May 30, 2011

Prostitute or not

A submission today from Jenny from the UK with an insight into her lifestyle with husband John.

Prostitute, or not?

My husband showed me this site, it’s very interesting and nice to hear other women’s point of view. This is not a story, I guarantee 100% true, I don’t make things up.

I’m Jenny 28 years old and my husband is John. I also have a 12 year old daughter. Like a lot of young girls, when I was in my teens I was very inexperienced and I let some men take advantage of me. But I learned my lesson and ever since then I have been on the pill, I don’t want another mistake and another pregnancy. I’m not sure who Claire’s real father is but John is very good and treats her as his own.

As for me, I’m very pretty and, although I say it myself, I do have a lovely body, long shapely legs and a sexy round bottom, my breasts are not bad either. I belong to a gym and work hard to keep myself in shape. My husband likes blonde hair so now I’m a gorgeous platinum blonde. Incidentally, I hate body hair so John paid for my treatment and now there is hardly a hair in sight! I think most men like a smooth hair-free slit don’t they?

John is very sweet and we have a really good relationship. Unfortunately, he’s also very small where it matters. I grew tired of his feeble attempts to please me, I could hardly feel his tiny penis inside me so now we don’t have sex. But, at least, John doesn’t mind me going with other men, he even encourages me to have boyfriends as long as I tell him everything and don’t do things behind his back. I’m not looking for a relationship, I just like having fun with different men. John and I don’t have any secrets, I have to tell him everything. He loves to hear all about my sexy adventures, we discuss my boyfriends, he especially likes me having sex with black men, then I have to tell him what they do to me, how much I enjoy it and, of course, how big they are. He always gets very excited, his little cock gets so hard, then he has to toss off.

My best friend is Linda. She’s very sexy, a bit older than me, we’re very close and have some good times together. Linda is married but her husband is not like John, she told me he gets very jealous and tries to stop her wearing sexy things and going out, and hates her having fun with other men. But she does what she wants anyway. When Linda and I go out we always have a good time. John doesn’t mind me staying out so I can really enjoy myself. He likes me to dress really sexy and encourages me to wear the most revealing things, high-heels, the tiniest short skirts, and of course, sexy makeup. John told me my legs are too shapely to hide and I should be proud to show them off. My skirts are now the shortest and tightest ever. I usually just wear a tiny g-string but John persuaded me to go without panties. I was a little nervous at first and I have to be careful but I have to admit it’s a special thrill knowing I’m completely naked under my little skirt. My husband likes me to look and behave like a slut. But I don’t mind, I’ve always been an exhibitionist, I love teasing men and boys, making them hard, and I know they would all like to fuck me.

As you can imagine, Linda and I always get a lot of attention, men love to flirt and try to get us to do things. There are lots of horny young black guys around here, they are so very naughty and they can’t resist a sexy blonde white woman. They say the dirtiest things to me, and with a tiny skirt that barely covers my ass and often no panties I’m almost asking to be touched up and it’s easy for them to do what they want. Trouble is, after a couple of drinks I always feel so horny and I find it hard to resist, especially when they start to kiss me and stroke my thigh. Linda and I always wear our wedding rings and we make sure the men know we’re married, but that just makes them even more determined to fuck us, and we always end up in a real mess, both inside and out.

John can’t wait to hear what I’ve been up to, he gets so excited he can’t stop shaking, he is so pathetic. I told him he’s more like my sister or a girl friend rather than my husband. That really gave him a thrill, he likes being treated like a girl. I even told him he should wear my panties, he didn’t object, he just got very excited. Most men can’t wear panties because of their big cocks and balls but John doesn’t have that problem. Now my husband wears my panties more than I do. I think men with a tiny penis are usually much more feminine than real men aren’t they? That certainly applies to my husband, John is effeminate but I know he’s not gay, he always gets turned on when I tease him. I like parading around the house in nothing but my stilettos, he can see all the goods on display but he’s not allowed to touch, I told him he can look but not touch. He gets so frustrated and his tiny cock throbs. Linda said it’s cruel to treat him like that but it’s not that bad, at least I let him wank off in front of me. Anyway, I know he likes me teasing and humiliating him, especially in front of other people. It’s strange, I would think that men with a tiny penis would be ashamed and do everything to keep it hidden. But John is not like that, he seems to enjoy having a little cock and being treated like a girl. Instead of hiding it he likes showing it off and when my girl friends come for drinks he’s more than happy to strip naked and the more they tease and make fun of him the hornier and stiffer he gets. Perhaps I’m missing something but I just don’t understand him and I don’t think I ever will.

Some white men offer me money for sex. Of course I won’t do it just for the money but some men are very generous, they try to tempt me and it’s hard not to give in and give them what they want. At first I always refused but one day I said yes and ended up in a guy’s hotel room. I’m not sure why, it just seemed to happen, but it turned out to be one of the most exciting experiences of my life. It wasn’t the money, he didn’t give me that much, and it wasn’t the sex, he wasn’t anything special. I think it was just being paid to spread my legs for a complete stranger. I was so excited and very turned on. The guy treated me like a complete whore and I loved every minute. But I think most women fantasise about selling their sex don’t they? Afterwards, when I got cleaned up and went back to the bar I did feel I did feel a little ashamed but I was still very excited and couldn’t wait to do it again.

Now it’s become quite a regular thing, I still enjoy it and get the same feeling as the first time. Hotel bars are full of men away from home looking for some sexy fun and they’re more than willing to pay a gorgeous blonde. My girl friends say that because I take money from men I’m a prostitute. But it’s not really like that, I don’t ask for money, I just like to have fun, but if a man wants to give me a present I’m not going to refuse am I? Anyway, I think a lot of married women do it these days just to make some extra cash. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, it’s nice to be independent, then I can treat myself and buy some nice things. Most of the men are married and they like to fuck my ass, I think they don’t get that at home, their wives won’t allow it. But I like that, especially when they tell me I’m sexier than their wife. Sometimes I’ll take two friends together, that’s an extra special treat and they give me twice as much. Of course, I still prefer black sex, I love sexy black men and boys with their huge cocks and balls, I can’t get enough of that. But I also like being paid for sex by complete strangers, so now I can have the best of both.

I know some people talk about me and call me names behind my back. Anyway when people treat me like that I like to shock them even more. John said they’re just jealous and they would love to have my looks and body and do the things I do. I’m sure he’s right, at least I don’t cheat on my husband like a lot of married women. Linda is much worse than me, her husband doesn’t know what she gets up to. John knows everything, we don’t have secrets, I think that’s essential for a good relationship. I’m lucky to have such a sweet understanding husband, he encourages me to have fun and he loves the idea of his wife being a prostitute, that really turns him on.

Now John is desperate to watch me having sex. He told me he wants to see me sucking black cock, I’m good at that, then he wants black men to take me from behind, using my cunt and ass and filling me with their cream. I suppose it’s only right, I won’t let him fuck me so the next best thing is to watch other men fucking me. It won’t be a problem, black men like to screw white women in front of their husbands, or anyone else who wants to watch. I’m sure it would be a good thing for my wimp husband to see how big real men are and what they do to his wife.

I expect some people will think John and I have an unusual marriage but we get on really well together, much better than a lot of couples. It suits us and we’re both happy the way things are, so there is really no problem.

Love to know what you think, do you approve of what I do, or am I too naughty? I think most husbands like their wives to have sex with other men don’t they? Does your wife have black boyfriends? What do you think about men paying to fuck your wife, that’s very exciting isn’t it? Your comments, suggestions most welcome and I’ll also answer any questions you might have.

Submitted by: Jenny - London, UK


May 28, 2011

Jason says hi

The husband of hotwife Jackie has been in touch introducing himself and with a message for you all for those of you who have not yet met his wonderful wife.


My name is Jason and my wife is Jackie. Jackie has been interviewed for the Hotwifeblog and had several several postings here and was voted #1 Hotwife for the last 2 years. A great honor for her. I thought the Hotwifeblog readers might enjoy hearing her husbands perspective of her exploits.

Other men have been fucking my wife Jackie for 12 years now and it’s still as exciting as it was the first time. It took awhile for me to talk her into it but after the first guy fucked her, she was hooked and the rest is history. I don’t really know the true meaning of the work “cuck” and it’s probably different for everyone. In my case I love to watch guys fuck my wife pure and simple.

I usually go shopping with my wife and help her pick out sexy outfits for her to wear on her “dates.” This is great fun for my wife and me both. When we get home after shopping my wife will usually model the outfits she bought to get my advice on which she should wear for what guy and she knows it’s an extra tease for me too.

On the days my wife has a “date”, I always shave her pussy smooth for the guy to enjoy and this always gets my wife more excited in anticipation. On occasion I will invite a guy to fuck my wife in our home and in our bed but in most cases I drive her to a hotel to be fucked by her date.

Inside the hotel room, I love to watch guys kiss my wife and fondle her tits and finger fuck her. I love to watch her suck their cocks then spread her legs. Nothing is better than watching and listening to guys bang my wife’s pussy and ass finally filling her pussy and mouth with their cum. I’ll watch my wife slowly get dressed again and finally walk her down to the lobby and out to the car then drive her home where I usually fuck her myself to finish off a perfect night. I am addicted to this scenario and this being the case, I spend a part of most days chatting with guys online in the hopes of finding another new guy to fuck her.

Like many guys, Marq contacted me on Yahoo and thought my wife Jackie was very pretty. Marq told me he was a black man that enjoyed fucking white wives and that he lived in our town and wanted to see more pictures of my wife Jackie. Next to watching guys fuck my wife, there is nothing I enjoy more than sending guys pictures of my wife getting fucked, especially by black men with huge cocks. I picked out a few especially naughty pictures of my wife getting fucked in every hole and sent them to Marq. The next day Marq told me he had jacked off to the pictures and that he would love to meet us for a drink and get better acquainted with my wife in person. I Told Marq it was not necessary to meet for a drink. If he wanted to fuck my wife he just needed to email her his face picture and set up a date. I gave Marq my wife’s private email and he said he would contact her right away. This morning over coffee my wife told me Marq was coming over to the house to fuck her. This would be the first of many times that Marq would fuck my wife.

You can check out the movie right here

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May 26, 2011

Watching another man

Cuckold Place Update

Watching another man fuck my wife

This is a true, if somewhat difficult story. It happened in early October and I’m afraid I didn’t take photos so here are some photos of my wife’s pussy (with my spunk) and stretched, just to give you an idea. Plus a photo of SOMEONE ELSE taken from elsewhere on this site – but perfect of the view that I had (I’m not stealing or pretending something that’s not - just illustrating).

Afterwards I felt really like shit but we’ve talked and got through it fine, and now I’m fortunately left with all the horny thoughts. Reading people’s experiences on here has really helped – from some like Jeanne and girlfriend Jess who are well adapted to the lifestyle to some who have wanted and wanted and then disappeared from here ‘cos they obviously found it all too hard! Anyways – the Story of how I watched my wife get fucked by another man

My wife is fabulously sexy, has the most amazing pussy and a really dirty mind! We’ve been exploring our sexual fantasies and this has led us to her tasting her first pussy (very horny) and me sucking my first cock. In fact that is where this story starts…

We’d booked a cottage at a seaside town and contacted a few guys through Gumtree for us to fulfil our fantasy of my wife watching me suck another man’s cock. On the Friday we’d met a guy and taken him back to the cottage. My wife pulled down his trousers and stroked his cock just to get us started and I knelt between his legs sucking his cock till he came in my mouth and I swallowed his cum down. My wife was soooo excited, loved seeing me suck cock… This time, he didn’t touch her at all. I’d been locked in my CB3000 and hadn’t come in a few days so was very very horny!

On Saturday we met our second man, who we knew we were going to play with a bit more. When we met him for a drink we got on really well, went back to the cottage before going out on the town, I sucked his cock and already was tipsy enough to ask if he wanted to feel her pussy – which was dripping wet!

Out around town we were terribly behaved, I was fingering her in full view in a couple of pubs and when we went lap-dancing, during the actual dance, the 2 dancers we had were feeling my CB3000, I pulled up her skirt so show off her wet pussy and one of them inspected her piercings before kissing her. One of the dancers asked later who she was with and she said both of us (I know that turned her on lots) and I think the dancer was quite jealous. In the end we got thrown out of there because I continued openly fingering her.

So we ended up back at the cottage again. We were all fairly drunk and very soon, the idea that I was just going to give him a blow job went out of the window as I asked her to mount him as he led on the floor of the living room. I slipped my cock in, alongside his so for the first time in her life she had 2 dicks inside her – both in her pussy.

Being drunk and extremely horny I came too much too quickly and for a while lost my sense of humour – shortly later we all went to sleep.

In the morning I felt bad so suggested we invite him into our bed once more. Keeping the story short, we went at it well. At one point I was sucking his cock and I asked her to lick and tongue his arse, she said later she heard him moaning loudly at that point. At another point, I was sucking his cock while he laid with her, the two of them kissing (which is the thing I struggled with most of all afterwards). But most horny for us now, was when they were in missionary, her arms around him, her legs spread and I was watching him plough his cock into her pussy. The submissive sight of her legs spread open for another man was intoxicating and still is. Now we keep talking about it and she’s been hotter and hornier over this fantasy than over almost any other.

Just one detail people might find horny too – halfway through we thought to check whether he was safe as I’ve already had a vasectomy. He wasn’t safe, after which he used a condom but when we were fucking before sleeping, he was bareback.

She’s really cautious about STDs and about cum and also about me going off on one again as I did directly after this time… the first time.

But now, our fantasy while fucking is this – she locks me in a cage, we take another man and I get them both ready, sucking him and wetting her (as if she’d need it!). I roll a condom onto his cock, hold her legs open for him and guide in his cock with my hand as she whispers how she wants his cock. As I lie beside her she kisses me and holds my caged cock telling me how much she’s enjoying his cock inside of her. Ideally he would come inside her and I clean her but given her fertility and fear of STD, the fantasy is she takes off the condom and empties it into my mouth…. The hornier version is she taunts me for weeks before, taking the pill and telling me every day it’s so another man can fill her cunt for me to clean….

p.s. thanks for the inspiration Hosemaven55 – see pic below and his thread on the chastity thread

Submitted by: twohorny, UK

You can read some more on this story and well as see pics of twohorny’s wife here


May 24, 2011

Spitroast Picnic

Rachel Reveals Diary Update

Just got back home from a totally wonderful afternoon of fun and frolics in the gorgeous sunshine…

Hubby and I decided to pack up a scrummy picnic and head off into the countryside for a stroll in the hot sunshine, we arrived at our destination grabbed our stuff and headed into the woods. During our stroll we stumbled across 2 guys who kept following us around, so once we picked a spot to sit I thought I would have some fun with these guys and started flashing my knickers at them.

Hubby then led me back onto the blanket, pulled my wet moist panties to one side and started flicking his fat wet tongue all over my swollen throbbing clit and probing my nice wet tight cunt hole – all in full view of these guys.

Led there with my eyes closed in the heat of the sun, cunt on full show being licked into a total frenzy, I had no idea that these guys had headed closer and before I knew what was happening I was being spit roasted by both these guys as hubby snapped away with the camera.

They took turns in fucking my gorgeous wet pussy as I gagged and slurped on the dick in front of me. They emptied their pent up wads of man milk deep inside me and then joined us for a Pimm’s and cucumber sarnie afterwards.

Felt SO horny and slutty sitting there with both their spunk dribbling out of my freshly fucked pussy as we ate and drank.

Rach xx






Hotwife Blog Profile - Rachel Reveals - 2011

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May 22, 2011

Loving the Lifestyle

My husband and I have been married for 20 years. He has an average size cock in length, but it is kinda thick. We got into the alternative lifestyle about 15 years ago when we watched our 1st amateur porno called “Fuck my wife”. Ever since, my husband has been infatuated with the idea of me being fucked by other men. We often talked about the cuckold lifestyle and all the kinks involved in it. After about the 4th time of me being fucked by another man, he told me to let one of my partners cum inside of me, he wanted to see my pussy dripping with another mans cum. So, with his request, I fucked his best friend that he set me up with. I had fucked him several times before with my husband there joining in or watching, but this time, I fucked him all alone, I told him to cum inside of my pussy because my husband wanted to see it, his buddy agreed and fucked me several times, filling my pussy every time.

When I got home, I went into the bedroom and called my hubby in, I told him to lie on his back, I had a surprise for him, when he laid down, I stood over him and lowered my pussy towards his face and he cleaned my pussy out of his buddy’s hot cum. We both loved the idea of what had just happened, I asked him if this is something he wanted to keep doing, and he said hell yeah. To this day, I have fucked about 11 different men, some several times. The one I am fucking now is very hot and sexy, and he fucks me long, hard and fast giving me several orgasms everytime we hook-up. My husband had gotten his number from my cell and texted him and told him he wants him to be my lover/boyfriend and he has agreed. The boyfriend has gone a step further now by telling my husband he is not allowed to fuck my pussy then, that he is the only one allowed to fuck it, and all I can do is clean it up afterwards. My husband has agreed to it.

Now I fuck my boyfriend once a week, sometimes twice, and I love it. I have to say, that I am very much in love with my husband, but I love my boyfriend too. I will never leave my husband, why would I leave something like this, he allows me to fuck whenever I want, whoever I want, as much as I want, and he cleans the cum out of my dripping snatch.

My boyfriend wants to bring a few of his buddies over one night to gangbang me for the 1st time, fill me up with all of their hot love juice then send me home to my husband, I am game for it, but nervous do to the number of friends he wants to involve, 8 of his friends plus him makes 9 cocks, all taking turns fucking me, DPing me, with another cock in my mouth, 2 cocks in my pussy at the same time etc. I can’t wait. I’ll keep you informed of developments.

Submitted by: Amy - Minnesota, USA


May 20, 2011

Rebecca’s Confession

My name is Rebecca and this is my Interracial Confession:

I just have to get off this off my chest. First of all a little something about myself. I’m 37 years old and someone that cares about their body a great deal. I am a strong Indian women with thick, long curly hair and a 5′3″ athletic frame. My tits are the big story, they are 100% natural 38GG, but my ass is not that blessed, but I have enough for any man to hold on too. I have been married for just under six years to a great guy. I am very much in love with my husband he is in great shape but a below average lover. His equipment is adequate but doesn’t really satisfy my pussy. I have been working for a large corporation for 4 years now. It’s a job I need because my husband doesn’t make enough to take care of me. Its quite disappointing but I have never had someone care about me so much.

My boss Dana is a very good looking black man, early 30’s who is very valuable to the company. He is always asking me to go on vacations with him to Atlantic City , Las Vegas or the Cayman Islands. I have been with my husband since just after high school and not available or I would have jumped at the chance to be with this great looking powerful man. If it weren’t for my looks I would have been out of this job a long time ago. I don’t have a great work ethic and like to spend most of my time pampering myself on long lunches.

Well it was a Wednesday morning at work. Dana had let me slide again after being late. It was the eighth time since the New Year. I was wearing my favorite jeans that frame my tight ass and a tight top that showed of my perky tits. He kept coming by my desk and checking out my cleavage. I loved the attention; it was so much fun to flirt with him knowing he always wanted me.

My girlfriends around the office always thought I was crazy for not taking Dana up on his offers. My friend Belinda had slept with him after one of the Xmas Parties a few years back and said he was a well endowed man. Belinda emailed me just before lunch talking about the 10 inch trouser snake that Dana has. We kept sending emails back and forth, I replied to one of the emails saying I don’t fuck black cock. What I didn’t realize is that the email I replied to was Dana’s. Amongst all the emailing I hadn’t realized that Dana had emailed me asking me to pick up his lunch. I was so scared, I could really lose my job. Five minutes later I was told by Dana to meet him in the conference room. I was so terrified. I would do anything to keep that job, I need it to keep the house and my car.

Well I went up in the conference room and Dana was waiting for me. He told me to sit down and also told me that he didn’t know how he could keep me on after such a slur. I tried to tell him it was a joke with another co-worker but slurs like that aren’t easily forgiven. I told him I would do anything, I saw his eyes light up, he stepped towards me and grabbed my ass with his strong hands. He bent down and gave me the most passionate kiss I have ever had. I could feel my pussy start to tingle, this beautiful black man was making my panties so wet. He then grabbed at my boobs and took my top off. He then moved me down to my knees where I unbuckled his belt and rubbed the front of his expensive slacks. I could feel his large cock and I couldn’t wait to take his cock in my mouth. His pants dropped to the ground and I took down his boxers. I put his semi-hard cock in my mouth and stroked his shaft. I then licked his balls and stroked his cock. Then I placed my mouth around his cock and put as much of it as I could in my mouth. He was so large that I could only get half of his cock in my mouth. He was guiding me up and down his shaft with his hand on the back of my head. It was only a matter of time before he shot his load in my mouth and I took every drop. To make it even more exciting the blinds were half drawn where we could see out but others really couldn’t see in. We went back to work and my nipples were so hard poking through my top. My hair a mess after the face fucking I took. I was so turned on I didn’t care if anyone knew. I had to have that cock in my pussy after seeing and sucking the cock.

I went home that night and fucked my husband like I had never done before. I was still unsatisfied having not cum. I then went to the bathroom drew a bath while my husband was sleeping and got myself off in the bath tub thinking of Dana’s humongous cock. I decided I was going to come in the office all sexy and get that cock that I’m craving.

I woke up the next day as excited as could be. I put on my sexiest business suit, the one with the short skirt where I would have to watch myself so I don’t show my pussy to the world. I put on a tight white top no bra so my tits were visible to the naked eye. I shaved up my pretty pussy and put on my stiletto heels. I got looks from everyone at work. I got in and went straight into Dana’s office and told him to close the blinds. He did and I jumped on him. He tore off my shirt and the buttons went flying, he licked my hard nipples and I rubbed his cock. I told him how bad I wanted him and he said that his meaty black cock was ready. He laid me on his desk and pulled my skirt up to see my freshly shaved pussy. He licked my pussy, I was holding back my screams as he brought me to my first orgasm with his tongue. I told him my pussy was yearning for his cock. He took it out and slowing rubbed it against my slit. I was wetter for the man than I had ever been. He then slowly slid his cock in my pussy. I scratched my nails into his back and he slowly put his cock in my slit inch by inch. I felt his cock just stretching my tight pussy. He slowly forced the entire length in. I came for the second time. He slowly picked up the pace and started to pound my pussy. I was dizzy with ecstasy. He then picked me up and sat back on his chair, I then lowered my pussy onto his black cock. I went up and down pressing on his muscular chest. We went at it for sometime, I was not used to having sex for so long. We were already 20 minutes in. He then bent me over his desk and proceeded to pound my pussy. I came 2 more times as he was reaching places no one had ever reached. I looked in the glass seeing the beautiful black man pound my pussy as it went into an almost continuous orgasm. I could feel his cock start to twinge and his breathing began to labor. He tensed up and shot his load in my pussy. I could feel his seed leaking out my pussy. I turned around and clean his black instrument of all the remaining cum and pussy juices. As he grunted trying to hold back the sounds of pleasure coming from his mouth.

We have made sex in the workplace a more frequent thing. My pussy needs it and he can’t get enough of my tight ass. He is pushing to tap my virgin ass, I think I might just let him do it. We often take pictures like the ones below.

We set up a trip to Vegas, I has never gotten high roller treatment and was looking forward to it. I will let you know how my Vegas trip goes soon. Hope my husband doesn’t find out, oh well.

Your favorite Indian slut wife, Rebecca, this is my Interracial Confession.





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May 18, 2011

What a mess he made

A story submission today from Hotwife Julie about her first time with another black man.


James, my Husband’s black boss, was the first black man to fuck me. My husband had been persuading me for months to have sex with him and I finally gave in to his request with some reservation not knowing how it was to be. This would also be my first time ever having sex with another man other than my husband.

We arranged a night for James to come over and see me. My husband had asked me to wear a see through black dress with no bra or panties underneath. I felt so shy when James called that evening with me answering the door. James’ eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw me in this outfit. He was such a nice guy and he put me at ease almost at once. I sat beside James on the couch in the living room and my husband sat opposite us. James’ hands were all over me squeezing my breasts and playing with my nipples and were soon under my dress playing with my already wet pussy. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard thick cock and began to suck it. I could tell that he liked it by the moans he was making.

All of a sudden James stood up and pulled my dress over my head and there I was fully naked for the first time in my life in front of another man. He took off his clothes too and our naked bodies mashed together in illicit passion. I had never been so horny in my whole married life and James had wakened the whore that was inside my body. I pressed my breasts against his chest and rubbed my groin against his. My husband was aghast that his wife could be such a whore with his boss and he simply could not believe his eyes.

We were both in a very high state of sexual lust and I led him to the bedroom and threw myself on the bed with my legs widely parted. As James hovered over me I grabbed his hard cock and rubbed the head up and down my wet slit till it was covered with my sticky juices. Then I guided his hard black meat to the entrance of my love cave. James’ thick black cock inched slowly into my wet cunt dragging my cunt lips inwards. The whole length of his cock was soon fully inside my wet and willing cunt and it went into places where my husband’s cock had never been. Then he started to move and pound me slowing at first and then began to move in earnest ramming my cunt faster and faster. I closed my eyes to savor the pleasure he was giving me and to my own surprise I began to groan and moan like a whore! I never did that when my husband fucked me.

Waves after waves of pure pleasure washed all over my sex-crazed body as orgasm after orgasm followed one after another. My pussy tunnel expanded and contracted all around my lover’s cock. Sensation after sensation built within the depth of my womb, traveled up my spine and then exploded deep inside my brain. Both my hands clutched the bed spread as my legs thrashed about in sheer joy. I never in my dreams ever thought that a man could give me so much pleasure as James did.

I did now know how many orgasms I had and I did not care. I wanted to keep cumming over and over. Then I felt the strangest sensation within the depth of my womb. I could feel it bloating up and then seemed to implode. At that instant James shot a huge load of sperm right into it and I screamed and screamed like a wild bitch on heat. I wrapped both my legs around my lover’s waist and held onto him tightly. Never in my dream could I imagine that sex could be so good and satisfying.

You can see the mess James made of my pussy in the picture.


Submitted by: Julie


May 16, 2011

Barbi Creampied

Just got these hot images from Hotwife Barbi Sinclair. Looking amazingly hot as usual, in a fishnet body stocking, sucking and fucking cock and taking a cream pie. More please soon Barbi!







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May 14, 2011

Miss Knix sends in pics

Post removed at users request


May 12, 2011

Dee Siren Gangbang

Here’s a gallery update from one of your new favorite hotwives, the gorgeous Dee Siren.

Here she organizes a gangbang party, carefully selecting the Bulls to attend, making sure each one is well hung. Throughout the night she gets all her holes filled including some DP action. As a finale she gets each one to unload their cum all over her face.

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Dee Siren

Hotwife Blog Profile - Dee Siren - 2011

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