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December 30, 2010

Cruise Seduction

We are a happily married couple in our early 40’s.

My wife has a regular that she has been seeing for three years going, to put it bluntly she has fucked him 8 times now. He’s a 49 year old musician that works for a cruise line and the three of us met while we were on vacation aboard the ship he was working. Talented and flirtatious, the wife fell hard and this musician zeroed in on her affections. I saw it all happening and thought it was kinda cool to see her get so turned on. Each night we had incredible sex and it was fueled in part by the energy she was feeling for the musician.

Months later we talked about how great it would have been if we would have simply asked the guy if he would be interested in a three way or interested in the wife alone. It was complicated on that ship and probably not the place, but we wondered if we found a way to contact the guy now where it would lead.

A good sign of what was to come came the minute we typed his name up on a goggle search, in seconds or in the time it took two simple clicks we had an email and contact phone number for him from a website. We decided to communicate.

The wife sent a couple of sexy but tame pictures first off and laid the compliments on him in a email. She tried to explain everything she could about our open relationship and how turned on I got listening and watching her. It was a classic email sent from a horny lady looking for fun. He replied in kind, but was far more direct clearly aware of the sexual frequency of the letter. He flirted and asked to see more of her beauty, he remembered her clearly for her blonde hair, low cut tops, and cleavage. He boldly suggested she send him topless photos if she was serious.

Without any delay she picked three nudes and sent them his way, this time with an invite to call if he liked what he saw. Once the phone conversations started the reality of what was going to happen began to come clearer. My wife was acting like a slut and having fun fully aware that all the wild talk would have to be backed up the day we actually met this lucky musician.

That day came on a summer day in the Long Beach, Ca area. We drove down to met him at a bar/grill during a short stay between cruises and hit off even better in person. Helps he had a great sense of humor and was able to make her relax. The three of us walking to the hotel room was as comfortable and natural as walking into a store or club.

Once in the room we determined the rules of play…. none! Several shots of Patron’ and in the safety of my presence my wife seemed nearly slave like and very playful. She was willing to do whatever we wanted and was prepared to get ass fucked, Dp’d, bukaked, even lightly spanked if it was what he wanted.

All of the above happened with a emphasis on the ass play. He took great pleasure in that. Also a huge cummer he dumped a load straight down her throat into her tummy That I know she was digesting well into the night.

Ever since that first get together we try to meet him a couple times each year. He even got married, but could not give up the four hour’s of fun with the wife each time he comes into town.

Here is a picture of my wife and I hope you enjoyed my story.

My Wife

Submitted by: J and K, California

9 Responses to “Cruise Seduction”

  1. Peejay said:

    Wow, Your wife is gorgeous! You are a lucky man to enjoy her fantastic body yourself and watch her in action being a lovely slut with another lucky guy. Would love more pictures and details of exactly what she gets up to! Peejay - UK

  2. histan said:

    What an awesome post! Absolutely love the story and your wife is beautiful! That sounds like the perfect situation for everybody involved. I second the notion for more pictures and more about her

    histan - CA

  3. Silverback27 said:

    I have to say that you wife is Beautiful!! I agree with Peejay, please post more pictures and details of exactly what she gets up too! What sexy story at that as well! She has an amazingly gorgeous body!! Post more! Thanks

  4. Peejay said:

    I can’t believe I’m still the only one who has commented on this gorgeous hotwife. What a fantastic body!!! If they lived in the U.K. I would be trying my best to get regular updates from this very lucky hubby about his fabulous hot wife and what she gets up to! a very envious Peejay - U.K.

  5. Sacramentosam said:

    Sorry Peejay, you are absolutely correct, she is very hot ! Sorry for the late post.

  6. J and K said:


    Glad to get a response. What gets the wife hot is mature men 40-55 that are in great shape and well endowed. She loves to flirt with musicians, and play with them with hubby near by.

    We have seen this particular male 8 times now each time a wild event.

  7. gary said:

    Yall are right she is dam hot! I would love to eat & get some of her. Makes me want to J O looking at her.

  8. vjf said:

    gorgeous pic. Perfect tits. Amazing.

  9. Ted Danish said:

    Luscious is another adjective you may add to the list of adjectives of your wife’s description. She’s a classic if her personality is equally delightful.

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