July 30, 2011

Now Pregnant

Cuckoldress Claire writes in to us again. You may remember her from her first post back in January.


As you may remember from my 1st post back in January my loving husband Kevin went and found me a nice big cock for me to have fun with as he realised he can’t get his up and even when he does it doesn’t last.

He is now a cuckhold and only my lover Michael has sex with me. These past few months have been fantastic. Going out with both of them introducing Michael as my partner, making out with him in public with my husband with us and when shopping, Michael chooses my clothes I wear while Kevin pays for them.

Kevin has not slept in the master bedroom since Michael moved in. We are fucking 4-5 times a day bareback. After 3 months of fucking non-stop I fell pregnant to Michael. After we all found out I was pregnant Me, Kevin and Michael decided that Kevin will be the father as it will in his words “Add extra insult to his cuckhold life”.

So now I am 4 months pregnant and I have been fucking other men too, I have been out on dates, to an orgy and been involved in a 20 man gangbang. I have even had other men as well as Michael in Kevin’s bed while he has been out. Kevin does know about some of these meets but not all of them.

I know reading this sounds like I do not Love Kevin but I truly do, getting a younger lover was his idea and we all sat down and talked out the cuckhold life he now leads and about the risk of me falling pregnant. He is happy with everything and him and Michael get on well together. Kevin is happy for Michael to sit there and likes it when he ridicules him while fucking me before his eyes.

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Submitted by: Claire - Newcastle, UK


July 28, 2011

Katie’s Cream Treat

A set of pictures today from Vegas Hotwife Katie Kox. She was voted in the top 20 of your favorite wives this year and it’s not hard to see why. Pretty face, gorgeous body and as sexy as hell. Here she brings home a hot black stud to play with for the afternoon in front of her Husband and ends the day with a very messy creamy pussy for him.

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

Katie Kox

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July 26, 2011

Meet Jill

A submission today from Jill, a married hottie from California who’s about to take the plunge into the world of hotwifery.


We are a married couple who have had a hotwife fantasy since before we even knew there was a word for it. Over the years, hundreds of guys (in my head) have made me cum while we have sex. We are in the early stages of taking our fantasy to reality. Part of the process is knowing if there really are hundreds of guys who would gladly fuck me. We thought we’d conduct an informal poll on Hotwifeblog.com. Let us know if you like the picture. Would you want to be one of hundreds? :-)



July 24, 2011

Mandy’s Creampie

It’s been a while since we heard from Mandy but her absence on the blog has not meant her playtime with her studs has slowed down at all.

Here’s another picture set of Mandy having one of her random hotel meets with a black bull. A special encounter is was for her as she got to go home with a dripping pussy full of seed.








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July 22, 2011

Reading Wifes Email

Cuckold Place Update

Reading Wife’s Email

I have been enjoying the forum immensely and thought I would share my experience. I have a Japanese wife. Like many Asian women, she looks much younger than her age. She still turns heads. She is pretty and it doesn’t hurt that she has relatively large breasts for her petite frame.

Unlike some of the other posts here where the woman publicly plays and shows off, I enjoy discreetly observing. This past summer my wife accidentally left her email open. I think she had clicked a “remain signed-on until logged off” button without realizing it. In any case, I could not help but see that her email contained a large number of emails to some guy that I do not know. Subject lines included words like “how about lunch?”, “Thursday 1pm”, etc. Clearly emails setting up meetings. I opened a few and it became clear that she is seeing someone. Turns out this was an old boy friend from college. They reminisced about the old days at first but then things got warmer as time went along.

Rather than being upset, I was strangely excited to see my wife in a new light. In those emails, she was a college girl again. She became…well, hot. I always knew other men covet her but seeing those emails took things to the next level. I am thoroughly enjoying being a “voyeur”.

I do know how and where they meet. I travel extensively for work. Not unusual for me to be gone for 1-2 weeks at a time. I have been away for as long as 2 months at a time. The guy she is seeing lives in another state but flies into town for business every so often. As far as I can tell, so far they only met 3 times. All 3 times was when I was out of town and he happened to be in town on business. They would meet at his hotel. I am hoping that one of these days they would get bolder and meet even if I happen to be in town, maybe during day time while I am at work or even better is if she give me one of those “girl’s night out” excuses and actually sees him at night. I would love to discreetly observe them having dinner or flirting in public. Wouldn’t it be great to be a fly on the wall in the hotel room itself!

Our sex life actually improved because of this. She is starting to dress more sexy. Maybe she feels a bit guilty about seeing him because she is extra attentive to me now, especially in bed? Or maybe her horniness level just got a huge boost with the extra work out

For me, knowing that she opened her legs for another man and imagining what he does to her is a huge turn on that carries over to our own love making. Some of her email exchanges hint at what they did so I always look forward to peeking into her email whenever I can.

Submitted by: YouHerUs

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July 20, 2011

Kylie Loves Us

Lovely Mid-West hotwife Kylie has sent us in a love message to show her apprieciation of the blog. You have great taste Kylie lol.. Thanks for the sexy message Kylie. We love you too.



July 18, 2011

Wife Writing

In the never-ending niche delving of websites these days I came across and interesting one recently. It reminded me of a party I was at a few years ago and one of the girls in attendance wanted to be dominated by a few guys. One particular guy took control and after tying her down and barking orders at her to suck the cocks of the ones she found around her face, he went off to another room and returned with a marker pen to draw some quite inventive derogatory slogans and marks all over her body. The one I found most inventive was “Sperm Bank” written on her stomach with an arrow pointing down to her pussy.

Here’s gorgeous blonde wife Sharon getting her markings, helping of black cock and portion of protein. Enjoy.







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Julie’s Creampie

Hotwife Julie has written in again. She wanted to send us a pic of her after she’s just been filled up with some Bull’s sperm.

She writes “I hope you like my pic. I love and enjoy spreading my legs wide apart for men to get to my wet pussy. I want them to shove their cocks deep into my horny married pussy and fuck me over and over. I want to be filled full of hot cum all day long.”


Meet Julie Here


July 16, 2011

Cutie Jinxypie

A love a girl in Jean shorts and a gorgeous hotwife in them, even better so lets marvel at the wonderful Jinxypie who looks extra cute in hers and her pigtails.








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July 14, 2011

How We Started

Cuckold Place Update

Here is how we started

This happened about 30 years ago. I was 20 and my girlfriend Pam was 18, we had been together for 18 months and were getting married in 6 months time, she was working at a warehouse and I was just finishing my apprenticeship. A little description of Pam, 5’7”, slim. Dark haired, naturally curly. Just a small note here she was also a virgin when we met.

We had just moved into our new place and things were great until one day Pam came home from work very upset, so being the caring guy I was I asked what was wrong, at first she didn’t want to tell me it took about an hour of gentle coaxing for her to finally say that a guy at her work had been touching her up.

At this point the emotion I had was extreme anger and just wanted to know who it was as I was going to rip his fxxxxxg head off. I was also angry with her and stormed off to cool down, the next emotion was one I didn’t expect to be feeling, the more I kept thinking about this guy and her I found I was getting more and more turned on to the point I had butterflies in my stomach.

I went back to find Pam sobbing in the bedroom, I just had to know what had been going on I was shaking with emotion and a huge hard on which I tried to keep hidden from her. Pam was very reluctant to tell me anything in fact we had to play a game of show and tell, I would touch her and she would nod her head if he had touched her there. But first I wanted to know whom it was. It turned out to be her supervisor Tom (Tom was 50ish, grey haired, overweight and no looker). Tom and Pam used to work in a secure lockup within the warehouse just the 2 of them and this was where it was going on.

Getting back to me finding out what was going on I first touched her on the ass and she nodded yes so I put my hand on her breasts over her t-shirt and she nodded yes again (my cock was throbbing and ready to explode I needed to know more) so I put my hand up under her shirt and over the top of her bra and she again nodded yes all the time she kept sobbing and saying sorry. With my hand on her bra I slipped my hand inside her bra on her bare breast with her hard nipple in my palm she nodded again yes, next I lifted her top and put my lips over her nipple and gentle bit her she nodded yes, whilst sucking her nipple I put my other hand under her skirt and on the outside of her knickers which were damp and she again nodded yes.

I removed my hand and grabbed her hand and put it on the outside of my very hard cock and again the answer was the same I returned my hand to her knickers gently slipping my fingers inside and feeling her very wet pussy. I slipped 2 fingers in her and she nodded yes again, at this point she had stopped sobbing and was very turned on, she unzipped me and got my cock out and I asked her if she had done that too and she actually replied yes. She then dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock. So this guy was doing just about all he wanted with my girlfriend she told me he had licked her pussy until she had cum on several occasions and likewise he had cum in her mouth and she had swallowed it (something she didn’t do with me she always spits it out with me).

After her sucking my cock we had the best nights sex ever. I wanted to know every detail, how long it had been going on, how big he was and why she didn’t stop him, the last question was probable her naivety and him being her boss she said she just couldn’t stop him and he had a huge cock (her words it made her jaw ache when she was sucking him and it was long, about 10), but I guess as most women have no idea of size it was probable nowhere near that, but he was big as some months later I was taking a piss and he stood next to me in the next urinal and I knew I had to look he was bigger and fatter than my cock when mine was hard.

The next morning we talked and she thought I was a pervert getting so turned on by what he had been doing to her. I told her that she was just as turned on as me and why was she so upset when she got in as it had been going on for about 6 months She was a bit reluctant to say but eventually she said that he had tried to fuck her at work but because of him being so big it took a long time before he got it all in her and after about half a dozen thrusts they were disturbed so they had to stop. He wanted her to go to his house the next night (tonight) to continue what they had started.

Wow I was really turned on now and wanted more details of what it felt like with a big cock in her. She said it was amazing and she almost came with just a few thrusts (something I never ever managed to do even after 12 years of marriage). But I got cold feet and said that I didn’t want her to go (my biggest regret) so she didn’t go and also that was his last day as her boss as he had got a promotion and was moved to a new department.

A few things I had missed over the last six months was she used to always wear jeans to work but on his request she started to wear long skirts (for easy access I guess) and she was more horny than before but I thought it was cos we had moved in together. I also learned that another guy who used to give her a lift home was also getting extras and he also managed to get his cock in her but after a few thrusts she got cold feet and stopped him (I think she thought that she wasn’t cheating if he didn’t fuck her). Plus we used to always go out on Friday nights separately, her with her girlfriends and me with my mates. It transpires that they all used to get a lift home off a guy they new and Pam was always the last to be dropped off and yes you guessed he was getting rewards for being a taxi mainly blowjobs no fucking and no attempt to fuck her so she said.

So this was my introduction to this lifestyle and back then I had no idea what it was we were doing (no internet then). I would say things continued as normal and we got married she stopped all her fooling around but we talked and relived what experiences she had with Tom and the others.

We got married and were a very normal couple, going out together with our friends, mainly other couples especially Vic and Kate which becomes more important later. Soon our first child arrived and soon after she was pregnant with our second child. She was very very horny when pregnant with the second child I had trouble keeping up with her and we still used her past exploits as sex talk in the bedroom and also introducing new people who she might fancy and our friend Vic used to crop up in the talks and she would always cum quickly when I fingered her or used my tongue and talked about him but that was all for now. But things change when Vic and Kate split up, this was while Pam was pregnant with our second child and we ended up seeing more of Vic and our sex talk became more and more about Vic.

So Vic spent a lot of time at our place and this is where it started again. I came home from work and Vic was they already waiting for me as we were going out for a drink that night, Pam was not working and was home (nothing strange as he was spending a lot of time at our place) so I was getting ready and Pam came into the bedroom and said that all our sex talk about Vic might be true, I was stunned “What do you mean” I said, she said that Vic wanted to feel the baby kick and Pam said “No problem.” He put his hand on her belly and sure enough the baby wasn’t playing so he kept moving his hand all over her belly getting closer to her knickers, then he just put his hand inside her knickers (Pam was so horny from him touching her belly when he got his hand inside her knickers she was transfixed) and he continued to move further down till he was finger fucking her with three fingers up her and she cum all over his hand and that was just a few mins before I got home, I just put my hand inside her knickers and she was soaking wet. I then dropped to my knees and pulled her knickers off and licked her wet pussy until it was clean.

Nothing much happened until about six months after the birth of our second child and it was Vic’s Birthday. We all went out for drinks and then headed back to our house. My mum had been babysitting, so we continued to carry on drinking and Pam gets very horny when drunk. I went to make some drinks and when I got back in the front room Pam was kissing Vic, ‘a birthday kiss’ she said. This gave me an idea, maybe something might happen, so I made out I was feeling unwell and took myself to bed telling Vic to finish his drink and I will see him tomorrow.

I got into bed with butterflies in my stomach and all kinds of images in my head of what might be going on, I had only been there for about 15 mins when I heard Pam come into the bedroom to check on me and see if I was asleep, so I faked it (Pam knew that if I was asleep then you could march a brass band though the bedroom and I wouldn’t wake). Pam then went to the bathroom then back down stairs. I gave them ten mins then got out of bed and tried not to make any noise and get to the top of the stairs which gave me a perfect view of the living room and the sofa that Pam and Vic were on. The sight of them both locked in a passionate kiss gave me instant hard on as I watched his hand moved onto her tits and very quickly inside her top and then pulled out her right breast and just as quick his mouth was on her hard nipple and I heard her sigh. This went on for a few minutes until his other hand moved up her short skirt and my first shock of the evening was she wasn’t wearing any knickers (she must have taken them off when she went to the bathroom after checking on me).

His fingers moved quickly into her wet pussy and I could hear the squelching of her pussy juices and the next shock was just how fast his hand and fingers moved in her pussy it was a blur and she cum almost instantly. I was so excited I thought I was going to explode, then he removed his fingers all wet and she licked them clean. Pam was wasting no time she had his cock in a flash and his cock was longer than mine by maybe 2” (I’m 6” on a good day) fatter and with a big curve upwards to which Pams mouth quickly devoured and she sucked it like it was the last cock in the world. This went on for what seem like ages, then she just got up and bent over the sofa lifting her skirt. He positioned himself behind her and I got the best sight ever and the most erotic vision I have ever seen of his cock entering my wife’s pussy. She was moaning as he fucked her with the same rigor as he did with his fingers and I heard her cum for the second time which coincided with me exploding and I hadn’t even touched my cock.

At this point I took myself back to bed thinking it wouldn’t be long before they would be finished and I didn’t want to get caught spying on them, I must have fallen asleep as I woke about an hour later when I heard the front door shut and Pam coming up the stairs. I jumped out of bed meeting her on the top of the stairs, she looked very drunk, she tried to go to the bathroom but I just pulled her into the bedroom and pushed her onto the bed. All the time she was protesting she needed to wash before bed as I pushed her onto the bed her skirt fell back revealing her naked pussy which was red and swollen and very wet I quickly dived between her legs she tried to stop me but I was on a mission and tasted my first creampie as it is known now. Pam soon stopped protesting and quickly started to cum herself and she was saying “You know what I’ve been doing don’t you?” I replied “Yes, and I watched you”. She came at that point and I quickly got on top and fucked her as hard as I could (I think I was trying to compete with Vic but with smaller equipment) but it was only about 30 seconds before I came for the second time that night.

We lay in bed and she told me everything else that I missed when I went to bed. He made her cum 3 times with his cock before she got on top and rode him till he exploded in her, this was my one and only time I ever saw her get fucked by another guy and one which lives with me even now some 30 years on.

Just a footnote to this - about 5 years ago I bumped into Vic. I hadn’t seen him for about 15 years and I felt my cock start to grow as we chatted and as soon as I could I had to wank myself silly remembering.

Hope you enjoy this, as it is all true.

Submitted by: mace43uk

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