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October 12, 2011

Reluctant wife succumbs

Another Hotwife born to the world, christened with a black dick and a creampie.


After years of fantasizing about my wife fucking a black man I finally made a move. We were getting a hotel for my birthday to have a night out, and beforehand I placed a craigslist ad which generated many responses. One in particular seemed enticing.

He and I emailed each other back and forth several times and I made it clear that she had to think this was a meeting by happenstance otherwise she wouldn’t do it. She had always said “if it happens it will happen”, and made clear that she wouldn’t go through with anything contrived.

I arranged for our friend to bump into us at a club that night. As it turned out, he didn’t show at the allotted time and she was getting tired, so we drove back to the hotel. No sooner did we get there then he began blowing up my cell phone with texts… he had made it to the club and was looking for us.

I threw a hail mary pass and came clean with my wife. I told her what I had set up and that he was the one exploding my cell phone. To my great surprise, she didn’t shut me down. She thought about it, then told me to call him back and tell him we’d be there soon but just to talk. If she didn’t get a good vibe we would bail.

We did so, and they hit it off. Before long they were dancing to some hip hop music on the dance floor, she was grinding her hips into his crotch and he had his hands all over her. I could tell she was into it and didn’t want to let the opportunity go. I knew if she sat back and thought about it she would let her conservative instincts take over and kill the deal, so I suggested we all repair back to our hotel before she could make a move. He agreed and she went along with it.

Once we got back to the hotel we sat on the couch in our suite and started talking. Again I knew if I let inertia take over she might back out, so I suggested they start getting a little “closer”. Before I knew it he had her jeans and panties off and was licking her pussy while she was laid back on the bed.

Soon they were both naked and he crawled on top of her. The tip of his jet-black dick was pressed against her wet pussy. She stiffened up and made one last attempt to stop what was happening by questioning him about his cleanliness and sexual health (something I’d already done), but he answered her questions and before she could stop him he pushed his hard black dick into her sopping cunt.

She grunted and winced; he was wider although not much if any longer than I am. I could tell though that she was uncomfortable. This was her first real “taboo” experience and I was having trouble getting hard seeing her being uncomfortable with the situation.

Even so, they kept on. She was moaning now as he thrust his dick in and out. Missionary moved to doggy style, and I shoved my dick in her mouth as he fucked her from behind. Again, her discomfort prevented my arousal, and I had a hell of a time keeping my hard-on.

He then laid back and moved her on top of him to a cowgirl position. I could tell she was liking this more as she had more control of the situation. However, he kept pushing her upright which I knew caused her pain, and again I saw her stiffen up and lose her progress towards an orgasm.

They returned to a missionary position and he pulled one of her legs up while he slammed his cock into her. I swore I heard her whisper “Fuck me” to him, but she later claimed she didn’t say it… With that belief I was again experiencing a raging hard-on as I snapped pictures with my camera… Finally the dream was a reality as my wife was cumming on a black dick.

But she never did. He ended up finishing in her pussy, the picture you see here below. This might have ended badly, but in spite of her not having experienced an orgasm we fucked like rabbits throughout the night after he left, reliving the experience. We determined she was holding back due to the fear of having me hurt by seeing her experience the sexual release that comes when we make love. We have scheduled another meeting with our craigslist friend for her to be with him alone to see if she can overcome her fear… I hope she does as there is nothing better than fucking your wifes pussy after it has been filled with another man’s cum.

JMs Wife

Submitted by: JM - Texas, USA

9 Responses to “Reluctant wife succumbs”

  1. JW said:

    Congrats to you and your amazing wife. My wife still cannot fully let go with me watching, but thoroughly enjoys her 1-on-1 excursions. My cock stays hard waiting to hear every detail of what she does and has done to her.

  2. Sacramentosam said:

    That photo of your wife is very hot JM. I would love to see all of her legs, her thighs are perfect. I bet a photo of her on her flat stomach with her ass in the air would entice many comments from readers. I agree with your comment about fucking your wifes pussy after another man has just fucked her and shot his cum in her pussy. It feels great, like hot velvet, especially if he is a big cunner. I remember the first time I fucked my wife D— after her younger lover filled her up with his load years ago. I caught her cheating that night after her so called girls night out. I knew it when I could taste him on her and in her. So I then just fucked her as hard as I could and added another orgasm to her pussy.

  3. Ed said:

    Wow, one hot story…wish I could have seen it! Not to mention clean that pie! post more pics! What part of Texas??

  4. Wayne said:

    Amazing story and pic, please keep us posted. My girlfriend has a very similar body type and were planning the same kind of night in about a week.

  5. Mel said:

    im in san antonio black male hung cock would luv to fill ya wife up

  6. Paul said:

    I couldn’t wait to fuck my wife after she returned from a “date”, although I always went down on her first as I wanted to taste her right after she was out. She always went while I was working or waiting at home. I usually liked to know prior to her going out but I have to say it was even more erotic when she told me after the fact.

  7. ron said:

    I am in Ft Worth IF she wants try a white dick!

  8. Rinehart said:

    Why! Why! Why! On earth would you push this issue ,are you totally nuts you have a beautiful wife who apparently loves you (Can’t figure that out) and is willing to go along with your deranged sex fantasy just to please you. You don’t deserve her and won’t have her long. She can do better than you.

  9. annie said:

    my wife was scared of having black man but now she loves them

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