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February 20, 2011

Texas Doll

You may recall a very hot story posted last month from a Hotwife who calls herself ‘Naughty Hotwife’ or the ‘Texas Doll’. I was indeed intrigued to find out more about this gorgeous bodied hotwife. Her husband Rob wrote in to say he was going to try and convince his wife to send in some face pictures and his persuasion must have done the trick as a few days ago I received these wonderful shots from the Texas Doll herself.

“I have enjoyed your website for quite some time now and last month (Jan. 23rd - Naughty Hot Wife), I finally submitted my first story. As I am writing down some more of my fun experiences I thought I would share a few pictures to entice everyone! More stories to follow…”

Thanks for the shots my lovely. You are absolutely stunning.. The lipstick on the mirror one is just fantastic.

Naughty Hot Wife

Naughty Hot Wife

Naughty Hot Wife

You can read Naughty Hotwife’s first story submission here

Submitted by: Naughty Hot Wife aka TX Doll - Texas

3 Responses to “Texas Doll”

  1. Wayne said:

    Wow. That picture of her from the first post is so F’n hot. We need to get more pics of her on here asap. Seriously, how can I see more?

  2. Lovesmilf said:

    She’s really pretty. I would love to have a night with her.

  3. Derrick said:

    Hot stories! Damn she’s fine!

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