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August 5, 2011

Oasis in Key West

Hotwife Oasis diary update.


Ever wonder what might happen when your wife walks around Key West all day with a shirt air-brushed to read “SLUT” and a little skirt that barely covers her ass? It meant my poor hubby couldn’t spend the day on the beach or at the bar, but instead followed me around taking pics of me blowing guys on the street and gangbanging strangers in my hotel room.

Is it any wonder that Key West is one of my favorite places on earth and Fantasy Fest my favorite vacation?!?

We started the day sipping dacquiris at Fat Tuesday on Duval Street. I had my “SLUT” shirt on and I was already on the lookout for some action. Which I found an hour or so later in the guise of two dudes guys walking down the street wearing kilts. I walked up to them and asked if I could see what they were wearing under their kilts and they were proud to show me that they weren’t wearing anything at all! So I asked them if I could play with what was under their kilts, and they were more than happy to give me a little taste - right there on the street - and then even happier to follow me back to my hotel.

Ahhhh … two guys tag-teaming my pussy and it wasn’t even 2:00 pm yet. The best thing about two guys at once is that there’s never a lack of attention on the pussy - I had a cock in my mouth and either another one in my puss or a tongue on my clit or fingers working their magic the entire session. I came at least a couple of times and I took two cumshots to the face from my happy scotsmen.

The day was still young, so after a quick shower hubby and I went back out to Duval. We hung out with some friends, drank too many beers and enjoyed a light dinner. I was chatting with some girls (and flashing with them for pics for their boyfriends) and telling them about my earlier threesome (I have no idea how that came up in conversation). A couple of single guys were hanging out with the group, and one of the girls suggested they go back to my hotel with me and give the threesome thing a try. And they were all for it - I didn’t even have to ask and here I was about to get my second threesome of the day.

I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the first time these two guys double-teamed a chick before - they seemed to know all the moves and were experts at all the positions. For the second time that day I had a cock in my mouth and a cock in my pussy and I was one happy girl. Judging by the strength of the cumshot to the face and the cumshot on my ass, I’d say they were a couple of happy guys as well :)

By now it was pretty late, and poor hubby had been watching me flash on the street, suck cock and fuck all day long. It was time he got a little sumthin’ for being such a patient man. Good thing he likes sloppy seconds (or thirds, or fourths or fifths)

Smooches, Oasis x


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2 Responses to “Oasis in Key West”

  1. Hoosier said:

    Love you, Oasis, but I wish you’d fix the login problem with my “lifetime” subscription to your site. My access codes are no longer being reognized and, locked out in this fashion, I have no other alternative but this one to communicate this matter to you….

  2. Ken said:

    The great thing about Oasis is that more than any other hotwife, she simply loves being a spermslut. Other wives may love the sex as much (Jackie and Janet Mason come to mind), but Oasis is whore to her core and revels in that status.

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