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April 16, 2011

Lady Red Knix Interviewed

Post removed at users request

4 Responses to “Lady Red Knix Interviewed”

  1. small1sh said:

    Awesome interview, but there seems to be a discrepancy. Not a size queen, but husband is too tiny to fulfill her.
    How small is hubby?

  2. Dean said:

    You sound amazing. Can’t wait to hear some more of your stories and see some more pictures.

  3. Pete said:

    That is one amazing ass. Gorgeous hotwife!

  4. jeffrey wayne arthur=footwimp202 said:

    A TRUE REAL LIFE GENUINE GODDESS among goddess’ that wimps like myself and her tiny sized lucky lucky hubby serve worship adore and OBEY,.,.THANK YOU lADY rED KNIX UR CUCKOLDED FOOTWIMP JEFFREY ARTHUR

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