April 30, 2011

Ronja 150 man bukkake

Here’s an update from one of our top 20 Hotwives Creampie Ronja. Growing in popularity with you guys with her extreme creampie gangbang parties. Something a little different from Ronja this time, no cum for her pussy.. But never one to do things by halves she decides on a bukkake with 150 men!






Hotwife Blog Profile - Ronja - 2011


April 28, 2011

Meet Julie

Another new wife to say hello to today on Hotwife Blog - Julie from Canada.


My name is Julie and I am a married Asian slut wife. I love sex and cannot get enough of it. Although I am married I am still looking for fun and sexventures. I have a very high sex drive and am in a constant state of horniness and my pussy is perpetually wet and slimy with lust juices and ready to be used. Being multi-orgasmic I can reach numerous orgasms even before my lovers can unload their cum deep into me .

I had my first sexual experience at the age of 15 when I was seduced by a man much older than I am. He taught me the wonders of sex to which I am now addicted. During my relationship with him he later shared me with his many friends. The feeling and sensation these men gave me were awesome and I cannot get enough of it. I am now 46 and still very sexually active and love sex very much.



April 26, 2011

Sensi revists Sara Jay

Here’s another update from myself and my BBC’d mate Sensi

You might remember some pics posted in 2009 when Sensi managed to fuck Hotwife Sara Jay (check out the photos here). She’s now a massive Internet star and is well known for her love of big black cock. I had sent her Sensi’s pictures the first time we approached her and managed to get her down to Brighton when she was over here in the UK shooting. This time we didn’t even know she was in the country until my phone starting bleeping with a message to “Get ourselves to London! Bring a camera!”. We didn’t need any further encouragement and nipped on a train to go see her. She was only in the UK for a short while to shoot some porn movies with fellow pornstar Olivia O’lovely. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Olivia but Sara promised to put in a good word for Sensi for next time she’s over.

It was so worth the rush up to London.. We’ve certainly missed that amazing bubble butt of hers. Sensi and Sara fucked hard like rabbits in a gorgeous room overlooking the River Thames. He made sure she had a full mouthwash of hot cum to take home with her to her US Hubby. Until next time Sara!







And hotwives, if you’d like a chance to play with The Undercover Lover, you are free to wear a mask and hide your identity if you like, please get in touch here

Check out Sara modeling some Hotwife Blog gear

Sara’s Website Official site is right here

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April 24, 2011

Taxi affair fare

A submission from hotwife Carolyn today, doing her bit for the Taxi driving community hehe


In my experience, I’ve found that most cab drivers are poor, hard working guys. So recently I told my husband Mark that I wanted to brighten the lives of a few cabbies by giving them blowjobs. We discussed how best to do it, and decided that we couldn’t call the cabs from our home, because then we’d have cabbies showing up all the time looking for more blowjobs. So we decided to go Square One Mall in Mississauga and call for a cab from there.

I wore a sheer black top with the silver trim, a black leather mini skirt, black stay-up stockings and no panties. We had the cab pick us up at the back entrance to Wal-Mart. As we waited for the cab to arrive, I enjoyed the leering looks I was getting from most of the guys who walked by, but since Mark was holding my hand, none of the guys did anything other than look. I also did my best to ignore the nasty looks I got from most of the women.

When the cab finally showed up, I got into the front seat and Mark climbed in the back. The driver was an older East Indian gentleman with snow white hair, and when he saw that my tits were clearly visible in the sheer top, his eyes bugged out and he started stammering as he tried to ask me where we wanted him to take us. As he continued staring at my tits, I replied, “I’d like you to take us to a quiet spot at the farthest corner of the parking lot, and when we get there, I want to suck your cock.” He got a glazed sort of look on his face, and said, “I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I understand what you are saying.” So I decided to be a bit more direct. I could see that there was already a bulge growing in his pants, so I reached over, put my hand on his hardening cock and squeezed it gently through his pants as I said, “I want you to put this cock of yours into my mouth and let me suck it until I’ve swallowed all your cum.”

As I continued to gently fondle his cock, he asked, “I don’t mean to offend you, but are you a prostitute? Are you asking me to pay you for a blowjob?” “No honey,” I assured him, “there’s no money involved. In fact, my husband here will pay you for whatever the fare is. I just admire how hard working most cab drivers are, and I want to do a little something to brighten your day, and my husband enjoys watching me with other men. So will you please let me suck you off?” Well, the glow on his face was like a kid on Christmas morning! He exclaimed, “Oh yes, I would love that. My wife died 6 years ago, and I have not been with a woman since then. I’ve thought about going to a massage parlour or getting a prostitute, but I’m afraid of getting arrested.” “Well then honey,” I replied as I removed my hand from his cock, “let’s get going, because it sounds like you’ve definitely waited long enough.”

He drove us to the far end of the lot as I had requested, and since it was a weekday morning, he was able to find a parking spot that was away from any other cars. As soon as we had parked, I told him to join me in the back seat because it would be more comfortable, and as we did so, Mark moved to the front seat. The cabbie just sat there with a sort of lost look on his face, as if he was waiting for me to tell him what to do. So I took off my top and asked him, “Would you like to feel my tits?” Well that was all the prompting he needed. His hands grabbed both my tits and started kneading them like they were mounds of dough. As he continued to fondle me, I reached down, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, which was by now fully erect. But as soon as I wrapped my hand around his cock, he yelled, “Oh no!” After all the cocks I’ve sucked, I knew his yell meant that he was about to cum, so I quickly pushed his hands away from my tits, leaned down and wrapped my lips around his cock. I was just in time, as he immediately started shooting his creamy cum down my throat. I kept stroking his cock and sucking and swallowing until I’d swallowed every last drop.

As I sat up, he looked sadly at me and said, “I’m sorry I came so quickly. It’s been so long since I felt a woman’s touch on my cock, and I just couldn’t hold back.” “Don’t worry honey,” I reassured him, “I’ll get you hard again and I’m sure you’ll last longer the second time.” “Thank you so much!” he replied. “You are truly an angel!” I laughed and said, “No problem honey. Believe me, it’s my pleasure. While I try to get you hard again, would you like to taste my pussy?” He said yes, so I had him remove his pants and underwear, and I pulled off my skirt. We shifted into a 69 position with me on top, and as my lips and tongue worked on getting his cock hard again, he started eating my pussy like a starving man who’d just been given a filet mignon! He was gobbling my entire pussy into his mouth and shoving his tongue into me about as far as anyone ever had. And boy, was he ever loud, making all sorts of slobbering sounds as he slurped up all my pussy juice, which was now running out of me freely. I did my best to concentrate on his sucking his cock, which had gotten hard by now, but when he started chewing on my clit, I was so fucking aroused that I pulled his cock out of my mouth because I was afraid I might bite it. I just started squirming wildly and grinding my pussy into his face. Mark, who was kneeling in the front seat watching us, yelled “Stick your finger in her ass. Carolyn loves that!” Almost immediately, I felt one of the cabbie’s fingers, which was lubricated with my pussy juice, being shoved into my ass, followed quickly by a second finger. Well that pushed me over the top and my entire body spasmed as I had a mind blowing orgasm! After what seemed like an hour of orgasmic ecstasy, but was actually just a few seconds, I came back down to earth. Then I quickly changed positions so that I was face to face with the cabbie, but still on top of him.

Thank you honey,” I said, “that was fantastic!” And I started kissing him and licking all my pussy juice off his face. Then I leaned forward so that my tits were hanging in his face and I asked him to please suck my tits, which he did instantly, and with great gusto! After a few minutes I said, “Okay honey, that felt great, but now it’s my turn again to do some sucking.” I like to look up at a guy when I’m sucking him off, so I had him slide as far to the end of the seat as he could, with one leg on the seat and the other hanging down towards the floor. I knelt on the seat facing him and started licking, kissing and sucking his cock. When I looked up at him, he was staring at me with a totally peaceful and blissful look on his face. As I licked his cock head, I gently ran the fingernails of one hand along his hard shaft while fondling his balls with my other. Then I grabbed his cock, wrapped my lips tightly around it, and started bobbing my head up and down as my tongue licked his cock.

This went on for about 10 minutes, at which point Mark decided to liven things up. He got the vibrator out of my purse, leaned over towards the back seat, slowly pushed it into my soaking wet pussy, and started stroking it in and out. That got me going and I started stroking the cabbie’s cock faster and faster and sucking it harder and harder. After about a minute of this, he exploded in my mouth with a huge flood of cum. I did my best to swallow it all, but some managed to dribble out and it ran down onto his balls. So when I had taken his last creamy spurt, I took my mouth off his cock and licked his balls clean of cum.

We were both pretty spent by now, and we sat up next to each other breathing heavily. I had my hand in his crotch, gently patting his now limp cock as if it were a beloved pet. He turned to me and said, “I cannot thank you enough. That was amazing! It’s the first time I’ve truly felt like a real man since my wife died. God bless you!” “You’re very welcome sweetie.” I replied, and I leaned over and kissed him, and then leaned down and kissed his cock. “But all good things must come to an end,” I continued, “so you we better get our clothes on, because we have to get going.”

As he drove us back to the rear entrance of Wal-Mart, he kept his left hand on the wheel while his right hand was busy fondling my pussy. When he dropped us off, he asked if we could do this again sometime, so I took his home number and promised to call him.

After he left, I went to the Mall bathroom to clean up, and then we called a different cab company, and repeated the whole thing over again with another cabbie. By the time we headed home for dinner, I had given 12 blowjobs to 7 different cabbies, and my pussy was red and throbbing from being eaten so much. MMMmmm!!! It had been a VERY GOOD day!

Submitted by: Carolyn - Toronto


April 22, 2011

Euro Wife Milf

Mr. Hot Sauce writes in with an experience from Black Cock Heaven


Fucking a hot married woman brings a rush I cannot describe! But fucking a rich married slut wife is a rush, that brings goose bumps to my spine! It has been a dream of mine to travel to Europe and fuck some of the hottest white pussy known to man. That dream was fulfilled this past Christmas, when I decided to catch a plane to Prague and Budapest. Everything I had imagined about the women, wives and girlfriends were fucking true. Europe has the hottest sluts in the world and I was smack in the middle of all of it. My dick got harder and harder as I traveled the streets as a White pussy hungry American.

I was by the main Cathedral in district 5, of Budapest, the feeling in the air was very spiritual, I saw people crying, babies praying with their parents! It was very calm, yet refreshing to see another culture celebrate the Holiday season. The night begin to set in around 9:30, church’s were letting out, the wives were dressed in black, high heels, and perfume in the air. Hungarian men were thinking, love, life and family and this American man was thinking hot sex with their sexy women.

The next morning some snow had fallen on the ground and the air was crisp and the City looked exciting. I went back to my hotel and randomly ran into in my opinion one of the hottest milf slut wives I have ever seen to date. I made an excuse to start chatting to her. Her name was Lisa. She has been married for five years to a older gentleman from Naples, Italy. She had a big smile, but after chatting with her for a few minutes I knew something wasn’t right. From her body language I knew she was curious about being with a black man, but she was hesitant to reveal it. To make a long story short, she was what we call “(at war) with being a true whore”! The war goes on in a woman’s mind about, should I be a good wife, or a bad wife, or a good mom or a slut woman, this in my opinion holds back alot of women in America from being the true whore they could be. Lisa was fighting that same war, in Europe. My job was to sweet talk her fine Milf ass out of her panties and end the fucking war when my black dick hits her lips.

The conversation ended when I asked her to meet me for tea the next day, she agreed. The following day arrived, I had a slight hangover from partying but nothing major, Lisa met me a shop called, Coffee Heaven, which I found straight funny, I’m trying to take this bitch to black cock heaven and I’m meeting her at coffee heaven. I got there and couldn’t find Lisa, she didn’t call to cancel so I waited for 30 minutes before I decided to get off my ass and leave. I was being stood up. Oh well, it was a good thought, so I left and hit Douglas Street, this is where alot of hot european chicks hang, I guess I would try my luck there. Never the less I walked about 2
blocks and guess who I find walking my direction, Yep, Lisa, with a big ass smile on her face.

I guess Euro wives don’t wear watches. She hugged me and told me she was sorry for being late, something with her kitchen sink being fucked up, who cares is what I’m thinking lets get get to the business. We hit the coffee shop, chatted for about an hour and half, when she hits me with it. “You know my husband and I have an different arrangement, his main office is in Italy in which he works alot. We have a place here near the airport in Budapest, we both can have play partners with no hassles or fuss.” is what she stated. I smiled, because honestly, I would never get any pussy like this in America, this bitch could have told me to jump over the Grand Canyon in a big wheel and I would have done it.

I told her “Cool, I’m down with whatever.” We hung for about another 30 minutes, then I put my plan into motion. I asked her straight out, if she wouldn’t mind if I ate her pussy before she drove back home. She grinned, and replied, “What did you say”? I told her that I would walk her back to her car, get in the front seat, lean over and lick her pussy before she drove back to her place by the airport. Her reply, was I have never done such a thing in my car, and you would really do that? “American guys are crazy, LOL”! So judging from her response I knew she was down.

So we walked her to her car, got into the front seats, I made her lay her seat all that way back and licked the shit out of this hot wife’s pussy, like it was my last meal on earth. I could feel her cumming as she grabbed the back of my neck and pushed my head into her shaved pussy. This bitch was loud too. Her pussy smelled good and fresh, like her husband hasn’t touched it in years. I ate that shit for 30 minutes straight until Lisa said “Ok, ok, you are coming with me to my place! Its only about a 15 minute ride!” My dick was harder than a motherfucker, I really didn’t care I wanted to fuck her ass in the car, straight ghetto style but you know some bitches have to play the classy role.

We went to her place and this shit was out of a home makers guide, what the fuck does her hubby do? Who cares, my dick was up flag pole style and it didn’t take this bitch long to get on her knees and lick my black balls. She licked my asshole, played with my balls and told me how European guys are too nice to her. I laid on her bed and smiled as I listened to her slurp on my black dick.

WE fucked the entire night, off and on while she made me grilled fish and told me stories about her traveling days in Germany. I made her cum at least 5 times, cumming on her face, in her mouth and numerous times inside her, before she told me her pussy was too sore for more black loving. I brought that bitch to heaven that day.

BTW, I fucked Lisa three more times before I left for America, she even took me to this nice fish restaurant, while rubbing my dick under the table. This bitch is a true slut whore wife and I was blessed to meet her, she brought me to hungarian heaven.

Mr. Hot Sauce.









April 20, 2011

College Slut

Today a submission from a first time poster Hotwife from Texas.


This is my first time doing this. I’m not really sure if there is a right or wrong way to type this stuff up. I am a very happily slut wife / hot wife, and just happen to be in college right now. My husband and I have been in the LS for several years now and have done basically everything you can imagine. Our favorite has always been extra cock. He loves the way I feel and taste when my date is done, and allows me to go out on my own from time to time if he knows the guy and feels I’m safe.

So to get to the good stuff there is a guy in one of my classes that is pretty smart, and offered to help me study. Right away Hubby and I were talking about the possibilities of what could happen when we were in bed. Sure enough a few weeks later he offered to get a room so we would have a quiet place to go. It was a great time, and we did actually study a little. Of course that was after a hot make-out session, and me swallowing his hot load. After the study break he was ready for round two and his fat cock fucked me good. I even let him cum in my pussy and it felt SO GOOD! When I got home later hubby was ready to clean me up just like I like, and then got to have his turn.

On to the recent event and the reason for the post. I pretty much hit and forget, I’m mostly into one night stands and enjoy the build up getting to know someone and wanting to fuck them, then once we fuck I’m pretty much done. Same held true with this guy, until a couple days ago, Monday actually. Hubby noticed in a text the guy sent me that he seemed to need a little something. Hubby requested I give the boy toy a blowjob at school and video it for him. So the next day I totally blew the guys mind, the video part was kinda fun telling him “oh, by the way my husband wants a video of this.” We were in pretty tight quarters in the front of his vehicle but I was able to get the deed done and had such a rush doing it. There I was a 32 year old married lady giving a blowjob to a guy in a college parking lot.

I hope you enjoy this post, please feel free to ask questions or give suggestions.


Submitted by: Tanda 4 Real Slut, Texas - tanda4real@yahoo.com


April 18, 2011

Daisy takes 8 loads

OMG I just received these pictures on my phone from my girlie Daisy.

Recently she’s been sluttier than ever and heading off here and there for an illicit rendezvous or two. But she wanted to go a step further in her quest for more cock, so she organised a little party in London with EIGHT guys and headed off this morning to London to one of the guys houses who agreed to host the gangbang. She’s been sending me text updates throughout the day on the sex marathon. I’ve been sooo horny all day reading what’s she’s been up to and then I get these pics with the text.

“Hehe you’re little spunk slut has taken 8 loads!”




See Daisy being a Slut Girlfriend Here


April 16, 2011

Lady Red Knix Interviewed

Post removed at users request


April 14, 2011

Jackie thanks us all

Gorgeous hotwife Jackie has sent us all a message to thank us for making her our number one hotwife of the year for the 2nd year running. A thoroughly deserved win for a very special hotwife.

You can also check out one of her hot video previews on the page too where Jackie’s husband pimps her out to a black businessman.

See Jackie’s thank you video to Hotwife Blog here

Hotwife Blog Profile - Jackie - 2005

Read Jackie’s Exclusive Interview With hotwifeblog.com

Read Jackie’s 2nd Recent Interview Here

Visit Jackie’s amazing site here


April 12, 2011

Persuaded Wife to stray

Here’s a submission from Lee about the first time his wife strayed with another man.


Let me introduce myself. My name is Lee and I’m married to a wife who has a passion for extra-marital lovers who possess thick cocks.

We have been married for over 20 years. During this time my wife, Isabelle, has had sex with 24 men. Some she has had full intercourse with, and with others she has had oral and masturbation sessions. I have many accounts that I could give you, all memorable.

Isabelle, is now 48 years old. She is very attractive, with short blonde hair, sexy green eyes, a size 12 figure and a huge sexual appetite. From the earliest days of our relationship I had the desire to see her fucking other men. Initially, I expressed this wish during our love making, encouraging her to tell me stories of fantasies in which she would go out to bars and clubs, get chatted up by strangers and eventually end up in their bed with her opening her legs to allow their tongue, fingers and cock to penetrate deep inside her cunt.

We did this for about 2 years before she plucked up the courage to make it into reality. We hatched a plan in which she would go out clubbing with her friends, find a man that she was attracted to, let him buy her a few drinks before bringing him home to fuck in our marital bed. To make this less of a shock for her potential lover, she would tell him that I was working away out of the area. Unbeknown to him, I would be in the next room listening to them fucking like wild animals!
Isabelle took her time preparing for her night out. Showered, shaved legs and pussy, sexy make-up and slutty clothing, all which made my heart race. What I found to be the most exciting was during her preparations it was if I didn’t really figure in her thoughts; she was on a mission to find a stranger for her own sexual pleasure. She kissed me good-bye at the front door and hurried to her awaiting taxi.

As the hours passed by I became increasingly turned on at the thought of how her night may be progressing. Was she already in the company of a suitable man, were they laughing and joking, becoming increasingly more relaxed and intimate, kissing, groping and touching? I was hard at the notion of some stranger being like this with my wife, after all, when married this kind of behaviour is generally off limits. But here I was, hoping that another guy would be experiencing all the things with my wife that I should only experience.

At approximately 2 am, a rather drunk Isabelle phoned me to say that she would be home in 15 minutes, along with her soon to be lover. I went and made myself comfortable in the spare room, not before opening wide all the internal doors in the house so as to get the best chance of listening to their encounter.

Soon after, I heard a taxi draw up outside the house, and the sound of Isabelle’s high heels on the pavement and her laughing with a man. I recall that my heart was beating so hard that I thought I was going to pass out, the burst of adrenaline around my body was amazing. I was all the more turned on at the fact that I was not really in control of the situation; my wife was acting on the permission that I had given her.

They went into our living room and Isabelle talked to him for a few minutes. She then came upstairs and into the room were I was waiting. She hugged and kissed me, clearly drunk, and told me that Ritchie, who was some years younger than her, was going to fuck her in our living room. She went back down the stairs to her horny stud. It was quiet for a few minutes, while they were kissing and undressing. I knew that Isabelle would be dressed in her sexy black underwear with stockings and suspender belt. Soon after, I began to hear her familiar moan, which told me that Ritchie had penetrated her wet cunt with his stiff dick. The sounds of their sex increased in volume and pace. I could clearly hear the creaking of the sofa as he drove his cock relentlessly into her wet vagina. For my benefit, I would imagine, possibly for her own, Isabelle frequently called out his name, urging him to fuck her deeper and harder. By this point my own cock was stiff and I was slowly masturbating not wanting to waste my orgasm, but save it for her when Ritchie had left.

Their sexual act lasted for about 30 minutes, before I heard Ritchie groan, telling her that he was going to cum inside her. Isabelle had timed her last orgasm to coincide with his, and the two of them simultaneously came. I was in absolute heaven.

It didn’t take long for Isabelle to send Ritchie on his way, all happy and spent of his seed. She came into the room where I was waiting and deep kissed me, her tongue snaking into my mouth. The thought that another man had just been inside my wife was overwhelming. She was giggling at the sluttiness of her behaviour and I couldn’t help but push my fingers into her dripping pussy to feel the produce of their orgasms. She was full of his fertile sperm mixed with her own cunt juice. I scooped some of the mixed cream out of her and offered it to her to eat. This she did, and licked her lips.

That night when we were fucking she gave me a full account of what went on. For me, the fuck was heightened by the idea that she had allowed some man to empty his sperm deep inside her cunt, and mine had to wait until after their own pleasure.

This was just the start of our new sexual life. Much more followed. If you are interested, I would be happy to submit here news of what my whoring wife has got up to and, in fact, still does to this day.

Submitted by: Lee - Merseyside, England

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