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February 22, 2011

Boyfriend oral fun

Here’s some pictures today of the very lovely hotwife Leslie Croft treating her new black boyfriend to some oral fun.






Hotwife Blog Profile - Leslie Croft - 2010

Read Leslie’s exclusive interview with Hotwife Blog here

Leslie’s site LustCouple can be found right here

4 Responses to “Boyfriend oral fun”

  1. Kenneth said:

    Thanks for posting more of Leslie!! I’ve been a member of her site for (wow) over a year now, and it’s absolutely one of the best (truly) amateur sites around!

    Unlike many other am/hotwife sites out there, the updates and new content at LustCouple.com just keeps on comin’ . . . a new pic set every Wednesday AND a new video every week!

    Man, this little hottie gets busy. And stays busy!

  2. Eddie said:

    Looks like she’s about to taste some ass in the top pic. Heh, you go girl!

  3. Hoosier said:

    I, too, belong to Leslie’s site and echo Kenneth’s praise of it!

  4. jay stern said:

    what a lovely wife leslie is, her hubby must be really proud of how she worships that bbc, great work my dear and dont forget to give your hubby a great big kiss when you get home, im sure he’ll love it. that last picture tells it all, what a smile on her face, my wife gets that look on her face also, after she has had a real black mans cock cum all over her face, keep on cucking leslie!

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