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September 14, 2011

Laughlin River Run

Hotwife Oasis diary update.


I’m not really all that into motorcycles as such, but one of the bigger bike rallies every year is just up the road from me in Laughlin, NV and hubby and I always head up for the people-watching and the partying. This year, after a long day of drinking and checking out the bikes (and the biker chicks), we were invited to an after-hours party across the river in Bullhead City. I was a bit nervous because we didn’t know anyone, and some of these guys looked a bit tough. But the guy who invited us was pretty nice, and he told me I could take some nekkid pictures on his bike when we got there (there are cops all over the place at the rally so you have to be really careful about what you do in public there nowadays).

When we got to the house, the guy pulled his bike down to the back of the driveway so it was next to the back porch looking out over the river - and in full view of all the bikers partying on the porch. I’m never one to mind a crowd, and had no problem stripping down and posing on his bike while hubby took pics - with everyone from the party watching and shouting down suggestions and encouragement :)

After our little shoot I put my skirt back on and everyone went in the house. There was was drinking, card playing, some guys watching TV. Hubby and I sat down and played a few rounds of quarters, but one of the guys kept groping at me - guess that when you get naked and take pictures on one of their buddy’s bikes in front of everyone, these guys feel like they get a little leeway - and he was starting to bug me so I went out on the porch to get away from him and get some air.

While I was relaxing on the porch swing one of the guys came out and handed me a beer. He was young and clean shaven, so I knew he wasn’t one of the biker guys that owned the house. We got to chatting - I asked him who he was and he said his uncle owned the house and he was crashing there for the night.

Hubby came out to check on me at one point, then went back inside for another beer. Other guys from the party were coming in and out - I guess to see if there was going to be another photo shoot. After a while, I turned to the kid and asked him if he’d like to join me in giving the bikers another show. I think he might have been a little confused as to just what his role was going to be … at least until I set my hand in his lap and started massaging his cock through his pants!

He was hard instantly, and I told one of the biker guys to go in and tell my hubby to get back out on the porch with his camera pronto.

This kid had a nice big cock and I was very much enjoying sucking on it. My husband and a few bikers from the party came outside to watch. This made the kid a little nervous and he got off the porch swing, turned his back on the crowd, spread my legs and started going down on me. He must’ve had some practice, because it felt wonderful and I could have stayed just like that for days.

However, one of the bikers who was watching started chanting “Fuck her, fuck her!” and I was ready for more too, so we moved over to a corner of the porch and he bent me over the railing and shoved his cock nice and deep inside me. It was late at night and the river was quieter than it’d been during the day, but there were still a few boats out and I got a huge thrill fucking outside with the boats, the river and the casinos in the background. Huge turn-on for me and in only a few minutes I was cumming all over this guy’s cock.

I got mine but my guy was still going strong. After I came he said he wanted me to taste his cum so I knelt down and blew him until he shot in my mouth and I swallowed it down. Delicious!!

Kisses, Oasis x


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2 Responses to “Laughlin River Run”

  1. Pauly said:

    Oasis you still turn me on your fan in Va

    Come on up to Va soon

  2. Hoosier said:

    Always proud and grateful to be your “lifetime” member, Oasis, and always love your beautiful long hair!

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