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May 4, 2011

Oasis gives sloppy thirds

Hotwife Oasis diary update.


Hey Trash! Sorry its been so long since I’ve checked in - I don’t even have a good excuse. I had a chance to surf some of my favorite sites today when I came across HotWifeBlog and realized - crap! Its been forever since I’ve been over there and I have so many new stories to tell!

Here’s one I think your readers will enjoy - I know I sure had a good time.


My hubby doesn’t really travel a lot for work, but every now and then he does. And if he’s going somewhere cool (or just somewhere I’ve never been before), then I’ll tag along if I can. This particular night, he had an evening meeting in Vegas. Well, since Vegas is so close and since it’s always a good time, a guy friend of mine and I drove up with hubby. We stopped at one of the porn stores on the way up and hubby picked out a really cute lingerie outfit (and shoes - my weakness :) - for me. When we got to Vegas, hubby went off to his meeting, and my friend and I decided to go out and hit a club or two and see what was going on.

The friend that I went with is a big fan of my site, so he knows what I look for in guys. And when we saw these two black guys at one of the clubs, he knew right away that I was going to set my sights on them. So he wasn’t surprised in the least when I started talking to them, or when I invited them back to our hotel room to take a peek at the new lingerie I’d just gotten.

And even better, he didn’t bat an eyelash when - while modeling my new lingerie - I started playing with my pussy. He knew that was the way I was going to get things started, and he just grabbed the camera and started shooting away. After fingering myself, I grabbed a dildo out of my overnight bag (I never travel without one) and started to fuck myself with it. All while these two guys that I’d met at the club looked on.

And when I asked if they’d like to join me, they wasted no time. I had a cock in my puss and one in my mouth before I could say “whoopee!”

We were all just really getting into it when the hotel room door opened and my husband walked in. He did a bit of a double-take, but saw that my friend was taking pictures, so he just set his laptop down and took a seat at the desk to settle in for the show.

One of the guys came right then and there, all up inside my pussy. Because I was riding him the cum came all dripping back out my pussy and onto his cock, so I leaned down and sucked it all up.

And then his friend took that opportunity to grab sloppy seconds and started fucking me doggy - it wasn’t long before he was ready to pop and he pulled out to cum all over my face.

When the two guys left, I had cum dripping down my chin and down my legs … and lucky hubby got sloppy thirds :)


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One Response to “Oasis gives sloppy thirds”

  1. Hoosier said:

    So glad to see Oasis here again and ESPECIALLY glad to be one of her “lifetime” members (how many others are there?). So I’ve been able to masturbate to her for years now whenenver I’ve wanted (and I want to quite a bit). Oasis, I’ll just never get enough of your beautiful long hair that turns me on so much!

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