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September 20, 2011

Wife loves black creampies

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My wife loves black cock and cum

We are late 30’s and I love that my wife loves sex with other men. She is a horny hot blonde and has taken other men’s cum in her pussy many times. Most, actually, all but one have been black men which she encourages to cum deep inside her pussy and I never tire of hearing her encourage them to dump their load in her as they both cum.

We both really get off on her having hung black men shoot huge loads into her. And I love to slide into her well fucked cum coated pussy. Best feeling in the world possibly! The first black guy to fuck her bareback and cum in her was actually on our honeymoon. A great experience I will write about that another time.

Another couple memories that stand out was when she fucked two black friends we met on the internet. This was the first and only time she has been with 2 black men at once. They both were tested which we always insist and both fucked her bareback. I loved seeing the mixed cum of both of them leak out of her. Towards the end of the evening one of the guys fucked her one final time. Sliding into that hot cum filled pussy, I added my own load shortly after.

Another one of my favorite memories is when she went on her own to meet a black guy she had been with several times. We had gotten to know him and so were comfortable with a solo meet. I told him to treat her good and send her back home to me full of cum. He did not disappoint. BTW he is her biggest to date, an honest 10+ inches and very thick (the first time they hooked up we couldn’t believe the size of it when he dropped his shorts, not to mention it was literally drooling pre-cum almost continuously!) Anyways back to the story… They met in the motel without me and he fucked her good. Yes hard to believe still to this day but there was my wife alone in a motel with a very hung black guy getting fucked every which way, bareback of course. He purposely saved up cum for her and came in her several times. She purposely saved as much cum up in her for me as possible (although during the drive home much of it leaked out of her well fucked pussy). Her jean skirt was soaked by the time she got home. What a great memory!

Submitted by: wifetakesitblack

My Wife
10 inch black guy just unloaded in my wife, she met him alone one time

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10 Responses to “Wife loves black creampies”

  1. brian said:

    Isn’t the greatest thing being married to a slut.My wife is asian and a complete slut.She fucks any race as long as they’re well hung and of course she only fucks bareback.Look for my recent post coming up soon about only of her latest slutty adventures.P.S I love sloppy 2nds(or 3rds 4ths or more lol).

  2. Sacramentosam said:

    That is one stretched out wide open pussy.
    She looks hot with her legs up and has a great body, but damn her pussy won’t ever close back up.

  3. Julie Soon said:

    My husband loves to have black guys fuck me too. The first black guy to fuck me was my hubby’s boss, James. James later introduced me to his black friends and I had a great time being fucked by these guys and they all fucked me bareback. My husband loves to watch as these guys fuck me and fill me with their hot sperm .Sex with black guys are the best thing that can happen to me and any other women.

  4. wifetakesitblack said:

    Thanks for the comments and good to hear my wife isn’t the only one out there. Hope you enjoyed. Yeah he opened her up pretty wide. Actually he was at least tied for the biggest she has ever had and probably heaviest cummer.

  5. stable_master said:

    True hotwives and bulls only fuck one way…bareback that leads to creampie. Otherwise, you haven’t claimed that pussy away from her cuckold hubby

  6. mrupfront said:

    Very nice, my wife has had a lot of black seed pumped into her latley trying to get pregnant by her bulls

  7. Sacramentosam said:

    I’m certain his cum flowed out of her extremely used stretched out pussy when he was finished shoving that big cock in and out of your wife. I am a little surprised that her pussy is actually open that much. It must have been a marathon session. My wife D— tells me, when her lover M— cum in her
    the cum literally flows out of her pussy and makes quite a mess. She has learned to cup her pussy with her hand and go to the toilet and let it flow there.


  8. Sacramentosam said:

    Wifetakesitblack and I have a few things in common. My wife D— also get filled to the brim with her lover M—’s huge orgasm. She said she can sometimes actually feel his cock twitch when he is unloading inside of her. Can your wife feel that with her black lovers ? I think she feels his cock twitch because he is really thick, not long, but even the head is huge, she loves it. She likes sitting in his lap and riding that thick cock. What is your gals favorite position with her large cocked lovers ? Do you also enjoy that loose pussy when you are fucking your wife after she has been freshly fucked ? I’m longer than M— but he is very thick, so he really stretches D—’s pussy. She even told him to take it slow at first the last time he fucked her because he is much thicker than she is used to. I guess he really enjoyed hearing that because he really fucked her hard after that comment. He is a true bull like your wifes black bulls. She feels he really loves fucking and cumming in other mens wives.

  9. sluttycouple said:

    Great pics
    My wifes a total slut. When we go out for a drink she usually ends up getting fucked up against a wall or on the back seat of a car somewhere. She likes to go home with a least 2 or 3 guys cum in her pussy and then I have to fuck her too!

  10. fullmoonrizen said:

    My ex came over to visit me an I introduced her to my roommate Rob. She noticed Rob’s cock and told me that she would love for Rob to fuck her the next time she came over. But she stipulated that she wanted me to see how hung he was by sucking his cock. IKve never sucked a black cock, Sheri had, and loved every minute. I was excited at the thought of Rob fucking my ex, an I also was excited at the thought of sucking his cock. Sheri told me that she would be back next weekend and that I had better be sucking on Robs cock as much as he wanted me too. That I better aquire a taste for black cocks, cause I would be sucking a lot from here on. I told Rob what Sheri wanted an was asking me to do. He smiled an pulled his cock out. He was well hung when half hard. I go excited an goy an my knees as I grabbed his massive tool. I stroked his cock a few times, then opened my mouth and took it in, sucking it as he put behind my head an forced more in my mouth. Then he started fucking my mouth. I gladly accepted his enormus cock as I was enjoying the taste of his cock. Rob said that I was doing a fine job of sucking his cock. When he told me that, I started sucking him harder and took more of his cock in the back of my throat. He groaned and fucked my mouth harder till he was about to cum. I was ready for itan the way he was shaking I know he was going to fill my mouth full of cum an he did 3 an 4 times. I savorored his cum, then swallowed several times. The last load he shot in my mouth, I kept in my mouth to taste. Rob looked down at me with his cock still in my mouth, slowly fucked my mouth an asked me if I enjoyed sucking his black cock? I said yes, as I started sucking it again. I couldn’t get enought of his cock. I was hooked on sucking his cock and he knew it. He smiled an said , wait till you see Sheri suck my cock. She will enjoy spreading her legs for me. I will make her my whore.
    Every morning, Rob would come in my room an have me suck him off, which I loved doing. I can’t wait to watch Sheri suck Rob’s cock an watch her suck an fuck Rob’s cock. I’m sure that I will get to eat the cum out of her pussy an ass. Also, Rob is making suck him 3 times a day.

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