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February 18, 2011

Meet Ronja

I’ve always been a big fan of gangbangs. One woman receiving a never ending stream of cock to fuck. It never fails to excite me to witness a spectacle such as this. Some of the amateur European gangbang parties really do hit the spot of doing a gangbang the right way. Some of you may have had the fortune to witness some of these. The parties usually held in Germany in a club often have one or two women at the centre of a number of men. Quite often the women you see involved are Hotwives.

What I like about these amateur events is the random, real nature of them. There’s no waiting until the end of a scene to show a load of cumshots, it’s just, raw, real and as it happens, cumshots happen throughout and they can go anywhere, on the body, face, in the mouth or inside the girl’s pussy. Sometimes it is a special creampie gangbang party, where each guy cums inside the girl, one after the next. No cleanup, straight in. Each one fucking the mess that last guy has left behind. I love this best of all.

The creampie gangbang theme leads me on to introduce you to the wife we are showcasing today - Ronja. After finding Rachel, a couple of weeks back I thought I had found the pinnacle of slutdom amongst hotwives. But I think Ronja has now surpassed that previous level lol. This slut girlfriend is a 23 year old bareback slut from Germany and specialises in creampie gangbang parties for her fans and members who she encourages to come and meet her in person, fuck her and cum inside her. This girl is just amazing and I’m hoping we hear more from her real soon. For now though here’s some of her own words on her love of creampies.

Why I love creampies?
First I like to feel a dick purely in my cunt or mouth, I enjoy how the guys feel my pussy juices on their pricks and how they pump their hot cum inside me instead of into a rubber. Then, after a few guys have left their sperm in my cunt it starts dripping out, giving a sloppy feeling and leaving that certain smell… Of course I am a great exhibitionist too! I like to show off my body and I get a kick from provocating, especially in public. So we already have loads of galleries of outdoor gangbangs and hot action in public… e.g. some Galleries from a recent gangbang where 49 men blasted off in my cunt…



2 Responses to “Meet Ronja”

  1. hotcock said:

    i love your pics!! nothing than good cunt pumping mmm!!!

  2. jhon said:

    You fucking filthy little slut !!! Respect lol

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