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October 28, 2011

Nameless Stranger

A first Hotwife Blog submission today from Mandy, a 37 year old who’s just discovered her inner slut and her boyfriend Lee is loving every minute of it.


My First Nameless Stranger

Met someone on Craigslist. Didn’t know his name, still don’t. Lee had told me he’d like me to fuck a stranger, so that’s what I set out to do. Meet a stranger.

He came to me on a Saturday night, to my hotel room. I answered the door in lingerie, looked him up and down, then let him in. He looked good, so I dropped to my knees, still no words spoken, and slowly and purposefully, undid his belt, button and zipper. I pulled his pants down, and his huge cock sprang out. Thankfully I was already down, and I rolled on a (HUGE! :0) condom) and took the length of him into my mouth and slowly, carefully, began to blow and suck him. He buried his hands in my hair immediately, and forced himself deeper and deeper down my throat, choking and gagging me, but I took it all. I sucked him for all he was worth, teasing, licking, taking it all, as he forced me to. In no time, he was cumming and cumming, and there was a part of me that wished I was gulping it all down. (safety first though!)

After he had spent himself, I got up, and we moved over to the bed. We engaged in a bit of small talk, but still no names. I had no desire to know his, and I didn’t want him to know mine. I wanted to fuck him, use him, then send him on his way, knowing we’d both gotten what we wanted.

A really short time later (he was a MACHINE) he pressed me onto my back and suddenly and quickly parted my legs, felt for my waiting wet hole, and sank himself deep inside me. He licked my neck and pulled my hair while he pumped in and out of me. (as an aside, safety me… I made him stop and slip on a condom!) He entered me again, me on my back, him with his hands grasping the ankles of my legs, which were spread to an almost 180 degree angle. All the better to take his huge cock that was pounding forcefully into me.

He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. He thrust in and out, my legs in his hands, while telling me how exciting it was to be fucking a nameless whore. I ate it up, I swallowed his cock with my pussy, while my back arched with the mind blowing G spot orgasm he was bringing me to. I came hard and loud, and when I was done he fucked me even harder, faster, till he too came hard. He collapsed on top of me.. spent. We fell asleep.

The next thing I knew, I was vaguely awake, and he was behind me, trying to force my ass apart, and himself into me. No condom, no lube, he just wanted to fuck my tight and waiting ass. It was so amazing, the pleasure of a good ass fuck, the tip of his cock in my tight hole, but he had no lube, and so it hurt too - the most amazing pain! Once again, when I could gather my wits I made him stop and put on a condom, and asked him to get some lube! He knelt behind me and rolled on protection, but then, with no warning, he took me by the hips and forced his huge cock into my tight and waiting hole. I was shocked and unprepared. He pushed himself deeper and deeper, and I fell to my elbows, trying to take all of him while also gasping and accepting the pain. I begged him to stop and use lube, but he didn’t, he said he’d already put on a condom, and that was all I was getting. He thrust deeper into my ass as I cried out in pain. He pounded me over and over, burying himself in me. Soon, the pain subsided, and I was lost in the sheer pleasure of having a cock fill me so completely. In no time he was ready to shoot his load again, and he pulled out, ripped off the condom, and held me still while he came all over my ass, my back, my hair. I reached around to get some cum from myself, and tasted him. He thought that was rather naughty, and he spanked me hard for being such dirtily slut.

We both fell asleep, me sated with the pleasure of such a good fuck, and wanting desperately to text Lee to tell him how completely and satisfyingly I’d just been done. He slept soundly, with the knowledge that he’d just fucked a nameless whore…. partly against her will.

After a few hours we awoke and I told him to leave. I didn’t want anything from him, not a number, a name, a future connection. I was so happy to have been fucked so well, forced to take his cock so hard - I just wanted him to leave. I’d used him for what he was worth to me, and now he had to go.

He left without a backward glance, and though I could guess at his name, why bother? I wanted to me anonymously fucked, and he’d been the man for the job. I had cum so much that night that I slept soundly. I could not wait to tell Lee about how his own whore had taken such a pounding.

There’s more where that cums from.


Submitted by: Mandy - British Columbia

3 Responses to “Nameless Stranger”

  1. Mrs. Slutty said:

    Hot Hot Hot!!!

  2. LeoDesade said:

    Time to take them cocks raw Mandy.

  3. Cumlayus said:

    We loved your story. Hubby loves to be there when I’m fucked by a nice big cock lol. We are also in BC. We are up in the Cariboo area. Keep up the good work! ;)


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