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May 10, 2011

Meet Cayla

My wife Cayla (and she’s sitting right next to me) had our first swinging experience about 10 years ago. Innocent fun at the time, no different than a lot of party couples, people in their 20’s and 30’s, still learning the ropes on all levels.

We won’t rehash the whole “how” we got here – but here we are, and here’s what I am and here’s what she is:

I’m her master and she’s my wife-for-black cock. We do not have a “cuckold” relationship, mind you; that is, we participate and involve each other, there is no femdom thing going on. In fact, we tried it once, but found it not for us. We discovered it’s best when I tell her “Cayla, get dressed to fuck, I need stretched pussy tonight.”

This is Cayla, here’s my input:

Love fucking for my master. Freedom’s great, but giving it away is even better. Love the bbc, love pussy too. Love sharing. Love cum swapping. If you know hot pussy who want to share let me know. And LOVE telling Master I want to go out and fuck. Hope to have fun with you soon. Muah.

And here is her Master again, chiming in: I don’t make it up, it’s all true. Let us know if anyone out there interested in what we’re doing here. We do NOT have a website to sell, we just find it sexy sharing our kinky kink with like-minded people. We are always looking for couples with bi-wives and black cock for our girls to share. Leave a note, we’re at party4cayla at gmail dot com !

Cayla ends: And to make things clear to anyone reading: other than other bi-girls and wives and other than my husband’s cock and loving (and maybe one of his friends now and then), my cunt is ready is for a good fat bbc cum dump! Write us if you want to party (if you’re a party couple or a black man that loves white girls that beg).


8 Responses to “Meet Cayla”

  1. Mrs. Slutty said:

    Great post!! Wonderful Pic!!! Isn’t it so hot knowing how much our men love a well fucked pussy!! There is something so primal and sexual about letting a fat cock stretch me out, knowing I will later be fucking my husband!! Thanks for the great post!!

  2. prpl4wf said:

    I love your being so open! You have a great relationship and I’m sure it’s incredibly fun. Great pic! I’m still trying to convince my wife she needs bbc.

  3. jay stern said:

    my wife loves to bring her lovers over to the house, and i love to watch then get right in after they are done with her, sometimes she says that she cant even feel me after shes had a huge black cock.

  4. Cayla said:

    Thank you for the comments, we have more to post !

  5. JOJO said:

    Hi Cayla, That’s great how your man allows you to fuck other men. I would like my wife fuck other men, how should I Pursue this?


  6. Bugeyes said:

    I love stretched pussy!

  7. LOIS said:

    I like that postion look good.

  8. jay stern said:

    hey carla if i may ask, can you do a 3 on 1 deal, and when you lovers cum have them cum on your feet, pussy and face, then some pics of your hubby cleaning you up!

    thx and keep on cucking!

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