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June 20, 2011

Secretly watching the wife

It’s always been a favorite aspect of the lifestyle I love more than anything. Watching your loved one have sex with another man when he doesn’t know you’re watching. Here’s a great story and a prime example of that at it’s best.


My wife Rounelle and I have always fantasized about her making love to another man. Friday night was the night usually reserved for those kinky fantasies, as it was the night we drank heavily before and during sex. She is a super sexy lady with kissable lips. firm breasts and a great ass.

One Friday night in November 2006 she came home late, close to midnight, and was in a real sexy mood. I was already in bed half drunk, waiting for her and was turned on when she admitted during our heated sex session that her boss, who was young, handsome and unattached, had invited her to his rented apartment and she had accepted his invitation. She said he offered her a couple of drinks and they chatted for a while. She then admitted that they kissed intimately for some time and he begged her to make love to him, but she refused reminding him that she was married and couldn’t cheat like that on her husband. She said he was so turned on she felt sorry for him.

Her confession aroused me so much and I fucked her like crazy all weekend. I deliberately showed lack of interest in sex from Monday to Thursday of the next week, and waited for Friday night, after I had returned from work, to see if she would again come home late. I was curious and excited to see if she would accept another invitation to her Boss’s apartment, because being a man, I know he would ask again. At 1am, a silver car pulled up alongside the gate and she quickly got out, looking anxiously towards the house to see if I was watching. I was indeed peeping at the side of a curtain from a window in the guest room where I had deliberately turned off the light. I watched as she bent and kissed her Boss goodnight. She then closed the door of the car and walked somewhat unsteadily towards the house. She was apparently half-drunk. Her boss watched to make sure she entered the house safely then sped away in his car.

I met her at the door. No words were exchanged as I took her to the couch in the living room. We kissed passionately and I ripped off her panties and drove my stiff cock deep into her moist pussy. She then admitted to having sex with Jeff, but that it only lasted five minutes as she couldn’t continue due to feelings of guilt. I was so turned on it scared me. I then confessed to her that I would not mind if she had sex with him, but I want to be watching. I asked if she was highly attracted to him and she admitted that she was. I told her to invite him to our home next Friday, and to tell him I would not be coming home until very late as I would be out socializing with the guys at a club. She was reluctant at first, asking me over and over if I really want another man to make love to her. I reminded her that she had already done that, but she keep claiming that it only lasted five minutes. I replied “Rounelle five minutes is still a long time. You already had sexual intercourse” After much persuasion, she agreed to my request. I told her to fuck him right on the bed in our master bedroom while I would watch from behind the cupboard. I could see she was still not comfortable with this so I brought it up again and again during sex all week until Wednesday.

On Thursday, I deliberately avoided the issue. Friday morning while we were getting dressed for work she asked rather uncertainly “Honey, are we still going through with this?” “Yes” I replied. “Invite him for 10 pm. By then the neighbours would had retired inside.” I then added “Think about it at work today” I said, then I added “We would make a final decision this evening after work” She agreed to do that.

I arrived early from work that evening and took a bath. She arrived not too long afterwards. I asked her if she told her boss anything. She told me that she told him that I would not be home tonight and she would call him at 9pm to chat. He wanted to invite her home again she said but she refused, obviously. She admitted that he also tried to kiss her in his office but she gently pushed him away and told him to wait till nine tonight, that she had a surprise for him. I began to get aroused just listening to her. I told her to dress real sexy. She nodded then went to take a bath. She selected black lingerie, black panties and pulled on a pair of tall, black shoes. She looked ravishingly sexy. She looked me straight in the eye and asked “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” I said “Yes” She replied “Darling I am going to give myself to a man, can you handle it to watch another man making love to your wife tonight on our own bed?” “Yes” I replied. She hugged and kissed me deeply, then ran her hands gently over my crotch. She uttered “Oh my. You are really turned on” She looked deep into my eyes and asked “You want this to happen, don’t you?” “Yes! Yes! ” I replied. I want you to fuck Jeff good tonight. I cant help it but the very idea is sending me wild with desire. Please do this for me honey. I love you.” She kissed me again and said “Okay darling if you really want this, I would do it for you” We sat down and had several drinks while we waited for the clock to strike nine.

At exactly nine my wife got up give me a kiss and went to make the call on her cell phone to Jeff. She returned to say that he is on his way as she told him I had just left for the club and wont be back until about three in the morning. I went immediately into the closet to wait. A few minutes later my wife opened the closet door and said that she wanted a quickie to get her in the right mood before Jeff arrived. I bent her doggie style and mounted her already wet pussy. We fucked like crazy for two full minutes. A car horn at the gate interrupted us. She went quickly to the window and peered outside while I pulled on my shorts. She turned and whispered rather nervously “He is here” I replied “Go and invite your lover inside girl. He has to finish what I started” She smiled at me and whispered “You are a real naughty boy” then she left.

I immediately took up a comfortable position in the fair sized closet and waited. I hadn’t long to wait. I heard their voices before they entered the bedroom. Jeff’s hands was all over the sexy body of my wife. She maneuvered him to the bed in an ideal position to give me a good view of the activity. They kissed passionately with his hands cupping her round firm ass. I felt my cock grow harder and harder, watching this sexy action. I instinctively began massaging my growing erection. I heard my wife utter in a low sexy voice “You want me badly. Don’t you Jeff?” Jeff replied “Yes. I want you Rounelle. I want to taste this sweet pussy of yours again.” He gently pushed her unto her back and pulled off her panties throwing them aside. He sucked her toes one by one, then ran the tip of his tongue along the inside of her legs right up to her thighs as she moaned in throes of pleasure. His tongue reached its destination after about five minutes. By that time my wife was virtually trembling in nervous anticipation.

From my position I could see him lightly playing with her clit. She was on total heat now as her she ran her fingers through his hair with her legs wide open. She grabbed his head forcing his tongue deep into her pussy as she uttered “Suck me Jeff. Suck me! Eat my pussy. Please” He continued to work his magic and I could sense her getting ready to cum. She raised her hips as she came for the first time in waves and waves of ecstasy. She pulled him up towards her kissing him rather aggressively. She uttered loudly “Fuck me now Jeff. Ram that sweet cock into my wet cunt” Jeff did not wait for another invitation. He guided his huge cock into her pussy and began fucking her first in slow, teasing thrusts and then as she settled under him he rammed harder and harder. She continued to shout “Yes! yes! I love you Jeff. I love your big, hard cock in my pussy. I want you to fuck me all night long.” She kissed him urging him on “Tell me you love my pussy Jeff, tell me” His voice was strong and commanding as he replied. “Yes Rounelle, I love your sweet cunt. I am going to fuck you good baby. This pussy is mine from now on”. He paused and then added. “Say it” He demanded “Say it. Say that this pussy of yours belongs to me” My wife responded immediately “Yes Jeff. It is yours and yours alone.” Jeff then turned her over and said “I am going to fuck you doggie-style baby.” She replied “Yes lover do anything to me. I am yours.” He began to ram her hard and she moaned in pleasure.

They fucked for over an hour in every possible position. He then took her doggie-style again. She uttered in a horny sex-craved voice “Cum in me Jeff. I want to feel your cum inside me” Jeff replied “Yes. I am going to cum in you Rounelle. Right NOW!!” His back ached as he got ready to shoot his load. He exclaimed as the cum shot deep into her pussy. “Ahhhhh…. I am cuming!!” Fuck !! This pussy swe……eet!! Fuck it!!” “Yes” replied my wife “Fuck me. I can feel your cum gushing inside me. Harder! Fuck me harder! I am cuming too.” Their bodies shook together as he grasped hold of her hips pumping cum after cum into her pussy as she moaned and screamed almost to the top of her voice.

They collapsed on the bed shortly afterwards, with him hugging from behind. The naked picture of my wife and her young handsome boss entwined on our bed turned me on even more. She was now facing me and as her breathing subsided and Jeff hugged her more closely she looked across in my direction and flashed a quick sexy smile. Her lips formed the words “Please don’t cum yet”. I was on the verge of cumming with my dick stiff in my hand. But somehow I managed to control myself. They remained like that for a long time before my wife kindly nudged Jeff who seemed to have dozed off. He sat up quickly, remembered where he was and began searching for his jeans and T shirt. She helped him get dressed and went to see him out.

I waited about ten minutes and then came out of the closet. I hadn’t heard the car drive off yet. Then I heard sounds of lovemaking in the Living Room and sneaked a glance to see my wife riding Jeff on a chair in the dinning room. His back was turned to me. She saw me and smiled mischievously, then bent and kissed him and waving me away. I pulled back and heard her say to him. “That is enough. You are too greedy. My husband might be here soon” I heard the door close and waited for the sound of a car to drive off before I entered the living room. My wife was already pouring herself a drink as I embraced her from behind. She asked tentatively “Did you enjoy watching” I turned her around and guided her hand to my stiff cock. “Does that answer your question?” I asked. She smiled and kissed me hungrily. “I was in such a horny mood” She admitted. “I said things I shouldn’t have said. I replied “Don’t spoil the mood you were so sexy and sweet. He wont want to stop fucking you. Your pussy belongs to both of us now.” That comment turned her on instantly. She pulled me down on the couch and guided my bulging cock into her sweet pussy. I could feel the moistness of the cum which was already deposited in it. The feeling was remarkable. That night we fucked till wee hours of the morning. It was a great experience I hope I could repeat.

Submitted by: Emmanuel - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

6 Responses to “Secretly watching the wife”

  1. Aries13 said:

    That was an amazing story. I want my wife to do something like that. Super bad. We have had some threesome expe. And one swinging one. But she stopped doing it. Write more.

  2. Shawn Glenn said:

    Loved your story! The wife sounds like a very hot & desireable woman!

  3. Rebel said:

    It’s not making love, it’s having sex. You can only make love with someone you love, Recreational sex and loving sex is two very different animals.

  4. captainrob said:

    my 42yo wife has let me watch her dozens of times. it is always hot to watch. nowdays she prefers her lover to use her ass.

  5. mike said:

    very nice story. lucky man you are. write more please

  6. ray said:

    your very wife used to take other men i really enjoyed watching and licking her pussy after.I arranged a gang bang for 5 men ,some of them fucked 3 times,Once she took took 2 cocks in her pussy.

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