October 30, 2011

Kelly’s member fuck

Email from Shawn, husband to gorgeous hotwife Kelly Anderson.

Hi Trash, How are you buddy? Kelly and I just wanted to say hello to you and Daisy and share a little experience we had with one of our members a few months ago. Kelly has a member named Roberto that she cams with a lot and he has also been a member of her website for years. He sends my wife pictures of his cock all the time and she always tells me how big it is and how badly she wants to feel it in her pussy.

Over the last year, she has masturbated to photos of his cock several times and had lots of great orgasms during her cam shows with him. He definitely knows how to turn her on and make her cum and he really gets off watching her get off.

He’s been asking my wife to meet in person for a long time and finally a few months ago, Kelly brought it to my attention and told me that she desperately wanted to meet up with him and fuck him. I was pretty surprised when she told me how bad she wanted to fuck him but I was very turned on as well. I have never seen her so sexually charged by one of her members! I told her that if this was what she really wanted that it was fine with me.

Less than two weeks later, Roberto booked a hotel room in our area and flew into town and we picked him up at the airport so Kelly and him could finally meet in person. Kelly was wearing a short little dress with no panties and a pair of sexy high heels. She brought a whole suitcase full of sexy clothes to wear for Roberto and I brought my video camera so I could video tape their highly anticipated encounter.

From the moment they met in the car, I could feel the physical attraction they had to eachother. When we got back to Roberto’s hotel, I kinda felt like a third wheel so I told them both to just pretend I wasn’t even there and do whatever they wanted to do. Then, I pulled out my video camera and within seconds, Roberto was kissing my wife and I could see her just melt. She dropped right down to her knees and pulled his big cock out so she could finally suck it. She looked right into his eyes and smiled as she took his cock deep into her mouth for the first time. It was so fucking hot! She continued to passionately suck his cock and it wasn’t long before he couldn’t take anymore. He told my wife that he was ready to cum and she told him to cum in her mouth. She just kept on sucking his cock until it started exploding right in her mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot cum just filled my wife’s mouth and she seemed to be really turned on by it! This was one of the biggest loads I have ever seen! What Kelly didn’t swallow ran down her chin and all over her tits. I got it all on camera too. We had only been in the room for ten minutes and my wife was already covered in Roberto’s cum!

After that, Kelly got cleaned up and changed into a sexy outfit that she had Roberto choose for her out of her suitcase and I spent the entire day in that hotel roon watching Roberto fuck my wife repeatedly and cum all over her face several times. I joined in a couple of times but for the most part, I think they both completely
forgot I was even there! I ended up with about three hours of video and about 100 photos of my wife being Roberto’s dirty little whore. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for him. I have never seen Kelly worship a cock like she did his. There are a few pictures below so you can see what I mean. The videos are pretty much all on Kelly’s website by now. Thanks guys and be sure and let me know next time you guys come to The States!

Seeya soon,

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

Kelly Anderson

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October 28, 2011

Nameless Stranger

A first Hotwife Blog submission today from Mandy, a 37 year old who’s just discovered her inner slut and her boyfriend Lee is loving every minute of it.


My First Nameless Stranger

Met someone on Craigslist. Didn’t know his name, still don’t. Lee had told me he’d like me to fuck a stranger, so that’s what I set out to do. Meet a stranger.

He came to me on a Saturday night, to my hotel room. I answered the door in lingerie, looked him up and down, then let him in. He looked good, so I dropped to my knees, still no words spoken, and slowly and purposefully, undid his belt, button and zipper. I pulled his pants down, and his huge cock sprang out. Thankfully I was already down, and I rolled on a (HUGE! :0) condom) and took the length of him into my mouth and slowly, carefully, began to blow and suck him. He buried his hands in my hair immediately, and forced himself deeper and deeper down my throat, choking and gagging me, but I took it all. I sucked him for all he was worth, teasing, licking, taking it all, as he forced me to. In no time, he was cumming and cumming, and there was a part of me that wished I was gulping it all down. (safety first though!)

After he had spent himself, I got up, and we moved over to the bed. We engaged in a bit of small talk, but still no names. I had no desire to know his, and I didn’t want him to know mine. I wanted to fuck him, use him, then send him on his way, knowing we’d both gotten what we wanted.

A really short time later (he was a MACHINE) he pressed me onto my back and suddenly and quickly parted my legs, felt for my waiting wet hole, and sank himself deep inside me. He licked my neck and pulled my hair while he pumped in and out of me. (as an aside, safety me… I made him stop and slip on a condom!) He entered me again, me on my back, him with his hands grasping the ankles of my legs, which were spread to an almost 180 degree angle. All the better to take his huge cock that was pounding forcefully into me.

He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me. He thrust in and out, my legs in his hands, while telling me how exciting it was to be fucking a nameless whore. I ate it up, I swallowed his cock with my pussy, while my back arched with the mind blowing G spot orgasm he was bringing me to. I came hard and loud, and when I was done he fucked me even harder, faster, till he too came hard. He collapsed on top of me.. spent. We fell asleep.

The next thing I knew, I was vaguely awake, and he was behind me, trying to force my ass apart, and himself into me. No condom, no lube, he just wanted to fuck my tight and waiting ass. It was so amazing, the pleasure of a good ass fuck, the tip of his cock in my tight hole, but he had no lube, and so it hurt too - the most amazing pain! Once again, when I could gather my wits I made him stop and put on a condom, and asked him to get some lube! He knelt behind me and rolled on protection, but then, with no warning, he took me by the hips and forced his huge cock into my tight and waiting hole. I was shocked and unprepared. He pushed himself deeper and deeper, and I fell to my elbows, trying to take all of him while also gasping and accepting the pain. I begged him to stop and use lube, but he didn’t, he said he’d already put on a condom, and that was all I was getting. He thrust deeper into my ass as I cried out in pain. He pounded me over and over, burying himself in me. Soon, the pain subsided, and I was lost in the sheer pleasure of having a cock fill me so completely. In no time he was ready to shoot his load again, and he pulled out, ripped off the condom, and held me still while he came all over my ass, my back, my hair. I reached around to get some cum from myself, and tasted him. He thought that was rather naughty, and he spanked me hard for being such dirtily slut.

We both fell asleep, me sated with the pleasure of such a good fuck, and wanting desperately to text Lee to tell him how completely and satisfyingly I’d just been done. He slept soundly, with the knowledge that he’d just fucked a nameless whore…. partly against her will.

After a few hours we awoke and I told him to leave. I didn’t want anything from him, not a number, a name, a future connection. I was so happy to have been fucked so well, forced to take his cock so hard - I just wanted him to leave. I’d used him for what he was worth to me, and now he had to go.

He left without a backward glance, and though I could guess at his name, why bother? I wanted to me anonymously fucked, and he’d been the man for the job. I had cum so much that night that I slept soundly. I could not wait to tell Lee about how his own whore had taken such a pounding.

There’s more where that cums from.


Submitted by: Mandy - British Columbia


October 26, 2011

Hot Wife Hub

New community for us all

Over the last few months I have been developing a Facebook style Hotwife Community website. I feel my HotwifeDating site despite attracting 12500 members has certain limitations with interactivity so I wanted to create a place where all of us that enjoy the lifestyle can come together on one site and share our fetish.

And it launches today, it’s called Hotwife Hub

As always this community will be totally free for everyone to use. Over the course of the next few weeks and months I will be adding a whole host of new features to Hotwife Hub to make it a more involving experience for you to use. I will be adding a chat room, groups, video uploads, personal IM, party and social calendar and lots more.

It is brand new, and live today so profiles will be a bit thin on the ground but please, please, sign up, create your profile, interact and let’s all make this community grow together.

Also as it’s brand, brand new there may be a few glitches. Please contact me if you find any and also if you have any questions, requests or problems using the site.

Warmest regards,
Your Webmaster

Hot Wife Hub

Check out HotWife Hub here


October 24, 2011

Some advice wanted

A lot of men who have fantasies about being cuckolded find themselves stopping short when it comes to reality of their partner actually going through with it. They would rather keep the fantasy in their head as they know that they are too conventionally hard-wired to conventional monogamy to ever venture there in reality. Here’s an interesting question posted on Cuckold Place and a great reply which sums up what a lot of men who read the blog here will feel.


Some advice wanted, please help

Hi, I’m a lurker on here, meaning the site gets me off and I love the idea but don’t think I could really go through with it. Just after a bit of peace of mind from the experts that can truly see the full story from all sides of cheating.

I was with a girl for 4 years, pretty much ruined my life for her and after those 4 years she cheated on me and dumped me. During the arguments and talks for the few weeks after if I asked her why she did it her response was “I don’t know?”. It was a while back but the fact she doesn’t even seem to have a reason for hurting me so much still gets to me. I tried to cut her out my life but occasionally still see her out and the feelings of anger are unbelievable.

I was just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation and how they dealt with it? Or maybe if a woman reads this she can give me her view as to why she maybe did it the way she did?

Like I said I do want serious advice but undoubtedly will get the few comments, “your dick was probably too small”, or, “should have got her to cuck you”. Understandably it’s a fetish site it’s going to happen and to be fair sometimes these comments make me laugh when I’m reading other posts. So if anyone can spare some time to take the piss and/or offer me some help would be much appreciated.

And to keep in touch with the websites roots. I have a new girlfriend now, she’s hotter than the ex in context (and no I won’t be putting pictures up) and I do occasionally have fantasies about my ex cuckolding me even though at the time, although I used to look at this site I never wanted it with her. And don’t want it with my current gf either.

Wow sorry for the massive speech

Thanks for your time.

Beatoffboy x

Response from MrsBlackBlowupDoll

One of the principle ways fetishes develop (and pretty much the only way for Fetish Cuckolding) is through the eroticization of fear. People use the process to cope with things so emotionally traumatic and frightening that they have trouble dealing with it rationally. It is a natural, human, deep-wired response.

It is therefore not surprising that, under the circumstances, you occasionally have cuckolding fantasies about your vicious, betraying ex. Indeed, they seem likely to increase somewhat because of your current relationship. You are carrying around this scarring pain from your marriage and are deeply afraid that the new girlfriend will turn out to be as phony and mercenary as your ex-wife. You deal with that fear by eroticizing it.

But here is the thing, beatoffboy: It doesn’t sound to me like you are truly a cuckold fetishist in that you don’t want to be and it doesn’t make you happy. As you have stated, the problem is that you are still healing from the experience with the ex. Under the circumstances, I don’t think you should do anything too bold or risky in terms of cuckolding. In fact, you might be healthier just pulling back from using it in your fantasy life altogether.

(No, I am not attacking the rest of you, my fellow fetishists. I’m talking about this one person at this one point of his life based on the limited information he has shared.)

My advice to you (as someone who has been in a similar situation and burnt one of the first great relationships of his life down over it) is:

1. See a qualified therapist. Not about your sexual fantasies, but about the hurt and anger you still feel about your ex-wife. It will be easier and quicker to work through this with help. Since you still see the ex at the edges of your life and circle (it isn’t like she’s the other side of the world now) it is even more important that you don’t let it fester. Also, you owe it to the girlfriend to become the healthy reasonable partner she deserves.

2. Be honest and open with the girlfriend. You don’t need to burden her with all you baggage, but part of intimate relationships is being open and honest about you vulnerabilities. If she doesn’t already know the tale of your marriage, you should share it with her. If nothing else, you will likely finally get an ally - someone who sees that you were victimized and resents your ex on your behalf and thinks badly of her because of it. It sounds to me like the lack of that kind of righteous empathy from your (alleged) friends has been a stumbling block to the healing process for you. Your new love can help, but only if she knows the score. Also, sharing this with her, trusting her with this vulnerability, while hard, will have a lot of healing power for you too. Especially when (as is 95%+ likely) she reacts by closing ranks with you in sympathy and support rather than as you irrationally fear.

3. If both your girlfriend and a therapist prove helpful, you might get to the point where you and your girlfriend can use your cuckold fantasies in the bedroom occasionally. You would be taking what was a real, raw, wild, hurtful thing and taming it into a controlled, predictable, playtime game. This could be VERY healthy. But, you need to make sure that you are ready for it first. That you won’t freak. That the psychological terror and emotional pain will be in small and controllable enough does. So that means: (A) therapy first, (B) make sure that you and the girlfriend are very solid, that she totally understands and gets it, and that she has had enough time to digest the story of your trauma and the way this heals.

Sorry for being so long winded. But frankly, your problem seems to me only very tangentally related to Fetish Cuckolding, so your posting to this board suggested you needed some real guidance. Please take it all in the good faith it is offered.

Best of luck to you.

You can read some more responses to this subject matter here


October 22, 2011

Seeing Brutus

Hotwife Oasis diary update.


I’m a pretty sexual woman (doh!), and generally looks aren’t hugely important to me when I’m looking to get laid. But when a prospective partner comes along who’s really got ‘em - WOW - and LOOKOUT - because I won’t be able to get him into bed quick enough!

This is what happened with Brutus. He sent me an email saying that he was going to be vacationing in Vegas, and would I be interested in coming up to meet him. He included a picture. And my eyes just about bugged right out of my head! Brutus is a fitness guru & personal trainer - and he’s got the bod to prove it. Thirty seconds after getting his email (long enough to close my mouth and wipe up the drool), I was sending him a reply saying “just tell me where and when” :)

I was so eager, in fact, that I left Havasu early and then sped up the highway and showed up at the house Brutus was renting about an hour before I’d told him I’d be there. I don’t meet guys off the internet by myself, so hubby drove up with me and I was planning on having him pick me up in an hour or so. But when we got there, there were several cars in the driveway, which made hubby a little nervous about what was going on. So he came into the house with me.

Turns out, Brutus was having a small party. And - small world! - we knew a few people there so we chatted a bit and hung out by the pool for a while. At one point, Brutus pulled me aside and said he was sorry that all those people were there - he’d expected them to be gone long before. I looked around the group, and saw that hubby was busy catching up with some friends we hadn’t seen in a while and that no one was really missing us. I pointed this out to Brutus and suggested that if we disappeared for a few minutes I doubted anyone would notice.

Brutus took me by the hand and led me upstairs to a bedroom. When he pulled me onto the bed, I was already dripping wet and ready to go! I was wearing a short skirt with no panties, and Brutus slid his hand up and started playing with my pussy as he kissed me. I could only take so much before I just had to see what he had going on under his jeans - his cock was just like the rest of him - big and hard and straining at the bit!!

I just couldn’t help but to start sucking on it before I’d even gotten his pants off - and getting those pants off was definitely a priority! In between mouthfuls I’d finally managed to get those jeans off and was just climbing back up to get myself on top of Brutus’ cock when my hubby came looking for me. I have to wonder if he timed it that way, because he came in with his camera at the ready :)

Hubby stood at the end of the bed and took pictures as I rode Brutus’ huge cock, as he flipped me over and fucked me hard, as he squirted his hot load all up inside my pussy.

Afterwards, Brutus and I got in the shower together, and hubby took a few more pictures. But then he left and Brutus fucked me again in the shower before we went back down to join the rest of the party. I don’t think anyone missed what we’d been up to :)

Kisses, Oasis x


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October 20, 2011

Meet Jacqueline

Jacqueline from New Jersey has dropped in to introduce herself.

Like many other married white women I had fantasized about sex with a black man. Being raised in a religious household and a virgin when I married (28 years ago) sex outside of marriage was unthinkable. I recently had sex with a black man younger then my own youngest son. Keron is only 19 years old but he has opened my eyes to how incredibly wonderful dirty passionate sex really is.

I am a trained psychologist and I work for an inner city agency dealing with problem adolescents and young adults. Keron is the older brother of one of my cases. On first appearance he is a young black thug with gold chains and pants hanging below his butt. He wears a doo-rag and seems to be one hostile young man. Much of the aforementioned is true but he is also very intelligent and supremely sexually gifted. The first sight of his uncut black manhood made this Jewish wife and mom weak in the knees.

How we got to this point is much too long a story. The fact is that his is the first black cock I have ever sucked and his cum is the only cum I had ever tasted, savored and swallowed. My husband feels it would be degrading for me to suck him and taste his cum. Religious baggage he carries from a religious upbringing.

I meet Keron twice a week and let him use me as he wishes. His 9″ uncut thick black cock brings me to plateaus of pleasure I had never known. He wants to share me with his friends. I am wary about jumping into such a situation but in my heart I know it will come to pass. I love this black boys cock much to much to say no.



October 18, 2011

Mandy’s creampie gangbang

We haven’t heard from the extremely gorgeous Mandy Monroe for sometime. So how about a Las Vegas creampie gangbang to make up for it. Yes please.


I was invited by my very good friend and fuck buddy DFWKnight to join him in Las Vegas to have some fun. I arrived on a very warm Thursday afternoon at the spacious house that DFWKnight had provided for our enjoyment.

Late that evening we decided we would do a gang bang and he had invited Big Max from Killercram and Duncan Underwood. I was totally up for that! I was so nervous and excited. I had no idea how this would turn out. I had never been with three men before and didn’t know how I would keep them all hard and satisfied. I really wanted them all to be satisfied too.

They dressed up for me looking all hot. I put on a short flirty white dress and heels, fixed up my hair, and rubbed my pussy a bit to get it all warmed up not that it needed it at that point. I was already wet and dripping. The excitement had made my lips swollen and moist.

I walked downstairs to where all three men were. They greeted me and asked me to sit down between them all. They lifted my skirt to find no panties and rubbed their hands up and down my pussy. They pulled back my top to let my nipples out and make it much easier to suck on them too. I sucked on each of their cocks. They are all so big! How was I going to deep throat them? I did my best, switching between them all in my mouth. I would hold onto two cocks while I sucked the third, and back and forth it went. They would slap their cocks on my face while I knelt in front of them. I even had two cocks pushing in my mouth at once. Each took a turn bending me over and pulling my hips into them and fucking me hard from behind. I took a turn with each on the couch straddled over them bouncing up and down on their cocks, pushing it deep in my tight pussy. I made sure I was completely enjoying myself and using those hard black cocks to satisfy me. I was screaming and moaning through the whole thing.

Finally DFWKnight couldn’t wait any longer and filled my pussy with his cum. Then Duncan fucked my ass while Big Max fucked my face and mouth, cumming all over my face. Duncan then came in my ass. I fell in a heap on the couch, worn and happy and exhilarated all at the same time. It was so incredible and amazing. What a perfect day in Vegas.

Hope you like the pics and a special thanks to you Trash for all you do on Hotwife Blog.

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Mandy Monroe

Hotwife Blog Profile - Mandy Monroe - 2011

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October 16, 2011

My Submissive Wife

Dan writes in telling us about his submissive wife


I didn’t realize that my wife was a “sexual submissive” when I married her the summer after her freshman year in college. She’s small, about 5’ 1” and slim with smallish, but beautiful, breasts.

I was aware that she had been sexually active in high school and her freshman year. I’d not only heard it from others, but when I asked her about it, she admitted it. For some reason it turned me on tremendously whenever I thought about her being somewhat slutty. I decided to see if she would act like a slut if I asked her to.

A few weeks after we were married I was kidding around with her at a restaurant and, in a serious voice, I told her to spread her legs apart for a group of high school boys in another booth. I knew she was wearing small white panties, and I knew that they had a wet-spot as we’d just been fooling around in the car at the beach.

To my amazement she spread them, just a little so they could see up her skirt but not so much that it was obvious. When I told her to spread them wider, she looked at me somewhat startled, and then she opened really wide so they couldn’t mistake what she was doing. I told her to look them in their eyes and she did, keeping her legs wide apart the whole time. I couldn’t believe that she would do it! I was turned-on and embarrassed and a little pissed-off, all at the same time. When we got home I couldn’t wait to fuck her, and while we did, I whispered in her ear what a slut she was, and how much I liked her being that way. She squirmed and humped harder than she ever had before. I told her to moan and groan, did she ever, the neighbors couldn’t help but hear her.

Within a few weeks, she told me about “Steve,” her boyfriend in her freshman year, who not only told her to fuck his friends while he watched, but even his little brother, she did both. She said he made her to spread her legs in the school library and suck him off in the parking lot with her ass up in the air and her panties pulled half way down in plain sight of anyone waking by. When I did the math, she must have been doing it even after were engaged, she was at school in Wisconsin and I lived in Florida at the time. The story turned me on then, and it still does.

About a year after that, I went to the Chicago Auto Show with a friend and we stopped at a bar on the way home where I had a few too many beers. He did too. He told me how much he liked my wife Brinn and how sexy and cute she was. One thing led to another and before long I told him he could fuck her when we got to our house. I told him to just go up to the bedroom and tell her that I knew he was there, and it was okay. I waited downstairs for what seemed to me to be hours. When he left I got into bed with her. She was upset because his wife was a friend of hers. When I put my hand between her legs it was clear that they had had a good time though. Her pajama bottoms were soaked, really soaked, with his cum. Her mouth smelled of cum when I kissed her, but it turned me on unbelievably! I even did something I thought I could never do and ate her out and the smell and taste of his cum didn’t bother me at all. After we fucked I asked her about it and she told me that she thought she was “a submissive,” and would do almost anything having to do with sex if someone “told her to.”

Since then I haven’t been nearly as eager to have her act out her submissiveness, even though I love thinking about it. I’ve put a couple of ads with pics of her in Craigslist offering her for sex and even a gang-bang, but just can’t seem to go through with them. The idea of her coming home and telling me about her escapades, though, continues to excite me.

Submitted by: Dan - Wisconsin


October 14, 2011

Taken on the pool table

Last week we welcomed Ms.Petite to Hotwife Blog. As promised she has written in with a story of one of her hotwife experiences.


In my early 20’s I was having a birthday party for my husband, with 3 other couples he invited from work. We had already started out the night at the house getting stoned on pot and having a few drinks before we moved to the local bar/pool hall down the street. We mostly had the place to ourselves except for some out of townies.

The drinks flowed and party went on. I was playing pool with his work friends in a loose ruffled skirt, black panties, boots and spaghetti string T-shirt, with no bra.

The more we all drank the more his guy friends tried to feel me up. Hubby was too wasted to stop them and I was having too good of a time teasing them. At some point somebody placed a cue stick between my legs while I was taking my next shot at the cue ball. I missed the shot, as I suck at pool, and then backed up onto the cue and started to hump it while the other guy took his shot at the balls on the table. Again it was my turn and again somebody placed the cue against me, I was getting horny now and was a bit more drunk, so I humped it even more. I took my next shot and the game went on. The cue between my legs happened about 5 times over the next two games and each time I worked it even harder.

That set of games ended and a few of us ducted outside for a quick pot smoke, the night was cool and my nipples became very hard which was quite obvious from pressing against my tee when we came back inside. The bartender noticing all the early action from before had moved us 4 couples into the back pool room. We started up another game, this time doubles and another round of drinks. Once again a cue was placed between my legs when I took my shot, but this time it was the thicker end not the middle section as before. Again I worked my clit and ass over the cue after the shot. My husband was now passed out from all the beer and pot and just laid in this large leather chair.

After the other players played their rounds it was again my turn. As I got ready to take my shot a pair of hands grabbed my hips from behind, I did not think anything of it, as the guys were touching me all night. But this time it was not the end of the cue stick rubbing my clit and ass crack through my panties. It was a very thick warm cock. I tried to pull away but I was up against the edge of the pool table readying to take my shot, I was pinned in.

As the cock rubbed in and out along my lips the wetter I became. At this point I was nearly bent over at 90 degrees to the table and was not able to move forward or backward. From my right one of the wives of another couple came over to me and said to relax as it was just her husband who was behind me with his cock. Next thing I knew she had pushed my skirt up around my hips, then pulled my panties aside with one hand while wetting my clit with the other from spit on her fingers. The huge thick cock slipped right into my hole with little trouble. This cock was huge, larger then my husband’s could have ever hoped to be and it was stretching me out like no tomorrow.

Slowly this guy, a long time and good friend of my husband, was fucking me over the edge of this pool table. As he moved in and out the other couples gathered on both sides of the table to watch. I guess since I am only 5′ tall and 90lbs it was a sight to see this monster in my tight, but wet cunt. While all this was going on another woman from the group reached up under my tee shirt and started playing with my nipples, at the same time she started kissing the first women while they both watched this guy fuck me with his tool..

At some point in all this, with my head spinning from the pot and the drinks, a cock in my hole and hands on my nipples I told them all to stop and allow me to get up on the pool table on my back. As I pushed away from the table with the huge cock still inside me, two of the women on either side of the table grabbed my tee-shirt and swiftly pulled it over my head exposing my very hard pink nipples to the bars smoky air. As they became uncovered each woman pinched and tweaked them making them stand up even taller.

Still being somewhat bent over, topless, my skirt around my hips, my panties part way down my thighs I pulled myself off the massive cock and nearly collapsed to the floor. From out of nowhere the other 2 guys grabbed me and helped me up onto the pool table, as they did I noticed each one of them had their pants off and their cocks were semi hard. No sooner did I lay down on the table the guy who was fucking me earlier was back in me and on top of me. He quickly slipped his tool back in and was working it ever so slowly, his wife again was right there helping him open my lips and clit to receive his cock. I was now in total shock that I was the object of all this attention from these 3 couples that were supposedly friends of my husband.

I reached out to the other guy’s cocks and began to play with them along with their wives. Soon the wives climbed up onto the table and began sucking and kissing their husbands cocks while I stroked them. As the guy who was fucking me picked up the pace, I wrapped my legs, boots and all around his hips giving him deeper access to my now stretched and sloppy hole. Within a few strokes I felt both my clit tighten and his cock swell to what was to be a massive orgasm for us both, he pumped me full of his hot cum just as I came too, he then slowed the pace of his fucking down and his semi hard cock and his wife’s fingers slipped out of me at the same time.

As things came to a slow stop and the puddle of cum formed on the pool table top I was in for another shock. The woman who had just helped her husband fuck me and slipped her own fingers into my cunt was once again between my legs. This time she was scooping up the cum as it ran out of me and was licking it off her fingers. Then in a somewhat loud and drunk voice she asked the other two guys who is fucking me next? I was not really surprised, nor was I going to refuse, I kind-of wanted this orgy to continue. Without much thought I rolled over and got up on my knees, and stuck my well fucked cunt up into the air. Soon I was impaled on another cock but this time I was meeting every trust rocking back and forth pushing against it as hard as I could getting a cock pounding me like no tomorrow.

Like before I could feel the cock swell and my own cunt tighten, we both came shortly thereafter. As he slowly slipped out a man’s hand was placed on each of my shoulders, since my face was buried into the pool table top I was not sure what was happening. Soon after the cock was out of me I felt something warm and wet against my clit. I realized it was a tongue and I tried to pull away but the hands on my shoulders stopped me. As the tongue worked up and down my lips I was trying to figure out who it was and what were they planning on doing to me. The more they licked the more I was lost in the pleasure of having all that cum licked and sucked out of my used hole.

Then an idea popped into my head. I asked somebody to hand me a cue and some ice. I wet my clit with the ice a then slowly started to hump the cue as I leaned on
one elbow on top of the pool table. The faster I went the wetter my lips became as well as my cunt. Further down the cue I went until the fatter end was now between my lips. I reached out and asked for more ice and without a second thought one of the wives came over and place the ice on my nipples and then on my clit. Back and forth she went till it was melted then another woman did the same. I was now so worked up I started to put the fat end of the cue into my cunt and fuck myself with it. Slowly at first then faster and deeper I went with the cue. I felt so good but nothing like the cocks I had in me early that night. I looked over at the guys and each one of them was now stroking nice large erections with pre-cum leaking from their heads. Suddenly I had another orgasm as I was looking at those cocks and this hard cue fucking my cunt. I then slowed the cue down to a stop before pulling it out, not realizing I had about 12″ of it up my hole. As I placed it next to me on the table I slipped in a finger into my cunt and worked it around before pulling it out wet and sticky. “Who wants this?” I asked. It was like a cat fight to get my finger into one of the wives mouths. As she cleaned it off I then asked for a cock to step forward. I was in lust, I wanted more, I wanted to lick the pre-cum off of each of those cocks and so I then noticed my husband who was still passed out in a chair only feet away from his now slut wife.

With that I was charged up, still a bit dunk and a bit stoned but a woman who started out just being a tease that night was now a fuck toy for the other three couples. As our little party continued until the bar closed early that morning each of the couples took their turn on the pool table that night and took another turn with me as well. I was fucked several more times. Each of the wives and I traded kisses and they all sucked my nipples and clit at some point. Several times all of us gals came close to tasting each other’s beaver but it always seemed to be mine they wanted and I always had a cock in my mouth or in my used cunt the rest of the night.

Though he never joined in the bartender even took some photos of me being used on his pool table. My husband remained passed out though this whole event and we even left him there till morning as we were all still too drunk and stoned to drag him home.

Ms Petite

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October 12, 2011

Reluctant wife succumbs

Another Hotwife born to the world, christened with a black dick and a creampie.


After years of fantasizing about my wife fucking a black man I finally made a move. We were getting a hotel for my birthday to have a night out, and beforehand I placed a craigslist ad which generated many responses. One in particular seemed enticing.

He and I emailed each other back and forth several times and I made it clear that she had to think this was a meeting by happenstance otherwise she wouldn’t do it. She had always said “if it happens it will happen”, and made clear that she wouldn’t go through with anything contrived.

I arranged for our friend to bump into us at a club that night. As it turned out, he didn’t show at the allotted time and she was getting tired, so we drove back to the hotel. No sooner did we get there then he began blowing up my cell phone with texts… he had made it to the club and was looking for us.

I threw a hail mary pass and came clean with my wife. I told her what I had set up and that he was the one exploding my cell phone. To my great surprise, she didn’t shut me down. She thought about it, then told me to call him back and tell him we’d be there soon but just to talk. If she didn’t get a good vibe we would bail.

We did so, and they hit it off. Before long they were dancing to some hip hop music on the dance floor, she was grinding her hips into his crotch and he had his hands all over her. I could tell she was into it and didn’t want to let the opportunity go. I knew if she sat back and thought about it she would let her conservative instincts take over and kill the deal, so I suggested we all repair back to our hotel before she could make a move. He agreed and she went along with it.

Once we got back to the hotel we sat on the couch in our suite and started talking. Again I knew if I let inertia take over she might back out, so I suggested they start getting a little “closer”. Before I knew it he had her jeans and panties off and was licking her pussy while she was laid back on the bed.

Soon they were both naked and he crawled on top of her. The tip of his jet-black dick was pressed against her wet pussy. She stiffened up and made one last attempt to stop what was happening by questioning him about his cleanliness and sexual health (something I’d already done), but he answered her questions and before she could stop him he pushed his hard black dick into her sopping cunt.

She grunted and winced; he was wider although not much if any longer than I am. I could tell though that she was uncomfortable. This was her first real “taboo” experience and I was having trouble getting hard seeing her being uncomfortable with the situation.

Even so, they kept on. She was moaning now as he thrust his dick in and out. Missionary moved to doggy style, and I shoved my dick in her mouth as he fucked her from behind. Again, her discomfort prevented my arousal, and I had a hell of a time keeping my hard-on.

He then laid back and moved her on top of him to a cowgirl position. I could tell she was liking this more as she had more control of the situation. However, he kept pushing her upright which I knew caused her pain, and again I saw her stiffen up and lose her progress towards an orgasm.

They returned to a missionary position and he pulled one of her legs up while he slammed his cock into her. I swore I heard her whisper “Fuck me” to him, but she later claimed she didn’t say it… With that belief I was again experiencing a raging hard-on as I snapped pictures with my camera… Finally the dream was a reality as my wife was cumming on a black dick.

But she never did. He ended up finishing in her pussy, the picture you see here below. This might have ended badly, but in spite of her not having experienced an orgasm we fucked like rabbits throughout the night after he left, reliving the experience. We determined she was holding back due to the fear of having me hurt by seeing her experience the sexual release that comes when we make love. We have scheduled another meeting with our craigslist friend for her to be with him alone to see if she can overcome her fear… I hope she does as there is nothing better than fucking your wifes pussy after it has been filled with another man’s cum.

JMs Wife

Submitted by: JM - Texas, USA

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