it truly made me happy.

Submitted by: v8cobra99

My Wife Elly

My Wife Elly

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